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What if there was an easier way for you to be consistently in front of upper middle income families who understand the value and benefits of permanent 'cash value' life insurance and who are presently searching with caution for advice on where they should put their money now?

Can you imagine being recommended to church leaders and heads of associations by a famous TV & Radio personality such as Clark Howard, Dave Ramsey, or Suze Orman

"Men take on the nature of the habits, and the
power of thoughts, of those with whom they associate.
Napoleon Hill

 How nice would it be if the church leaders and association directors in your local community would actively endorse your services to their members?

There are plenty of programs designed for the millions of people who are so buried in debt they don't know what to do.  Plus, there is an abundance of advisors wanting to work with wealthy people to design and monitor their financial plans.

What's been missing is a competent and well structured program to teach the tens of millions of people, -- between these two ends of the spectrum, -- about how money actually works.  What has long been needed is an effective way to connect those people with a reliable financial professional (you), who can equip them with the proper financial tools.  Long needed has been a system where you can work closely with this large group for years to come. 

"Develop a plan of action and act on your plan."
Napoleon Hill

Forrest Wallace Cato on The Front Page of The IARFC Register  Forrest Wallace Cato, a "name" repeatedly voted by the readers of Financial Services Advisor Magazine as "One of America's top five most influential and respected men in financial products and services," says, "Your much needed program is finally here. It is embodied in the International Financial Leadership Association.  This is one of the most significant and important new opportunities for agents and planners in the last thirty years!  The IFLA program promises to be enormously helpful for all involved."

At the Insurance Pro Shop we are very happy and proud to announce that we have formed an exclusive strategic alliance with Professor Rodney Ballance, founder of the International Financial Leadership Association.  Professor Ballance has created a complete, turnkey "referral generation" program that mirrors what the most successful TV financial entertainment personalities are doing to attract people to them and the advisors they recommend.

However, unlike most of those TV & Radio personalities, Rodney Ballance is a believer in "safe money concepts" and using cash value life insurance as a foundation for the financial plans of middle income families.

Professor Ballance is an award-winning "licensed" financial advisor and published author.  He is a featured financial expert on the CBN Television network and hosts the radio program 'Ballancing Your Budget.' 

Click Here For The Rodney Ballance Radio Program... Ballancing Your Budget

"If you close your mind, you will be shut off from the recognition
of favorable opportunities and the cooperation of others.
Napoleon Hill

You Get All Of The Commissions!

Rodney Ballance is currently seeking agents and advisors to join the first ever financial "PPO" network. The idea is for you to join IFLA and through training ultimately become a Financial Leadership Ambassador... to work with the organizations that are contacting him from all over the United States and around the world.  He is NOT a recruiter, and he is NOT splitting cases. You work with your existing companies and you get all of the commissions!

The Financial Leadership program is taught by a professor from an accredited University (Not a fictional 'place' made-up to sell.) and he will promote you as "the expert in your area." The only person he recommends in your area!  You become the exclusive provider in your community. 

Because our Found Money ManagementTM philosophies and training closely parallel what the International Financial Leadership Association is doing/accomplishing, Rodney Ballance is only offering exclusive territories to those agents and advisors who are trained on our Found Money ManagementTM strategies, have completed the Certified Financial Leadership Advisor course and have become a Financial Leadership Ambassador.

Are you interested in providing "financial literacy" to far more people in your local community?

Would you like to become the most respected and most trusted IFLA Ambassador in your market territory?  You can be the one person that families routinely turn to for help and guidance with their finances.  You can actually make a positive difference in people's lives, instead of just making a sale. 

"Opportunity generally takes up with those who recognize it."
Napoleon Hill

 Would you like to be known as the IFLA expert in your market area where you offer your products and services?  Would your affiliation with IFLA and your positioning as an IFLA Ambassador improve your situation?

Do you want a much easier, a more affordable, and a proven way to attract life insurance prospects for the Infinite Banking, LEAP, Circle of Wealth, Missed Fortune, College Funding and Retirement Supplement strategies... to close more and much larger life insurance sales?

Make Certain Your Income Increases This Year

The IFLA Ambassadors in this program will increase their incomes by a minimum of $129,600.00 annually!  Join us for this important webinar to see if you qualify.

I repeat: The Ambassadors in this program will increase their incomes by a minimum of $129,600.00 annually. 

Do Not Allow Your Competition To Beat You To This Amazing
Opportunity In Your Market Area Where You Work!

Lew Nason

Here Is A Link To A Recording Of The Latest Webinar

Video clips from our 5 part DVD Series
of the Financial Leadership

In his DVD program, Professor Ballance unveils information that you and your clients will not hear anywhere else. He has put the pieces together which will give you a clear look into the future so you can understand what the challenges will be, and how you can be protected from them, and profit through them.

This program is not a doomsday message, but one of hope. Ballance will show you the trends, and offer some suggestions for how to prosper from them. He will show you some ideas for how to invest to realize amazing profits. We'll also offer up some thoughts for those who want to start their own businesses that will fit right in with the plans of those who wish to control our every buying decision.

Don't fall for the doomsday messages that want you to sell everything and buy gold and silver! Don't rely on the mainstream media who wants you to fall in line with their thinking either.

What you should do? If you truly want competent and reliable information with which you can construct a workable, sustainable and profitable financial plan, then you must see his DVD presentation. There is no one else who offers this clear understanding and timeline of what is happening, and what you can expect over the next 2 and a half years.

Don't wait to get what you will find to be the most important financial information you will ever receive. Act now to be at the front of the line so you and your clients can profit from the economic challenges of the future while others are suffering from their lack of preparation.

The International Financial Leadership Association is dedicated to assisting churches and other non-profit organizations in better equipping people in their communities with truth and no sales gimmicks.

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