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Finally Revealed... ‘Secrets' To Generating The Ideal Mortgage 
Insurance Leads & Appointments... To Close More Sales!

Discover... how you can attract your 'IDEAL' mortgage insurance leads and close incredible amounts of
mortgage insurance sales by 
helping families to 'Find The Money' to protect their family and pay off
their mortgage 10-15 years early!
(We are strictly marketing and sales trainers... NOT recruiters!)

Fast Start Mortgage Insurance Tool Kit
Life Insurance Lead Generation & Sales System
With 3 Months of
One-on-One Training, Coaching, & SUPPORT!

All New & Improved 4/2016
Now available on a USB (Flash) Drive!

Value $1,997.00

One Time Investment of $547
Or, $97.73 for 6 months!

Click Here To Order The Mortgage Life Insurance Marketing and Sales Tool Kit

90 Day, No Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee
(We ship within 24 hours, using 2-3 days Priority Mail)

Brian Tracy, Renowned Speaker, Sales Trainer and Author"I began by selling financial services and I can assure you that Lew
is one of our greatest authorities on improving financial sales!"

Brian Tracy,
Renowned Speaker, Sales Trainer and Author
Tracy began his career in the financial industry where he built a very large sales
organization. He is one of America's "most booked" speakers & sales trainers.

Dear Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors,

Are you new to life insurance sales... a P&C Agency... and/or just frustrated and tired of spending thousand on leads and working long hours to make a decent living selling low cost traditional mortgage term life insurance? (Or, final expense policies?)

Would you like to “crack the code” on the mortgage insurance lead generation, appointment setting and sales skills, plus get all the tools, that are guaranteed to get you off to a fast start closing Index Universal Life (IUL), Universal Life and Whole Life Insurance?

Do you want to know the 'insider strategies' we've learned, tested and perfected from the top producers... to put you in front of interested, high quality mortgage insurance leads... to close sales every day! Plus, keep your current clients coming back to buy from you over and over again... and referring you to everyone they know?

How good would it feel, if you could learn how to help people to protect their family... while helping them to 'find the money' to pay of their mortgage 10-15 years early? 

What if, within a year, you only needed 3-5 new appointments per week; were closing sales with almost everyone; were working 40 hours or less per week; while earning a net income of $100,000 or more per year selling life insurance?

Are you ready to dedicate yourself to learning how to really help people, by investing in a time-tested, proven mortgage insurance sales success system, (with real coaching and support) recommended by many of the legends and super achievers in our industry, and hundreds of top producersBacked by over 30 years of experience!

Then you have finally come to the right place!

Important Note... The question isn’t really whether the ‘Fast Start Mortgage Insurance Tool Kit™’ and the training we provide works. We have hundreds of testimonials from people who are successfully using it... that proves it works! The question is... Do you have faith in yourself, and the willingness to put the effort in... to make it work for you?

Closing mortgage insurance sales is easy, once you have the right tools, with the training, coaching, and support you need to put you in front of your 'Ideal Mortgage Insurance Prospects' everyday!

"In Just 3.5 Months I Sold $44,000 In Life Premiums

"I have been looking for a "magic" system for selling insurance and leads. It doesn't exist! However, within about 30 days the Insurance Pro Shop's Mortgage Protection Sales System and training has changed my practice! This is a complete system that if applied can turn anyone's practice around in 30 days. The simple facts are... from Jan 1/2011 - Mar 31/2011, I sold $30k in life premium. From April 1-18th I sold $14K in life premium and 2 annuities for $57k.  I also had a client call me and we are working on a $300k annuity which will be the largest I have ever moved.  I have looked everywhere for a system that works, and bought a lot systems. This is the only one that really works.  There are some simple truths to this business and you cannot work around them.  The key to the selling Mortgage Protection is in showing people how to pay for the coverage the want.  I think this is a must have for any agent. It changed my life." Mark Kanakaris, RFC - GA (4 years in business)

This is the in-depth Mortgage Insurance marketing, prospecting, appointment setting and sales training, with all the tools and support that you were promised, wanted and expected, but didn't get from your Company, IMO or FMO!

We are going to show you exactly, how you can easily... in the next 90 days...

