LAST CHANCE... To Lock-In The Mentoring Program At Only $197.00 Per Month. Effective October 1st, 2014 The Investment For New Members Of The Mentoring Program Will Be $397.00 Per Month. (Only 5 Slots Left)

Trusted Advisor Mentoring Program

Do you want to gain a significant competitive advantage over the other insurance agents, financial advisers and financial planners in your local community? Plus, obtain valuable expert knowledge to take you to the level of success, that most financial advisors can only dream about?

Financial Advisor Training, Coaching and Mentoring Program The Trusted Advisor Mentoring Program is designed to give you the ongoing education, expertise, credentials and tools you need to work confidently and profitably with the Business, Family and Retiree Markets.

You’ll have a significant competitive advantage over all the other insurance agents, financial advisers and financial planners in your community, who have not made the effort to establish themselves as "A Cut Above!"

You’ll stand out from the crowd, to significantly enhance your career and income!  


You Can Stand Out From The Crowd... Just Like These Outstanding Advisers!

Nick and Jerry Royer, Phil Calandra, Dennis Postema, Mark Kanakaris, Tony Filippone... Are recognized for their outstanding  success


Book written by the advisers we work with.


These success advisers are on the radio.

"The Only One That Actually Helped Me Double My Income Twice
Was the Found Money Management
System from Lew Nason."

Antonio Filippone, RFC - IL"I have bought just about every system under the sun, I consider myself a system junkie. You may think I am foolish but I have learned valuable lessons from each system I bought, although they seldom work as well as they say. I bought, Dean Cipriano's, I bought Brian Kay's College Planning, Larry Klein's Annuity System, Annual Review Millions, and I am sure a few more. But the one that actually helped me double my income twice was the Found Money Management System from Lew Nason of the Insurance Pro Shop. The reason I feel this system worked so well is that it comes with coaching from Lew himself. He has been a wonderful mentor in this business. Lew, I meant every word. I am still prospering from all that I learned from you and so are my clients. Thank You!!!
Antonio Filippone, RFC - IL - (19 years)

"You guys at Insurance Pro Shop tell the truth and tell both sides of the story." 

"Being is this business for 2 1/2 years now, I know one thing is true. There is allot - allot of BS out there! The quest to find the right info has been hard and difficult. Being new in the Insurance business I have been on this journey to find the right fit for insurance companies, products, lines of insurance, selling, marketing, and a system to follow. Not really knowing what's good, bad and ugly in this business - I have been sided lined, ran over, ripped off, had success, feast or famine, tried this and that, wined and dinned by the best, etc,. One thing I have found out on this journey. You guys at Insurance Pro Shop tell the truth and tell both sides of the story. I just wish I would have realized that sooner.  Thank You."
Joe Casey
, RFC - TN - (2 1/2 years in Business)

Dennis Postema"If you aren’t learning from Lew, you aren’t learning from the best!"

"I have been working with the Insurance Pro Shop since 2006 and have used each and every one of their products since then. (For my agents and myself) If you want a chance to increase your income and become the successful agent that you want to be, then you have to be learning from the best. I truly believe Lew Nason and his team Will Nason and Jeremy Nason have the tools and resources to help mold successful agents. If you aren’t learning from Lew, you aren’t learning from the best!"
Dennis Postema
, RFC - Postema Marketing Group, LLC - OH - (9 years)

"Lew Gives His Students Skills That Can Have
An Immediate Impact On Their Businesses."

“Lew has the unique ability, as a teacher and a coach, to break down selling concepts into easy to understand and implement steps. He gives his students skills that can have an immediate impact on their businesses. The biggest reason I recommend Lew is because he truly cares about his students, and will go the extra mile to help them become more successful advisors/agents.”
Beau Henderson
RFC - RichLife Advisers - GA - (9 years in business)

"Your Material Is "Over The Top!" Thank You!"

“Do you always get what you pay for? Sometimes NOT. Lew, I have to tell you I have purchased thousands of dollars of training, development materials, seminars and yours is by far the greatest value I have seen. All your programs have a firm foundation of sales and marketing basics. In addition you deliver so much detailed, turn-key, real world ideas, things that I can start using today. The Found Money Management Concept program is incredible. I put down the big money to attend the other training out west, it was good, but your material is "over the top!" Thank you! Sometimes you get more than what you pay for, thanks for giving us that.”
Phil Calandra
, RFC - GA - (1 year in business)

Mark Kanakaris, BA- GA,"The Insurance Pro Shop Has Changed My Practice & My Life! 

