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In each of the incredible FREE Fast Track Advisors' Guides offered below we'll share the critical 'Insider Insurance Marketing, Prospecting, Appointment Setting and Sales Secrets' that we've learned, tested and refined during the past 30 plus years working with industry experts and the Top 1% of Producers in this industry.  

Remember, we have a documented 80% success rate with agents and advisors, verses the industry's very disappointing 90% failure rate! And the agents and advisors we work with are earning double and triple the industry averages!

So, if you are ready to learn the 'Insider Secrets' to quickly taking your sales and income to the next level, then it's time to download and read these extraordinary, detailed guides. What are you waiting for! You've got everything to gain and nothing to lose!

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Jeremy & Lew Nason
The 9 Out Of 10 Guys...

P.S. There is a huge difference between the trainers who are really recruiters in disguise and will promise you anything and everything to get your business... verses people who are dedicating their lives to helping you to succeed in this business. We are dedicated insurance marketing and sales trainers, coaches and mentors...  NOT recruiters! 

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FREE Detailed Report On
Generating Leads... Immediate Download

For NEW Agents and Advisors

Fast Track Advisors' Guide to:
"How to Attract & Sell The Ideal Prospects"

"How To Attract and Sell The 'Ideal Insurance Prospects' For Your Current Products and Services!" Insurance Marketing Tips, Ideas, Strategies Are you tired of chasing
the wrong prospects and
playing the numbers game!
You Can Attract More
Of Your IDEAL Prospects
To You In A Month, Than
Most Agents See In A Year!

Advisor's Guide To Marketing & Prospecting

Discover... What NEW Agents & Advisers Must Know To Succeed In 2014 and Beyond!

What Does It Take Today For
A 'New Agent' To Succeed
Today In the Life Insurance
and Annuity Sales Industry?
Insurance Marketing, Leads,
Appointment Setting and Sales
Tools, Tips and Training!

Guide To New Agent 'Quick Start' Success

FREE Detailed Report On Selling Mortgage Insurance... Immediate Download

FREE Detailed Report On Asking The 'Right' Questions... Immediate Download

Fast Track Advisors' Guide to:
"Selling Mortgage Insurance"

FREE Downoad... How to Generate Mortgage Insurance Leads For Agents.  How to Sell Mortgage Insurance... using whole life, indexed life and variable life insuranceFinally, the Absolute Quickest,
Fool-Proof and most Cost-
Effective strategy for you to
get started selling your cash
value life insurance today...
It's Using Mortgage Insurance
as a Door Opener!

Advisor's Guide To Mortgage Insurance Sales

Fast Track Advisors' Guide to:
"How To Close 9 Out Of 10"

FREE Download... How to ‘Close 9 Out Of 10’, Advanced Fact-Finding ‘Insider Secrets’Double and Triple Your
Income Today By Getting
your prospects to tell you
what they really want!
It is the key to ...Setting
High Quality Appointments
...Closing '9 Out Of 10' Sales!

Advisors' Guide To Appointments & Sales

FREE Detailed Report On Selling Annuities... Immediate Download

FREE Detailed Report On Selling C.V. Life Insurance... Immediate Download

Fast Track Advisors' Guide to:
"10 Deadly Mistakes"

FREE Download... ‘10 Deadly Mistakes’ That Are Keeping You From Collecting‘ One Million Dollars’ Of Annuity Premiums Every Month! How to market and sell Fixed Annuities, Indexed Annuities, Variable Annuities and Immediate AnnuitiesDiscover... The ‘10 Deadly
Annuity Marketing
’ That Keeps Most
Financial Advisors From
Collecting ‘One Million
’ Of Annuity
Premiums Every Month!

Advisor's Guide To Selling Annuities

Fast Track Advisors' Guide to:
"Found Money Management"

Free Download - Advisors Guide To Found Money ManagementDiscover the 'insider secrets'
to selling much more of your
life insurance... Whole Life,
Universal Life, Index Life and
Variable Life the virtually
untapped, 'upper' middle
income family market!

Advisor's Guide To Selling Life Insurance

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"In the past three months, I've sold more life insurance premiums,
than I did in the previous 8 years."

John Stewart - GA (P&C Agency Owner), (16 years) "A while back I found the Insurance Pro Shop and signed up for their (FREE) weekly newsletters and started applying some of their techniques, and they worked. So, nine months ago, I decided to visit with them to meet Lew and Jeremy. After meeting them, I decided to purchase their Found Money Management System and their Fact Finding DVDs. However, with the holidays and running my P&C business, I didn't get to begin to earnestly study their materials until a few months ago, and then I attended their Found Money Management Boot Camp. In the past three months, I've sold more life insurance premiums, than I did in the previous 8 years. I've placed 12 policies with annual premiums ranging from $800 - $30,000. Their systems and training work. And, now I'm here at their Advanced Fact-Finding Techniques Sales Skills Boot Camp to learn as much as I can from them. Lew Nason has the marvelous ability to make the complicated, simple. He gives small practical helps that can only help to make your agency grow. What a mentor!”
John Stewart
- GA
(P&C Agency Owner), (16 years)

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"I learned and re-learned more in two days with you than I learned in almost 40 years of continuing education training and self-study. You have put together the strongest and most straightforward marketing and sales training program I have ever experienced, and you deliver it impeccably. I have already recommended this program to over two dozen of the largest producers in the country and will continue to promote it in any way I can. If someone's aim is greatness in financial sales, he or she needs your training programs."
Jeffrey Reeves
, Author of Money for Life

 Trusted Advisor Success Training with Jeffery Reeves and Wally Cato - Training for Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors

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Keeping The American Dream Alive... One Family At A Time!Keeping The American Dream Alive... One Family At A Time!Keeping The American Dream Alive...
One Family At A Time!

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