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Fast Track Advisors' Guides!

Each of these guides reveals the critical fundamentals of Insurance Marketing, Prospecting and Sales Success Tips, Ideas and Strategies that are unknown to most agents, advisors and planners. Critical 'Insider Secrets' that you must know today!

Here's A Quick, Affordable Way To Get The Help You Need And Want!

Fast Track Advisors' Guide To:
'Prospering In Today's Recession'

Prospering In Today's Recession

Recession... ‘Decide NOT To Participate!’ In this '37 page' E-book, you'll be given a brief overview of Lew Nason's introduction into the insurance industry. How he had three exceptional mentors who helped him to learn the critical insurance marketing, prospecting and sales strategies that allowed him to survive and prosper during the recession of 1982. And how, in less than 2 years, he became one of the leading producers nationally for Met Life.

Today, just like in the 80's, people need, are looking for and want real help with their finances. If you want to succeed and prosper today, (like Lew did in the 80's) then you must learn how to attract the people who need and want your help. And, then you must help those people to see and understand the problems they are facing today... so, they'll want to take action right now! You must work at becoming the respected, trusted financial advisor, that the people in your local community want to see.

Please read this material very carefully... Like Lew, you too have a exceptional opportunity to excel in your chosen profession. But, only if you will take the time to find the mentors who will help you to identify, understand, practice and master the critical fundamental philosophies of your financial career!

Fast Track Advisors' Guide To:
'Selling Life Insurance In A Recession'

Selling Life Insurance In A RecessionThis '39 page' E-book is about how you can 'Depression Proof' your life insurance business, and finally earn the income you want and deserve... no matter what the economy is doing! 

It's about understanding the basic underlying values and beliefs of really helping people to see, understand and solve their immediate financial problems. And how, once you understand the exceptional benefits of owning permanent, cash value life insurance, you can get them emotionally involved in the entire sales cycle... so they will want to meet with you and will buy cash value life insurance, even in the current economy.

 A must read for every agent and advisor who is struggling with selling Life Insurance today!

Fast Track Advisors' Guide To:
'10 Deadly Adviser Mistakes'
That Keeps 98% Of Advisors From Earning A Six-Figure Income!

10 Deadly MistakesIn this '39 page' E-book, you will discover the '10 Deadliest Mistakes' most insurance agents, financial advisors and financial planners are routinely making... and how you can easily overcome them! 

It's Not one big mistake that is holding you back. It's a series of little mistakes that keeps 98% of all financial advisors from earning a Six-Figure Income and achieving Long-term Success! If you want to make your insurance and financial services career a lot easier, more enjoyable and more rewarding. If you want to be in the top 10% of the industry... and stay there, then this E-book is a must read!

Fast Track Advisors' Guide To:
'Asking The Right Questions'

Asking The Right QuestionsLearn how to ask the right questions to get your prospects emotionally involved. So, they'll want to set an appointment with you and buy from you today!

Your ultimate success in insurance sales is 'NOT' determined by how good you are convincing people to buy your products or services! Your success is determined by  whether or not your prospects will trust you and sincerely believe that you are working in their best interests!

If you want to learn how to consistently set more appointments for insurance and annuities! (And, from your seminars)  If you want to consistently close '9 out of 10' sales, then stop telling your prospects what they should do! If you tell them, they may or may not believe you!  Learn to ask the 'right questions' and you'll get your prospects to practically sell themselves! (37 pages)

Fast Track Advisors' Guide To:
'Overcoming Objections'

Overcoming ObjectionsIn this '37 page' E-book, you will come to recognize objections as just questions. You will learn how to determine what the 'REAL' questions are, and how to answer them the right way to get the sale!

This training is NOT about 'selling', convincing or pushing the prospect into purchasing your product or service!  It's about helping them to identify, understand and 'buy' a real solution to their problems, a solution that will truly be in their best interest.

In this guide you'll find a list of the most common objections that you'll get when trying to set an appointment, or close a sale.  And, you'll have all the proven questions and scripts you need to overcome them.

Fast Track Advisors' Guide To:
'Lead Generation Success'

This detailed '51 page' E-book is an introduction to the critical 'Insider Secrets' known among the Top Producers for consistently generating the 'RIGHT' insurance and annuity sales leads... secrets that most insurance agents and advisors will never learn on their own... and the Top Producers like it that way.

These 'critical secrets' are incredibly simple to master (once they are revealed to you)  and yet they will almost INSTANTLY allow you (no matter how bad you think your insurance and annuity sales are right now) to "attract" a steady stream of the 'Right' insurance and annuity sales leads... in spite of the current economy!

The best part is, you don't need to spend more money for sales leads or your marketing!  In fact, you'll spend less money. All you need... is to know what these 'critical secrets' to lead generation success are!

 Fast Track Advisors' Guide To:
'Growing Your Business'

Growing Your BusinessAs Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy and all the great marketing Gurus will tell you; "There are three ways, and only three ways to grow your business... See More Prospects... Convert More Prospects To Clients... Sell More To Your Existing Clients..."

"If you truly want to grow your business, the fastest and easiest way... you must master and use all three!"

Short-term success is just setting an appointment with whoever will meet with you, selling a product and making a quick sale to generate a quick income.

Long-term success is about you learning how to consistently attract the 'Right' people. Providing a 'valuable service' to them. And learning how to truly 'make a positive difference' in their lives.  It's all about you building long-term trust relationships, to generate a steady stream of new, repeat and referral business.  (44 pages)

Fast Track Advisors' Guide To:
'Real Financial Planning'

Real Financial PlanningWhether you believe you are just an Insurance Agent, a Financial Advisor, or Financial Planner... The truth is we are all financial planners. (Whether you are allowed to use that title or not) (43 Pages)

And, to reach the 'Highest Levels of Achievement' in your financial services career you must learn what 'Real Financial Planning' is all about!  It's not about you, your credentials, your products, investments returns, price or the companies you represent.

It's About You Truly Helping People... to spend, save, invest, insure and plan wisely for the future, to achieve financial independence. 

Beware Of Financial Planning Clowns!
By Forrest "Wally" Cato, RFMA, FMM, RFC

Don't Make These Mistakes and Be Seen As A Clown By Your Prospects!

Beware Of Financial Planning ClownsThis must read "Fast Track" Advisors' Guide® by my friend and legendary media advocate to financial services industry, is an effort to offer constructive criticism.

It's hard to believe there are people like this in our industry.  His message will certainly be a futile attempt to educate the "clowns" among us. This message is from the perspective of a professional financial industry image-maker and financial journalist who has 30-years of experience in the financial services industry. 

The Five World Wide Success Dynamics ©
By Forrest "Wally" Cato, RFMA, FMM, RFC

The Five World Wide Success Dynamics

You Can Have The Very Best In Your Life And Your Business!

We all would like to be successful. Yet, we have thousands of reasons why we cannot succeed. In truth, all we need is one reason why we can. That one reason is attitude. Nothing is more important: not education, aptitude, health, wealth, or opportunity. Thomas Jefferson wrote; "Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude."

"In these pages Cato presents these five simple, but historically well-proven, dynamics that are "easy to remember" and if followed, practically guarantee your greater accomplishment." Charlie 'Tremendous' Jones 

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