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Insurance Marketing & Sales Training & Coaching
For Insurance Agents & Financial Advisors!


How Important Is The 3 Months of Personal Training,
Coaching, And Support You Can Get With Our Specialized
Life Insurance & Annuity Marketing and Sales Systems!

If all it took, to be successful, was to read a few text books and/or watch a few videos, then it would be easy for everyone to reach the very top of their profession. However, isn’t there much more involved?

Consider, to be an accountant, doctor, attorney, engineer, etc. you have to attend at least four (4) years of college just to get the basic technical knowledge for that profession. But, just because you have the basic technical knowledge of your profession, does that mean you know how to properly apply that knowledge? Isn’t there more you need to know, if you want to be one of the very best in your profession?  

What if you wanted to be a successful electrician, plumber, auto mechanic, carpenter, etc.? Could you just read some text books and/or watch some videos, (attend a technical school) and then go out and practice your trade? How good would you be? How long would it take you to master your trade?

With almost every skilled position, aren’t you required to serve some sort of apprenticeship or internship to learn how to properly apply your knowledge?

Everyone needs a coach - Bill gates

If you want to reach the top of any skilled profession you need someone to help you to learn and master the ‘Tricks of the Trade’ & ‘Insider Secrets!’ Yes, you may be able to learn and master many of the ‘Tricks of the Trade’ & ‘Insider Secrets’ on your own through the ‘Trial and Error’ process. And, if you stick to it long enough you may learn and master all of the ‘Tricks of the Trade’ & ‘Insider Secrets’ on your own. However, isn’t learning through ‘Trial and Error’ generally very expensive and very time consuming? Wouldn’t it be much quicker (and far less expensive) to get training and coaching from someone who has already gone through the costly ‘Trial and Error’ process for you and is very successful in your profession?

We will help you to avoid all the costly and time consuming mistakes most people make, to guarantee get you off to the quickest start possible! 

  • You'll receive 3 months of ‘One-on-One’ Live Personal Coaching and Support from people who have been very successful in insurance sales and have been successfully training agents and advisors for over 30 years. We will help you fine-tune your insurance marketing, lead generation, appointment setting and sales process...

  • Plus, we'll help you with case development, design and sales presentations, to help close more and larger sales. This is one hour of real one-on-one coaching each month, plus 3-5 case reviews and you can call us anytime with questions. We are always here to help you and guarantee you succeed!!!

Here is what these very successful agents and advisors are saying about our coaching programs, training, and support...

“Lew is a great coach and mentor and really knows how to motivate and educate. His ideas are priceless and
I have never spent time with Lew and not come away with a new great idea and focused direction. He can
help you grow your business in a way that is good for both you and your clients.” 

Antonio Filippone
(17 years)

“I learned more from him (Jeremy) in 3 short 2 minute questions than I learned in the last six years.
I am blessed to have come upon Insurance Pro Shop.”

Neal Merems 
(34 years)

“If any agent is seeking REAL help and training, they won’t find a better team of caring, supportive, and knowledgeable people than they will through the two of you.”
Bryan Schurter
(5 years)

“The information and the coaching you've provided me has saved my career and my family's financial future.” 
Jeff Cody (7 Years) 

“Anyone who is in this business and doesn't have a coach is making a VERY expensive mistake.
Save time, save money, save aggravation. Hire Lew!”
Kevin Bard 

Training & Systems Endorsed By Over 40 Industry Legends & Experts!

Edward P. Morrow, CLU, ChFC, RFC, CEP - CEO of the IARFC recommends The Insurance Pro Shop Lew Nason, RFC, LUTCF is a highly respected, proven and admired practice building coach. He has been particularly effective in guiding financial services advisors to increased effectiveness and higher sales.”
Edward P. Morrow
, CLU, ChFC, CEP - Former Chairman & CEO of the
International Association of Registered Financial Consultants

Important Message For Agents... From Jeremy & Lew

Start Today By Learning The Secrets To You Consistently
'Finding & Attracting'
Your Ideal Life Insurance and Annuity Prospects!

Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center - Training for Insurance Agents and Financial AdvisorsStart right now, by taking a few minutes to find out more about our exclusive website... the Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center?

As A Member Of Our Exclusive Website, you'll gain immediate access (24/7) to the 'Critical' insurance marketing, prospecting, appointment setting, and sales training programs, scripts, tools, and strategies you need today to consistently 'Find & Attract' your ideal life insurance and annuity prospects ...and you'll quickly be on your way to earning a significant six-figure income selling life insurance and annuities!

Now Get The Specific Tools, Coaching, & Support You Need To
Close 'More & Larger' Life Insurance & Annuity Sales!

Please take a few minutes to check out our specialized Advanced Life Insurance and Annuity Marketing, LEAD Generation, and Sales Systems, along with our Advanced Sales Training Videos.

What makes these proven life insurance and annuity marketing and sales systems, along with our sales training videos so effective, and almost foolproof, is you can get 3 months of personal training and coaching, with real support from people who have actually done it themselves! And, have been successfully training agents and advisors for over 30 years.

Click Here For 'Advanced' Insurance Sales Training... Fact-Finding and Questioning Strategies     Click Here To... Get The Insurance Marketing and Sales Training you need to get off to a quick start selling mortgage life insurance sales... System, Tips, Tools, Training, & Support!      Click Here For... The Ultimate Life Insurance Marketing & Sales Training... system, tips, tools, training, & support!      Click Here For... The Ultimate Annuity Marketing and Sales Training... system, tips, tools, training & support!

With your membership, along with our advanced toolkits, training, coaching, and support you will:

  • Learn the latest 'insider' insurance marketing and prospecting strategies you need to find & attract your 'IDEAL' life insurance and annuity prospects to you... Every Day... right in your local community! No more spending thousands to buy leads, or on direct mail campaigns, to chase poor quality prospects all over creation!

  • Learn what to do, say, and what questions to ask to get your 'IDEAL' prospects to see and understand they have a problem and how you can help them, so they will want to set an appointment with you 'Right Now!'  No more spending hour after hour calling prospects and begging for an appointment!

  • Learn the 'insider' fact-finding, questioning, and sales presentation skills you need to help people to want to set better priorities, so they'll practically sell themselves! No more pushing or begging for a sale!

By investing today to become a member of our online Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center, along with our Specialized Life Insurance and Annuity Marketing, LEAD Generation, and Sales Systems, our Sales Training Videos  and our coaching you will finally have access to all of the insurance sales tools, training, and coaching, with the support you were need to guarantee your success ...and you'll be quickly on your way to earning $100,000, $200,000, or more per year!

In fact, the typical advisor we work with, within a year, is working 40 hours or less per week and earning a net income (after expenses) of $150,000-$350,000 per year, because they have learned how to really help people, instead of just making a quick sale!

Our Family Is Dedicated To Helping You To Succeed...
Please give us a call for a FREE 15 minute, no obligation consultation, so we can review your situation to find the
best ways to help you achieve the success you desire.

Toll Free In US 877-297-4608 / Direct Line 770-443-2852

If You Want To Prosper In This Great Career,
Then Learn
How 'You Can Make The Difference'
In People's Lives, Instead of Just Making A Sale!

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Judge Us By The Company We Keep!

Charles “Tremendous” Jones, International Speaker Endorsement From A Respected Industry Leader

“We all love Lew Nason. How could you not be impressed with the man
who earned fame for turning ‘nine-out-of-ten’ prospects into satisfied
clients! I wish I had met Lew when I was selling insurance.”

Charles “Tremendous” Jones,
International Speaker
and former "top five world-wide insurance sales producer

One of the most influential people in our lives was Charlie 'Tremendous' Jones.
We Love You and Miss You...

Rosemary and Lew Nason with Charles “Tremendous” Jones, International Speaker and Gloria Jones      

“You are the same today as you will be in
 five years except for two things: the people
you meet and the books you read.”
Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones

Learn More About Us...  And Our Affordable, 'Cutting-Edge' Life Insurance & Annuity Sales Systems, Tools, Training & Support For Agents & Advisors!

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"You Can Make The Difference"

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