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How to Collect One Million Of Annuity Premiums
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Are you wondering how the Top 1% of all Annuity Producers are still able to consistently collect $1,000,000 or more of fixed, indexed and variable annuity premiums each and every month using annuity seminars, when everyone else is saying that annuity seminars are being overdone? 

And, how they are still doing it, in spite of all the bad publicity concerning annuities and the unethical sales practices? 

What is it that they know that you don't?

There are three critical pieces to success with annuity seminars that most agents and advisors are missing.  And, it all starts with understanding the real purpose of a seminar! 

During my live phone coaching sessions, and during our live training events (Boot Camps), I’ll ask advisors; “What’s the main objective of a seminar?” I’ll get answers like:

“Educate The Prospect;” “Introduce an Exciting New Product or Concept;” “Build Trust and Credibility;” “Build Report;” “Impress Prospects;” “Create Distrust with Their Current Advisor;”
“Get People to Like You;”
or “Disturb Prospects.” 

While there are some agents and advisors who’ve had moderate and/or short lived success in the past using these objectives, the annuity marketplace has changed dramatically.  What works today, is what has always worked for the very best producers! 

Insider Secret - If you want to have success with annuity seminars today, then burn this into your memory… “The only purpose of a seminar is to set an appointment with the prospect!  

You can argue with me if you want.  But, over the years we’ve helped hundreds of agents and advisors go from a 10% to 30% appointment rate at their seminars, to an incredible 70% to 90% appointment rate at their very next seminar.  And, these appointments stuck. 


"Over the last two weeks I have been holding seminars.  Appointment results from the first in my series were lower than normal in the past at just 25% (I normally will get 40% to 60%).  After speaking with you and implementing some of your tips, my results exploded to 90% for the next and 75% for the 3rd seminar!  I am amazed that using the same presentation and only asking a few simple questions could transform my appointment request ratio so much.  I can't wait to get out and try these strategies on the appointments.  Thanks for your help!" 

Another Example:

"Following the advice of your competitors for my first seminar, I spent $16,000 and made $22,000.  The second seminar I spent $6,000 and made $1300.  Then a few weeks ago, I found you.  For my third seminar I spent $2800, and so far I've made $55,000.  I'll give you credit for 90% of the success I've had with this seminar.  I just followed the advice in your system, for my seminar, the initial interview and the closing appointment and I'm making serious money.  In just one month, I've made over half of what I made in previous years. 
I'm certainly glad I found you.  Thanks!"

So, what are the 3 critical issues to success to setting appointments with ‘9 Out Of 10’ seminar attendees and collecting $1,000,000 of annuity premiums each month? 

1. Attracting the ‘Right’ Prospects to the Seminar…
Obviously, to be successful with annuity seminars you have to get prospects to come to your event.  However, if you want to collect $1,000,000 or more of annuity premiums you must attract the ‘RIGHT prospects.  If you understand and buy into, “The only purpose of a seminar is to set an appointment with the prospect,” then you must attract the prospects you have the best chance of setting an appointment with and selling. You can attract those people by addressing the ‘REAL’ concerns people face today, in their retirement.  It’s not about your products, investment returns, or your credentials.

Insider Secret - All of your correspondence, ads, articles, invitations, etc., must address the real concerns people have about their retirement.  It’s about helping people to have all the income they need during their ENTIRE retirement years, with safety and guarantees.  It’s addressing their concerns about outliving their money.  It’s helping people to understand how you can help them to beat inflation, reduce income taxes, minimize risks, protect their income from the devastation of long-term care and replacing lost income when a spouse dies.

2. Setting Appointments at the Seminar…
If you want to collect $1,000,000 or more of annuity premiums from you next seminar, you must learn how to set appointments with the majority of your seminar attendees, right at the seminar.  And those appointments must stick.  It’s not about being a good speaker.  I’ve worked with many agents who are not great speakers, who consistently get a 90% to 100% appointment rate.  And, it’s not about having a fancy and dynamic PowerPoint seminar presentation.  There are many agents who are very successful using a simple presentation, with flip charts, overheads or just an easel pad.