 “I have been looking for a “magic” system for selling insurance and leads.  It doesn’t exist!  However, within about 30 days the Insurance Pro Shop’s Mortgage Protection Sales System and training has changed my practice!  This is a complete system that if applied can turn anyone’s practice around in 30 days. The simple facts are... from Jan 1/2011 – Mar 31/2011, I sold $30k in life premium.  From April 1 – 18th I sold $14K in life premium and 2 annuities for $57k.  I also had a client call me and we are working on a $300k annuity which will be the largest I have ever moved. I have looked everywhere for a system that works, and bought a lot systems. This is the only one that really works.  There are some simple truths to this business and you cannot work around them.  The key to the selling Mortgage Protection is in showing people how to pay for the coverage the want.  I think this is a must have for any agent. 
It changed my life. 
Mark Kanakaris, BA, RFC - GA - (4 Years in business)

Brian Tracy, Renowned Speaker, Sales Trainer and AuthorEndorsement From A Respected Industry Leader

"I began by selling financial services and I can assure you that Lew
is one of our greatest authorities on improving financial sales!"

Brian Tracy,
Renowned Speaker, Sales Trainer and Author
Tracy began his career in the financial industry where he built a very large sales
organization. He is one of America's "most booked" speakers & sales trainers.

Trusted Advisor Mentoring Program... Description

Financial Advisor Training, Coaching and Mentoring... From The Insurance Pro ShopThe Trusted Advisor Mentoring Program is our most in-depth and exclusive financial advisor marketing and sales training and coaching opportunity. We will personally take you under our wing. We will explain why, and show you how to become well know in your local community to consistently attract high quality prospects to you. Along with how to use many of the advanced life insurance and annuity marketing and sales strategies. Plus, we'll help you with case development, product design and client presentations, to help you to consistently close more and significantly larger sales.

The real power of the Trusted Advisor Mentoring Program is in how you can master the entire sales process, from consistently attracting the right prospects to you, to closing the sale. It's understanding the unique psychology behind every step you take with a prospect. We are in the business of helping people to establish a clearly defined set of financial priorities. Ultimately helping families to spend, save, invest, insure and plan wisely for the future, to achieve financial independence.

However, few people will want to meet with you, or take action, just based on facts, numbers or promises. To be successful, you MUST learn how to get them emotionally involved in the entire process! The Trusted Advisor Mentoring Program’s primary focus... is about making you a master communicator. So, you become the respected, trusted financial advisor people want to meet with!

If you want to consistently attract more of the right prospects to you, set more appointments and improve your insurance and annuity closing ratio to '9 Out Of 10', then you must get involved in the Trusted Advisor Mentoring Program.

Trusted Advisor Mentoring Program$197.00 per month...        

'Professor' Rodney D. Ballance, Jr. FIC, CCIA Endorsement From A Respected Industry Leader

"I only endorse people and companies I truly believe in. The Insurance Pro Shop, with Lew Nason and his sons Will and Jeremy are the ONLY insurance marketing and sales training organization we recommend."
Rodney Ballance Jr.
, FIC, CCIA - Speaker, Author
Founder of the International Financial Leadership

Trusted Advisor Mentoring Program... How To Qualify

Invest in, study and receive 3 months of individualized custom insurance marketing and sales coaching with one of the following specialized 'Turnkey' sales success systems...

  Found Money Management - Life Insurance Sales Tool Kit - Training For Financial Advisors  Annuity Sales Tool Kit - Training For Financial Advisors  Mortgage Insurance Sales Tool Kit - Training For Financial Advisors

Mehdi Fakharzadeh, RFC - "MDRT Life Member"Endorsement From A Respected Industry Leader

“Working with IPS, there is no reason on earth why you can not become a sales super-star who ranks equally among MDRT all-time sales leaders like Ben Feldman, Norman G. Levine, Lew Nason, Tom Wolff, John Savage, Guy Baker, Walton Rogers, and other top producers.”
Mehdi Fakharzadeh,
RFC - "MDRT Life Member"
World’s most successful living and active insurance sales agent according to the MDRT.

Trusted Advisor Mentoring Program... Membership Benefits

As a member of the Trusted Advisor Mentoring Program you’ll receive the following tools and services for only $197.00 per month...

  • Receive one-on-one insurance marketing and sales coaching and mentoring each month from one of the most respected and successful teams of sales trainers, coaches and mentors in the industry. We'll help you 'fine-tune' your entire insurance marketing and sales practice, based on your style, personality, preferred markets and budget. (value $1,000 per month)

  • Receive ongoing case study support, which focuses on evaluating, designing and presenting your solutions. You'll close more and significantly larger cases using the Found Money Management™ strategies, tools and techniques. The program consists of unlimited case studies per month. (value $1,000 per month)

  • Receive ongoing education as a member of the Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center, our private web site. (value $25.00 per month)

  • Use of a personalized monthly Client Newsletter that gets people to call you and refer people to you. Email it, post it on your web site and mail it to your clients, friends, family and prospects. (value $59.95 per month)

That's over $2,000.00 worth of monthly benefits, for just $197.00 per month!

The bottom line is you’ll be a member of an exclusive team of trusted financials professionals who are dedicated to helping... Businesses, Retirees & Families To Live Debt Free and Truly Wealthy!

And, you’ll never be alone again!

Trusted Advisor Mentoring Program  $197.00 per month...          