  • Attract a steady stream of your ‘IDEAL’ mortgage insurance leads/prospects, right in your local community! And get them to contact you! No more spending thousands to buy leads, or on direct mail campaigns, to chase poor quality prospects all over creation!

  • Easily set appointments with ‘9 out of 10’ of your ‘IDEAL’ mortgage insurance leads/prospects! By simply getting the message out of how you are helping people to achieve the 'Great American Dream'... owning a home with no mortgage! No more spending hour after hour calling poor quality prospects and begging for an appointment!

  • Close ‘9 out of 10’ cash value life insurance sales... By helping people to 'find the money' to take action on all your recommendations! No more "I don't have the money!", or "I want to think about it!"

  • …and a whole LOT more!

Simply put... Why waste your valuable time and hard earned money re-inventing the wheel, or using the 'outdated' mortgage insurance lead and sales tactics still being taught today, when you can have over 3 decades of proven life insurance lead generation and sales expertise at your finger tips in just a few days from now!

The ‘Fast Start Mortgage Insurance Tool Kit™' is the only life insurance marketing, lead generation and sales program that walks you through step-by-step what to do to create a constant stream of your 'IDEAL' mortgage life insurance leads in the next 90 days!

You’ll get 'ALL THE PROVEN' life insurance marketing, lead generation, appointment setting and sales tips, tools and training! …Including every single proven letter, PowerPoint presentation, seminar, script and more that Lew and Jeremy personally chose and tested from the foremost experts in the insurance and financial services industry can be yours, so you can “tailor” them for your exact needs!

And the best part is you’ll also receive 3 months of personal one-one-one coaching. This coaching will prevent you from making the common mistakes most “newbie” agents, advisors and planners make. This invaluable coaching will save you TONS of time, money and headaches by itself.

And you’ll be able to use the ‘Fast Start Mortgage Insurance Tool Kit™'  -- the exact-same Tool Kit that over the past 17 years has liberated thousands of agents, advisors and planners from poor incomes, from long work weeks, and from outright frustration - to lives of renewed vigor, control, certainty and fun!

What's keeping you from getting all the tools, tips and training you need and want today?

We'll even finance it over the next six months for you...

Click Here To Order The Mortgage Life Insurance Marketing and Sales Tool Kit

Value $1,997.00

One Time Investment of $547
Or, $97.73 for 6 months!

Try it Risk Free for 90 Days
'100%' Money Back Guarantee!
(We ship using 2-3 days Priority Mail)

Edward P. Morrow, CLU, ChFC, RFC, CEP - CEO of the IARFC recommends The Insurance Pro ShopLew Nason, RFC, LUTCF is a highly respected, proven and admired practice building coach. He has been particularly effective in guiding financial services advisors to increased effectiveness and higher sales.”
Edward P. Morrow
, CLU, ChFC, RFC, CEP - CEO of the
International Association of Registered Financial Consultants

Learn From People Who Have Been Successfully Training
New' and 'Experienced' Agents For Over 30 Years!

My name is Lew Nason, and my family and I have been training new career and independent insurance agents, financial advisors, and P&C agencies for over 3 decades on how to get off to a fast start selling 'cash value' life insurance.

And we started each one of them off using mortgage insurance as the simplest way to get an appointment.

Proven 80% Success Rate…
Example... As a Manager for Met Life, from 1989 to 1994, I hired 23 brand new agents. Over 10 years later, 18 of those agents were still in this business. That's an ‘80% Success Rate’, verses the industry’s 90% failure rate!

Proven Significant Six-Figure Annual Incomes...
Over 10 years later, all 18 of those career agents were making more than $100,000 per year. Many of them were making $200,000, $500,000 and much more. Consider, according to LIMRA, the average net income per agent (or advisor) is less than $60,000 per year. These people had net incomes of well above $100,000 per year.

Since establishing the Insurance Pro Shop in 1999 we've helped hundreds of insurance agents, financial advisors and planners EACH YEAR to double and triple their incomes in as little as 60-90 days!

And, we'd like to help you do the same thing!

Brian Tracy Quote 

"Agents Are Seeing Immediate Results"
And You Will To!

"Holy @&*/?* Batman? Unbelievable!"