There are four ‘Insider Secrets’ to being successful with seminars…

  1. “First you must speak at a sixth grade level, so even the college professors will understand you.” (Thank You Zig Ziglar.) You can’t try to impress people with your knowledge. And, can’t use technical jargon or big words that some people may not understand.  If you confuse your attendees at all, they are not sure they understand you, or they feel inferior in any way, they will not set an appointment with you.

  2. Your presentation must address their real concerns about their retirement.  If you get into specific investment returns, risk verses reward, or a specific product you are just a salesperson.  And, most people are very skeptical and don’t trust any salespeople.

  3. You must ask rhetorical questions during your presentation, so they can see how your information relates to their situation.  People buy based on emotions and justify their decision based on logic.  Your first sale to your seminar attendees is the need to see you.  You must get them emotionally involved during the presentation, so they want to see you.  If they don’t see your information relates to their situation, and how you may be able to help them, they will not set an appointment with you.

  4. Finally, you must never ask for an appointment, or try to convince them to meet with you!  The minute you ask them for an appointment you are seen as a salesperson.  You must give them an opportunity to meet with you.  There’s only a slight difference between asking them for an appointment (or trying to convince them to meet with you) and offering them an opportunity to meet with you.  But, there’s a huge difference in the ultimate results!  “Is it worth 40 minutes of your time to see if…”  (Note: You must set the appointment at the seminar.  Once people leave it is much more difficult to contact them to set an appointment.)

3.  Selling a Solution to Their Problem… Instead of a Product!
Unfortunately, you can have 100 buying units at your seminar, set appointments with every one of those people, and you’ll still only close one or two sales.  Why?

It’s because most agents don’t take the time to help their prospects to identify and understand the real financial problems they face in retirement.  Instead, they get a few facts about what the prospect has, and then they jump right in to selling one of their fantastic new products, with bonuses and great investment returns.  Or, they’ll use complicated sales presentation calculators that just confuse people and provides them all with the same solution. 

Insider Secret - If you want to collect $1,000,000 or more of annuity premiums each month, then you must help your prospects to identify and understand the real financial problems they face, and then help them to find a solution they are comfortable with. 

Having a successful seminar or workshop, is about you helping people to have all the income they need during their ENTIRE retirement years, with safety and guarantees.  It’s about you addressing their concerns about outliving their money.  It’s helping the people to understand how you can help them to beat inflation, reduce income taxes, minimize risks, protect their income from the devastation of long-term care and replacing the lost income when a spouse dies. 

Here are three more typical examples of the success agents are having when they pay attention to the three critical issues with annuity seminars…

"Lew, I just completed my first seminar using the strategic questions we discussed during our first coaching session.  The results were remarkable.  At the seminar I had a 90% response on people who have agreed to the one-hour complimentary meeting.  And, I just had my first appointment and uncovered in excess of $150,000 for an annuity sale. The system works and many thanks for your help."

"I have been applying some of the techniques you shared with me and have been doing really well.  I did 1.1 million in Index Annuity business in June and have been promoted to branch leader with my company." 

"It has been quite busy and I am looking forward to a slow down.  This week we have our final two seminars for the year.  We have been very focused on the senior market via the seminar and our weekly radio program.  I wrote $2.7M (Annuity Premiums) for October and was #7 for the month in production with American Equity.  I think last week I cleared the requirements for MDRT Top of Table.  Thank you for all your help and guidance." 

These agents are consistently collecting $1,000,000 or more of annuity each month!

And you can do it too!

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There are a few very good annuity sales ideas and programs out there, like LEAP, Circle of Wealth, Roth Conversions, Annuity Laddering, Social Security Income Planning and others to help present and sell your hot annuity products, once you are in front of the right prospect. However, besides their high cost, the problem is they are missing one or all three of the following critical pieces, that you need, if you want to succeed Today... and Long-term!

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  • They don't help you to 'Find The Money' to fund your recommendations for long-term care and life insurance.

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Tony Brazeal, RFC, RFP, (Member MDRT) - TX"I am finishing my finest personal production year ever, and that is directly attributable to the change in marketing efforts I have instituted since meeting Lew and Jeremy. After 25-years in this business I guess I have proven that you can teach new tricks to an "old dog."
Tony Brazeal
, RFC, RFP, FMM (MDRT Member) - TX (25 years in business)
President, Pathfinder Group, LLC a national brokerage agency

"over $40,000 of additional annuity commissions this month."

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