Endorsement From A Respected Industry Leader

Edward P. Morrow, CLU, ChFC, RFC, CEP - CEO of the IARFC recommends The Insurance Pro ShopLew Nason, RFC, LUTCF is a highly respected, proven and admired practice building coach. He has been particularly effective in guiding financial services advisors to increased effectiveness and higher sales.”
Edward P. Morrow
, CLU, ChFC, RFC, CEP - CEO of the
International Association of Registered Financial Consultants

Not sure we can help, or if our services are right for you... Don’t Wait...
Call us Toll Free to schedule a No Obligation, Free 15 Minute Consultation with Lew or Jeremy.
We guarantee you'll be glad you did! 877-297-4608 (M-F, 9AM-5PM, EST)

"You offer the best client presentation, and marketing and
lead generation strategies I have ever seen."

"I have been in the insurance and securities industry since 1965. I was a stock/broker and Life Insurance and Annuity Coordinator for E. F. Hutton for the state of North Carolina in1978. In 1981, I was president of FSC Agency (a large broker dealer in Atlanta). From 1982 to 1987, I was president and founder of Pilot Financial Services, a FINRA broker dealer. I have attended sales training for dozens of large insurance companies. You offer the best client presentation, and marketing and lead generation strategies I have ever seen. Sincerely, Your friend Steve Patterson." 
Steve Patterson, RVP at Cherry Financial Partners, Ltd. - NC, (47 years)

"This year our life production is up almost 100% over last year
and I believe it will double again."

"Dear Lew; As you are aware I have been in the industry for 39 years and am a consistent MDRT ‘Top of the Table’ qualifier. I have spoken at MDRT, and at several major companies top producer meetings. In 2000 I went from being a Agency Development General Agent to a Personal Producer. The transition was challenging, but it worked. The one thing I lost along the way was the focus on life insurance sales. I tried several refresher programs, and was able to modestly upgrade life production. Then I found your company. Eventually, I purchased several of your programs including ‘Found Money Management and ‘How to Close 9 out of 10.  The material is excellent and I have spent many hours reviewing it. This year our life production is up almost 100% over last year and I believe it will double again. Thanks for your personal consulting time, the programs and most of all your sincere belief in the good work you and your company are doing."
Richard C. Moldenhauer, CLU, ChFC, RFC, CEP, MDRT 'Top Of The Table' - NY (39 years)

"You Lew are a big part of my success and those that I coach.
Please accept my sincerest thanks!"

"Frankly Lew, the spirit in which you conduct your business is as important, or more important, than the tools you provided me with. I wanted you to know that in helping me you have in turn helped all the reps that I coach. Since we last spoke I have been interviewed three times by the Wall Street Journal, Registered Rep Magazine, local newspapers and I am in CPA Ed Slott's newsletter this month as his expert advisor. My practice and those that I coach have a consistent supply of ideal prospects and once in front of them I teach advisors how to eliminate the competition.
You Lew are a big part of my success and those that I coach. Please accept my sincerest thanks!"

John C Neyland, CSA - LA - President, JCN Financial & Tax Advisory Group, LLC

the Founder of The Collective Momentum Program...
  (10 years)

"I learned from Lew things that were never taught by any of the
insurance company trainers that I’ve worked with in the past

"With over a dozen years in the financial services industry, I learned from Lew things that were never taught by any of the insurance company trainers that I’ve worked with in the past.  This hands-on “Trusted Adviser Training” in Branson, MO, was absolutely the BEST!  I have previously used several of the other training programs available from the Insurance Pro Shop, but the live interaction with Lew and the other attendees at this training made for a great learning experience.  Any agents or reps looking for the most exceptional training available anywhere in the financial services arena need to call Insurance Pro Shop! Again, thanks for all your efforts as well as the great time and training.  I didn't want the training sessions to end in April and now I can't wait till I'm able to join you all again for another live training.  I look forward to talking to you sometime soon."
Brad Stewart, Family 1st Financial Solutions - CA,  (12+ years)

"The best part is your follow-up and one-on-one coaching...
 (which is so encouraging and is priceless)"

"Hi Lew, I had never seen any coaching and training system like you have. You deliver much more than what you promise. The best part is your follow-up and one-on-one coaching with you - Lew (which is so encouraging and is priceless). We will be referring our agents to you for coaching. I hope more people will make use of the unique coaching system you offer. Keep up the good work. Regards," Bir I. S. Grewall, Financial Advisors of America Inc. - CA, (33 years)

Antonio Filippone, RFC - IL (18 years)"Lew is a great coach and mentor...  His ideas are priceless"

Lew is a great coach and mentor and really knows how to motivate and educate. His ideas are priceless and I have never spent time with Lew and not come away with a new great idea and focused direction. He can help you grow your business in a way that is good for both you and your clients.” Antonio Filippone, RFC, FMM, Rockford Retirement - IL (17 years)

Trusted Advisor Success Training... Training for financial Advisors

Learn More About Us...  And Our Affordable, 'Cutting-Edge' Life Insurance and Annuity Sales Systems, Tools, Training and Support For Financial Advisors!

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