"I know I am not the first person to say or think this, but I wish I would have met Lew and Jeremy Nason when I started in the business 4 yrs ago. 'Where have you guys been?'  The Mortgage Protection Toolkit is absolutely one of the most amazing, 'for real' products I have ever used.  And, just when I thought it I couldn't be blown away anymore, I picked up the Fact Finding DVDs.
Holy @&*/?* Batman? Unbelievable!

Interestingly enough, I started by implementing the system with my existing clients on annual reviews. However, instead of doing the talking, I started doing the listening and questioning.  I noticed I didn't have to deal with objections like price and affordability.  It is amazing how these techniques work in such a simple fashion and it allows me to help the client get what they want by helping them find the money they need to do it.  Now, that I have passed the 'Wow, this really works!' phase - the future seems brighter than ever.  Again, I can't thank you guys enough."
Paul Leonard - CA (4 Years in business)

"I have already written $22,000 this year in just 3 1/2 months,
whereas last year I only made $34,000 for the whole year"

Antonio Fillipne, IL, “Thanks for the coaching session today. As usual you helped me get back on track. Thanks to your great advice about paying more attention to my existing clients I have already written $22,000 this year in just 3 1/2 months, whereas last year I only made $34,000 for the whole year. I always felt funny going back to existing clients and I had a tough time doing business with family and friends. Sometimes they would show interest and I would just drop the ball because I didn't want to feel like a pushy salesman. You helped me to see the value in what I do and to realize that these people would rather work with me anyway. Now I jump on the opportunities to help the people who already like me and everyone is a winner. Thanks again, and be patient with me I will eventually get this questioning thing down.”
Antonio Fillipne,
IL (10 years in business)

"What a life changer ...I Increased My Average
Case Size From $600 Annual Premium To Well Over $2000" 

"Lew, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for recommending the mortgage protection tool kit. It has definitely helped me increase my average case size from $600 annual premium to well over $2000 annual premium per case. Also, prior to purchasing the tool kit, I was spending over $2,000 per month on leads. I am proud to say that I have not purchased a single lead in over two months and my production is still climbing. What a life changer. I cannot thank you enough. You are truly making a difference." David Trusler, MBA -IL, Trusler Financial Group (6 years in business)

"I’m truly developing a Bread n’ Butter Market," (i.e. consistent sales)

“I’m an experienced producer with over 13 years in this business and I’ve yet to find anything that even comes remotely close to the dollar for dollar value I get from the Insurance Pro Shop… As a direct result of being a member for 4-5 months now I am more focused then I’ve ever been.  I’m truly developing a Bread n’ Butter Market, (i.e. consistent sales) and lastly I have Real Security And Confidence In My Ability To Promote and Sell Myself and My Services!"
Alex Gayton - FL
(13 years in business)

Plus, We've Kept It Very Affordable

And, unlike the other mortgage insurance sales programs where you'll pay $2,000 or more in the first year, take a reduced commission, or be forced to buy leads, we've kept it very affordable for you

Plus, you DO NOT need to buy anything else from us! You DO NOT buy mortgage leads! You DO NOT pay an annual fee to continue to use this system! And, you DO NOT need to contract with us or take reduced commissions!

We strongly recommend you check us out in the forums and all over the Internet, then review the following...

Why wait! We'll even finance it over the next six months for you...  

Our Credentials   Over 250 Advisor Testimonials   Over 40 Industry Leader Endorsements

Selling life insurance is easy, once you have the right tools, training, & support…But don't just take our word for it… Try It 'Right Now' For 90 Days Risk Free!

Fast Start Mortgage Insurance Tool Kit
Life Insurance Lead Generation & Sales System
With 3 Months of One-on-One Training, Coaching, & SUPPORT!

Click Here To Order The Mortgage Life Insurance Marketing and Sales Tool KitValue $1,997.00

One Time Investment of $547
Or, $97.73 for 6 months!

Try it Risk Free for 90 Days
'100%' Money Back Guarantee!

