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How to ‘Close 9 Out Of 10’
Advanced Fact-Finding ‘Insider Secrets’

By Lew Nason, RFC, FMM, LUTCF, CFLA and Jeremy Nason, RFC, FMM, CFLA

What If You Could Double Your Commissions In 30-60 Days Without Seeing More Prospects?

You can, by immediately using these simple 'Insider Secrets' in your next client meeting.

In this incredible 24 page FREE, detailed Fast Track Advisers' Guide, worth $29.95, we'll share the very best 'Insider Prospecting, Appointment Setting and Sales Secrets' that we've learned, tested and refined during the past 30+ years working with the Top 10% of Producers in this industry.  

You'll learn that by asking the 'RIGHT' questions and really listening to your prospects, you are ultimately getting them to sell themselves on why they should do business with you.

Learning to ask the 'RIGHT' questions is the critical key to consistently
...Setting high quality appointments, with your 'IDEAL' prospects!
...Closing ‘9 out of 10’ sales! ...Doubling Your Commissions!

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