(We ship using 2-3 days Priority Mail)


Dennis Waitly Quote

Outline Of The Proven Tools, Tips and Training
In The Fast Start Mortgage Insurance Tool Kit...
Our incredible 'Turnkey' Fast Start Mortgage Insurance Tool Kit™ Life Insurance Sales System is the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way for you to break into life insurance sales.
Within 72 hours of receiving our specialized tool kit and getting one-on-one coaching you’ll be able to start generating a steady stream of the highest quality mortgage life insurance leads... Your IDEAL prospects!
Plus, You’ll Learn How to Set More Appointments and Close More Sales For Your Current Mortgage Life Insurance Leads and Lists!
You’ll constantly be in front of your ideal mortgage life insurance prospects.
And, instead of selling the traditional low commission mortgage insurance policies, you’ll soon be selling 3-5 cash value life insurance policies every week... to help people protect their family and pay off their mortgage 10-15 years early!

“The Main Reason So Many Advisors Struggle In Insurance Sales, Isn’t From A Lack Of Qualified Leads. It Is From Their Inability To Turn Those Leads Into An Appointment, Let Alone A Sale! ” Lew Nason

Unit #1 - Mortgage Life Insurance ‘Fast Start’ Training (Value $795)

Section 1 - New Agent Mortgage Insurance Tool Kit

  • Fast Track Guide To Selling Mortgage Life Insurance (36 Pages)
    Unfortunately, the 'outdated' mortgage life insurance marketing, prospecting and sales techniques recruiters, managers and sales trainers teach new agents to sell mortgage life insurance today, are the hardest, most stress producing and most expensive ways to make a living in life insurance sales. It leads to agent burnout and leaves agents broke.  It's why 90% of the agents who come into this business are barely making a living, end up totally frustrated and leave within the five years. This '36 page' white paper is a must read for agents who want to learn how to attract the
    Best Mortgage Insurance Prospects, set appointments and sell mortgage life insurance the easy way! (in spite of the current economy)

  • Mortgage Life Insurance 'Fast Start' Sales Program (60 Pages)
    This is a detailed overview of how to use this Mortgage Life Insurance Fast Start marketing, prospecting and sales system...
    with the Concepts, Prospecting, Appointment Scripts, Sales Letters, Sales Process and more.

    Most of the mortgage insurance marketing and sales techniques we present aren't new.  However, what most agents are missing are the 'Critical Basics' and 'Insider Secrets' to making these
    techniques almost foolproof... and that's what we provide in this system!

  • Getting You Off To A Fast Start Selling Mortgage Life Insurance
    Starting with the first mortgage insurance lead generation program below, get it going and then add the next one. The idea is for you to get off to a fast start in as little as 30 days, and then have 3 or 4 mortgage lead generation systems working at all times so you never run out of high quality mortgage insurance prospects.

  • 66 Ways For Your Clients To Save Money
    The more you help people to find the money, the more and larger sales you'll close.

  • Money Tips For All Ages

Section 2 - Life Insurance Training - Features and Benefits

  • Selling Cash Value Life Insurance
    What every agent ought to know about permanent cash value life insurance (35 pages)

  • What You Need To Know About Life Insurance

  • American Families At Risk  (Facts From LIMRA)

  • Let Met Tell You Everything I Know about Life Insurance (PowerPoint)

Section 3 - Setting Appointments with your Friends, Family, Neighbors and Current Clients
One of the Quickest and Least Expensive Ways To Get Appointments Is To Ask Your Acquaintances, Clients, Family and Friends For Their Help!  The right way, without pressure!  Detailed, with appointment scripts. This is not a ‘Project 100’…

Plus, we'll show you a simple, non-threatening and inexpensive way, using a 'Heart Felt' letter, to get your friends, family and neighbors to see you as their trusted advisor, so they'll come to you for your help!

No more buying expensive mortgage leads, or using expensive direct mail programs and chasing people all over your county or state. You'll be able to conduct all of your business in your local community.


Section 4 - Free Educational Workshops
Free Educational Workshops
are a quick, easy and inexpensive way to be in front of your 'IDEAL' Mortgage Life Insurance Prospects
, and you don’t have to spend lots of money to get started. This 33 page, how to report, has everything you need to attract prospects, to setting appointments with 9 out of 10 attendees.

You'll have two powerful PowerPoint presentations that are getting '9 out of 10' people to ask you for an appointment.

  • 'Living Totally Debt Free' - Paying Off Your Mortgage 5-10 Years Early Without Taking Any Additional Money Our Of Your Pocket. Fully Scripted PowerPoint Educational Workshop Presentation

  • 'Wealthy Banker' - Fully Scripted PowerPoint Educational Workshop Presentation

Section 5 - Joint Venture Marketing 
Joint venture marketing is the secret to generating literally thousands of
'IDEAL' Mortgage Life Insurance Leads, in your area, rapidly and with the utmost credibility. This is not a passive referral system. Most agents are doing it wrong...


Section 6 - Mortgage Payoff Calculator - Excel Software

‘Mortgage Acceleration Calculator and Client Presentation’ that closes 9 out of 10 sales presentations...

Section 7 - Newsletters and Free Reports
Out of Sight, Out Of Mind Is A Deadly Mistake That Most Agents Make... If you want to stop missing the easy sales, then you must stay in front of your friends, neighbors, prospects and clients. You must be the first person they think of when they need help or they are ready to buy...

  • Unleash The Power Of Your Silent Salesman To Get Your Ideal Life Insurance Prospects To Call You

  • How To Use Booklets and Free Reports To Get Your Ideal Life Insurance Prospects To Call You

  • Sample Newsletter, Booklets and Free Reports

Section 8 - Referred Leads
Dynamite Referred Lead System - There is no question among the ‘million-dollar’ producers that referred leads are one of the best prospects you can get. However, the majority of the agents I talk to are frustrated with them, and aren't using them. Why? The main reason most sales people have trouble with referred leads, is they haven't made themselves referable! People are not going to refer their friends, relatives, or associates to just another salesperson.


Section 9 - Where To Buy Life Insurance Leads
While I'm not a big advocate of purchasing leads, sometimes they are necessary. For example: when you are first starting out in this business, or you need leads to fill in a slow period. Here are the best lead sources...


Section 10 - Powerful Mortgage Life Insurance Appointment Scripts

Having a steady stream of the 'IDEAL' Mortgage Insurance Leads is useless, if you can’t turn them into an appointment and then into sale…

  • Mortgage Life Insurance Appointment Scripts - Audio

  • Mortgage Life Insurance Appointment Scripts - Written (13 Pages)

Section 11 - How to Grow Your Life Insurance Business - Your Long-term Strategy

  • Three Ways To Build Your Business Report - As Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy and all the great marketing Gurus will tell you:  ‘There are 3 ways to grow your business and only 3 ways...  If you truly want to grow your business, the fastest and easiest way, you must use all 3!’  Most agents are only growing their business one way… the hardest way!

  • The Power Parthenon Strategy  

  • 10 Commandments Of Power Positioning - The 10 Commandments Of Power Positioning Are Magical Marketing Strategies for Creating an Endless Stream of New, Repeat and Referral Business… Learn how to position yourself as the expert in your market and you’ll shut out your competition…

  • Six Steps To Unlimited Lead Generation Success (20 Pages)

Section 12 - Forms and Mortgage Life Insurance Sales Letters


Section 13 - Financial Calculators


Section 14 - New Agent Tips and Training

“If You Want To Succeed In Insurance Sales, Then Stop Selling Products! Instead Help People To Find A Solution To Their Problems!” Lew Nason

Unit #2 -
Insurance Pro Shop’s Super Bonus Pack (Value $150)

Software - '2' Custom Designed Excel Software Programs... Future Value Calculator and a Unique Calculator to Quickly Dispel 'Buy Term & Invest The difference'... 

Unit #3 & #4 - How to Immediately Set '9 Out Of 10' Appointments With Mortgage Life Insurance Prospects... Audio CD* (Value $69.95)

  • Track #1 Introduction

  • Track #2 Power Prospecting Scripts

  • Track #3 Overcoming Common Objections 

  • Track #4 Answering “How to Find the Money” 

  • Track #5 Uncle Billy’s Story

  • Track #6 Basic Mortgage Protection Presentation Script 

  • Track #7 Out-tro

*These are audio CDs, designed to play in your car or home stereo, CD player, or computer.  You can even rip them to your MP3 player or iPod.

Unit #5 & #6 - Life Insurance Product Training (Value $39.95)

Life Insurance Product TrainingWatch as Lew Nason, discusses the underlying concepts for the different types of Life Insurance, how they work, their general uses and their extraordinary client benefits - Term, Whole Life, Universal Life, Variable Life and Indexed Life.

If you want to get off to a quicker start and sell more permanent cash value life insurance... Then you must watch these 2 Videos.(DVDs) They are over 1.5 hours of the best training from one of our Live Advisor Training Events.

Plus, 3 Months of 'Live' Personal, One-on-one Coaching And SUPPORT!

The big difference working with us is that we’ll show you how to close cases to get off to a Quick Start!

You'll receive a minimum of one hour of scheduled ‘One-on-One’ Live Personal Coaching and Support Each Month, for 3 Months to help you fine-tune your life insurance lead generation, appointment setting and sales process... and you can call in any time if you have a quick question or need help!

Plus, we'll help you to evaluate, design and present 3-5 cases, to ensure you offer the best recommendations / solutions to your clients, so you consistently close more and significantly larger life insurance sales? (Using your companies!)

What Are You Waiting For?
Order Now...
One additional sale will more than cover your
entire investment in this proven 'state of the Art' system!

The 3 Months Of Personal Coaching
Alone Is Worth The Investment!


Click Here To Order The Mortgage Life Insurance Marketing and Sales Tool Kit

Value $1,997.00

One Time Investment of $547
Or, $97.73 for 6 months!

Try it Risk Free for 90 Days
'100%' Money Back Guarantee!

(We ship using 2-3 days Priority Mail)

Success Guarantee

Since we opening our business in 1999, our primary goal has been to satisfy the needs of our clients. So use our Mortgage Insurance Sales Tool Kit and receive our personal coaching... and then if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, return it to us within 90 days of the purchase date and we will refund you 100% of the product purchase price, excluding shipping & handling. How can we make this incredible guarantee? Because we KNOW you will be satisfied with our product. And UNLIKE our competitors, we NEVER charge a restocking fee, or make you jump through hoops!

Want more proof that we can help you to get off to a quick start selling cash value life insurance...

Here's what these agents said about our affordable 'Proven' Fast Start Mortgage life insurance sales success system and training!

"Agents Are Seeing Immediate Results"
And You Will To!

"$11,200 in total commissions."

"Jeremy, thank you for increasing my income and helping me to protect the families in my local market. I had been working with company X, because of a friend. The commission was at 50%, leads were expensive, and 9 other reps had already been to their house. Imagine that! Fortunately, I found the IPS Website when looking for a Lead source. Lew Nason, friendly and wise, solved my case in 5 minutes. I purchased the Mortgage Tool Kit and followed Jeremy's coaching. Picked up 3 potential leads and made presentations, one had the means and cared about the family. Here's the money... It happened to be a difficult case with several accounts all over the map, so I sent the Confidential Needs Analyst to Jeremy. He worked hard on it and put together 2 scenarios, using an easy to read and follow 2 page presentation.  It is so helpful to do business like that, very simple. There was $68,000 to be placed in 3 annuities, and 6k to start an annual IUL... $11,200 in total commissions. Jeremy took the time and walked me through the program. Thank you for all your coaching, advice and support." Scott Nelson - CA (1 year)

"my income from "ok" to "WOW" in a matter of weeks."

Audrey Sendrowski"Jeremy, what a difference your program and your coaching has made in my career! I struggled for about 2 years with moving from one-shot term business to IUL, annuity, and wealth management. I had plenty of factual information and instruction on wealth management. But there always seemed to be some important part of the equation missing that prevented me from actually understanding how to do it. Your coaching was the missing piece that equaled success! After taking the plunge with IPS, I couldn't be more pleased. You helped me change my business from salesperson to Trusted Advisor - and my income from "ok" to "WOW" in a matter of weeks. My future looks brighter than ever. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Audrey Sendrowski - MA (2 years)

"...their production rose an average 40%."

“Thanks. Further to my interesting conversation with Lew I would like to say how great your site is. I purchased the mortgage insurance sales system, which my sales guys have used and their production rose an average 40%.  This is my 36th year in the Life Assurance Business and I've not come across better. With the help of your site, people can achieve goals. I look forward to receiving the (FMM) Advanced Life Insurance Sales Kit. I will keep you posted.” Silvano Deblasi - United Kingdom


"I’m now getting an appointment with 1 out of every 2 people I talk to."

"The Mortgage Insurance Tool Kit has been a great help. Using the survey I’m now getting
an appointment with 1 out of every 2 people I talk to."

John R. - FL


Endorsements From 3 Highly Respected Industry Leaders

Mehdi Fakharzadeh, RFC - "Life and Qualify Member MDRT""Working with IPS, there is no reason on earth why you can not become
a sales super-star who ranks equally among MDRT all-time sales
leaders like Ben Feldman, Norman G. Levine, Tom Wolff, John
Savage, Guy Baker, Walton Rogers,
and other top producers."

Mehdi Fakharzadeh
- "Life and Qualify Member MDRT"
World’s most successful living and active insurance sales agent according to the MDRT.

Loren Dunton, Founder of the financial planning profession.“I know and respect many leading financial planners who credit Lew Nason for the key role his famous Insurance Pro Shop played in
increasing their professional skills and success. Lew has grown into one
of the most powerful people in our industry when it comes to increasing
sales and improving services for clients.”

Loren Dunton, Founder of the financial planning profession.

Michael Beck

"Lew and Jeremy Nason... and their programs are right on the money.
My advice is that if you are a Life Insurance professional or an Annuity professional, don't bother spending your time or money with anyone else. Lew and Jeremy (and their programs at the Insurance Pro Shop) are the answer to your sales and marketing needs."

Michael Beck,
Michael Beck International, Inc., Executive Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the Fast Start Mortgage Insurance Tool Kit been available and how many people are using it?
Fast Start Mortgage Insurance Tool Kit has been available for over 17 years and is being successfully used by thousands of insurance agents and property and casualty agencies from all over the world. Learn more here...

Note: Since opening IPS in 1999, each year we have helped hundreds of career and independent agents, advisors and planners, from all over the world, to double and triple their incomes. The top producers we worked with last year, earned over $1,000,000! Many others who were earning $40,000-$60,000 per year, now earn $150,000-$350,000 per year, while working 40 hours or less per week!

How is Fast Start Mortgage Insurance Tool Kit different from all the other sales programs on the market today?
It's completely different because it

This proven Turnkey fast start system is about you using mortgage protection as a door opener. It's about helping families to want to set better financial priorities, so they want to 'find the money' to pay off their mortgage 10-15 years early, to fund their retirement, or save for college and more ...using Index Universal Life and/or Whole Life Insurance policies.

How do I know that the Fast Start Mortgage Insurance Tool Kit will work for me in my area?
The simple answer is you don't! However, we have agents, advisors from all over the USA, Canada and around the world successfully using our
Fast Start Mortgage Insurance Tool Kit. Learn more here...

Will the Fast Start Mortgage Insurance Tool Kit give me immediate results?
Yes! The Fast Start Mortgage Insurance Tool Kit has several (Low cost) ways for you to quickly find and set appointments with families who need and want to protect their families, and pay off their home 10-15 years early.

How does the 3 months of coaching work?
We will help you fine-tune your marketing, lead generation, appointment setting and sales process... Plus, we'll help you with case development, design and sales presentations, to help close more and larger sales. This is two hours of real one-on-one coaching each month, plus 3-5 case reviews and you can call us anytime with questions. We are always here to help you and guarantee you succeed!!! Learn more here...

Is the Fast Start Mortgage Insurance Tool Kit available in download?
No, it is only available as hard copy text CD's.

After I order, how long does it take to receive the Fast Start Mortgage Insurance Tool Kit?
Within the USA, it will arrive within 2-3 days, outside USA, it will arrive within 7-14 days.

Are there additional fees or anything else I must buy from you?
No! Unlike other mortgage insurance sales systems out there we do NOT charge an annual renewal fee or require you to purchase anything else from us.

Do I need to contract with your companies?
No! We are strictly insurance marketing and sales trainers, not recruiters in disguise!

Conquer Your Mortgage Life Insurance Sales... Starting Today!

OK Lew, rush your ‘Turnkey’ mortgage life insurance marketing, prospecting, appointment setting and sales program to me. I get the complete New Agent Mortgage Insurance Tool Kit Fast Start Life Insurance Marketing, Leads, Appointments & Sales Success System which includes:

  • The Complete Guide to Prospecting for Mortgage Life Insurance Sales: It’s the Very Best Life Insurance Lead Generation Strategies, including all of the life insurance Sales Letters, Telephone Scripts, Presentation Scripts and much more…for a virtually untapped market!

  • The ‘Living Debt Free and Truly Wealthy’ Workshop System: With all of the invitations, ads, letters, PowerPoint presentations, scripts and tools I need to attract my ideal life insurance prospects and set appointments with ‘9 Out Of 10’ attendees!

  • A Complete Sales Skills Course, with all the Life Insurance Sales Scripts, Questions and Mini Closing Presentations I need to learn how to Sell Cash Value Life Insurance every day!

  • Your Advisors' Guide To Closing ‘9 Out Of 10’ Sales Appointments! With Samples of your two page life insurance sales presentations that makes it almost impossible for people to say no!

  • Your 2 Audio CDs - How to Immediately Set '9 Out Of 10' Appointments With Mortgage Life Insurance Prospects!

  • Your 2 Video DVDs - Life Insurance Product Training

  • And, I’ll receive One Hour of Personal One-On-One Coaching each month, for ‘3 months’ to get me off to a quick start and for case reviews!

  • With Your Special FREE Bonus Gifts CD... and much more!

That’s everything you described in this letter, all for just $547... Or $195.46 per month for 3 months!

Wow, that's an incredible savings of $2,000, $4,000 or more... compared to what your competitors are charging up-front, plus their annual fees, for their latest life insurance marketing and sales systems, with none of the specialized marketing, prospecting and sales tools you offer or your personal coaching.

Plus, I DON’T have to sign up with any other life insurance companies, buy leads, or give away any of my commissions!

And, I have up to 90 days to review and use your life insurance lead, appointment setting and sales system and call for coaching... and then if I don’t make enough sales to cover the cost of the system, at least ‘3 times over’, I can request a 100%, no hassle refund.

On that basis, let's get started...

Click Here To Order The Mortgage Life Insurance Marketing and Sales Tool Kit

Value $1,997.00

One Time Investment of $547
Or $97.73 for 6 months!

Try it Risk Free for 90 Days
'100%' Money Back Guarantee!

(We ship using 2-3 days Priority Mail)

Don't wait to get started, take action now You'll get everything we've promised, and much, more!  Go ahead and hold our feet to the fire to provide you with affordable life insurance marketing, prospecting and sales training that really works - your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. 

When Are You Going To Stop Following The Struggling Crowd And Take Complete Control Of Your Future?

Whether you've been is the business for 30 days or 30 years, in just 30-90 days, using these cost-effective, proven mortgage life insurance marketing, prospecting and sales ideas, tips, tools and strategies, in the affordable Mortgage Insurance Tool Kit Life Insurance Marketing and Sales System, you too can quickly turn your life insurance sales around and become the winner you were born to be... in spite of the current economy!

Not sure we can help, or if our services are right for you... Don’t Wait!
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You'll be glad you did!
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Yours in success,
Jeremy and Lew Nason
'The 9 Out Of 10 Guys'

P.S. One other thing… if you've read this letter and still decided not to order, then we're quite frankly, puzzled. You see we've mentioned all the benefits you get.  We've given you testimonials from others who have already gotten great results. (did you notice they're from real agents like you, not just a bunch of our buddies trying to help us out)  We've made our 90 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee to you and we've taken all the risk -- the only thing we can't do is make the decision to buy for you, it's up to you to take action right now.

Judge Us By The Company We Keep!

Charles “Tremendous” Jones, International Speaker

“We all love Lew Nason. How could you not be impressed with the man
who earned fame for turning ‘nine-out-of-ten’ prospects into satisfied
clients! I wish I had met Lew when I was selling insurance.”

Charles “Tremendous” Jones,
International Speaker
and former "top five world-wide insurance sales producer

One of the most influential people in our lives was Charlie 'Tremendous' Jones.
We Love You and Miss You...

 Rosemary and Lew Nason with Charles “Tremendous” Jones, International Speaker and Gloria Jones      

“You are the same today as you will be in
 five years except for two things: the people
you meet and the books you read.”
Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones

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