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Featured Tip - Suggested Life Insurance Sales Strategic Business Plan… 2016

Improve Your Attitude - Jim Rohn Setting Goals 3

Become The Trusted Advisor - ‘Little Secrets’ to Generating Lots of High Quality Leads and Appointments! 

Coaches Corner - Are You A Lazy Salesperson?

An Important Message From Jeremy

Dear ~Contact.FirstName~,

In our 1/5/2016 newsletter we provided you with a Strategic Business Plan template to help you grow your insurance sales in 2016 and beyond!

Did you use it?

Why not?

Did it seem overwhelming?

The problem is, as Benjamin Franklin said... "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail."

We want to help you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Accordingly, we have put together a Suggested Life Insurance Sales Strategic Business Plan, for 2016.

Below is the first part of the plan. The complete plan is in our Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center.

Yours in success,
Jeremy Nason

P.S. Are you watching our weekly Improve Your Attitude And Change Your World videos on this newsletter? Your attitude, good or bad, is 90% of the reason why you are where you are today! If you want to improve your sales, then improve your attitude. Watching these videos is a good place to start!

Featured Tip

Suggested Life Insurance Sales
Strategic Business Plan… 2016

Executive Summary

My main objective is to substantially increase my life insurance sales income during the next 30-90 days and beyond, by...

1. Working with the people I know, in my local community.

2. Learning how to attract more of the right prospects.

3. Learning how to set better appointments.

4. Becoming better at closing cases.

5. Helping people to ‘find the money’ to follow my recommendations.

6. Increasing the size of each life insurance sale.

7. Finding additional sales in each household.

8. Earning the right to receive referrals.

Secondary objectives…

1. Grow my life insurance sales, each year, at a challenging and manageable rate.

2. Become the most Respected and Trusted Advisor in my community… to make it much easier each year to attract prospects, set appointments and close sales.

3. Minimize my overall operating expenses.

4. Spend more time with my family and friends.





My Elevator Talk

I help families to…

“Live Debt Free and Truly Wealthy!”

“Pay-off Their Home Mortgage 10-15 Years Early!”

“Find The Money To Save For A Tax-Free Retirement!”

“Find The Money To Create Their Own Family Bank!”

Earl Nightingale Goals Quote

My Mission

…to help middle income families to 'find the money' to spend, save, invest, insure and plan wisely for the future, to achieve financial freedom!

…to become the Respected and Trusted Advisor my friends, family, neighbors and clients want to see.

My Strengths

I am well liked by people.

I am not afraid to try something new.

I am not afraid to talk to strangers.

I was very successful in my previous career.

I have lived in my area for ___ years and know ___ people.

I am an active member of _______________, ________________.

I live in a great family neighborhood.

I have experience in sales.

I know ___ business people.

I have ___ years of experience in ___________________. (Finance, Accounting, Consulting)

I am/have a ______________________________________________________
(Education, designations and/or degrees)

I have a positive, expectant attitude.

I have a basic understanding of computers and the internet.

My Weaknesses

I don’t have much money for marketing.

I have no experience in life insurance sales.

I am brand new to the community.

Additional Weaknesses…





My Goals

Year 1… Earn $60,000 after expenses

Year 2… Earn $100,000 after expenses

Year 3… Earn $150,000 after expenses

Year 4… Earn $200,000 after expenses

Year 5… Earn $250,000 after expenses

* Note: These are the minimums you should expect! How much more you earn is totally dependent on how much time and effort you put in to learning, and then putting what you learn into action.


Note: This is only the first part of the Suggested Life Insurance Sales Strategic Business Plan…2016. The complete plan is in our Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center.

This life insurance strategic business plan is based on using the tools, tips, training and coaching you get with the Found Money Management™ Life Insurance Marketing and Sales Tool Kit.

Jeremy and Lew Nason
Trainers, Coaches & Mentors
'The 9 Out Of 10 Guys'


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Budget Sheet:
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The RFC (Registered Financial Consultant) is a professional designation awarded by the IARFC to financial advisors who meet high standards of education, experience and integrity.

Improve Your Attitude And Change Your World

Jim Rohn Setting Goals 3


"Work harder on yourself than you do on your job."
Jim Rohn

What are They Saying About IPS?

"After extensive research and working for almost a year to gather all of the information and tools we needed to create our own life insurance marketing, prospecting and sales system, we stumbled upon the Insurance Pro Shop. They already have exactly what we were trying to create. It doesn't make much sense for us to spend our time and money and wait another year trying to re-invent the wheel, when they have already it done it all, and we can implement it immediately to help our 4,000 agents."
Alvin Reyes - CA, Managing Director of WFLife


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How To Become The Most 'Trusted Advisor'
In Your Local Community!

‘Little Secrets’ to Generating Lots of
High Quality Leads and Appointments!

Just about every agent/advisor, I’ve ever talked to, has been looking for a new and improved, foolproof way of generating a steady stream of highest quality sales leads and sales appointments. They are looking for a new twist on an old idea. Or, something that has never been done before! What these agents/advisors don’t realize is there isn’t anything new out there. Everything that people can think of, with very rare exceptions, has already been tried before. The reason most agents/advisors are having a problem with their prospecting systems isn’t because they don’t work! It’s because they are missing the ‘little secrets’, ‘little tricks of the trade’ that are the difference between outstanding success and total failure with these systems.  


"Small Daily Improvements Are The Key
To Staggering Long-Term Results."

You don’t have to take massive action or make radical moves in order to change your business or life for the better. Do something every day to improve yourself. Move forward with conviction and purpose. That is how real progress is made. Be patient, stay strong, work hard, and most of all, have faith…


Let me give you an example…

Most agents/advisors I talk to, who are selling mortgage insurance, are very frustrated with their current marketing and lead generation activities. They’ve tried buying leads, direct mail, asking for referrals, newspaper ads, free reports, phone dialers and the list goes on and on. All they seem to get is people with health problems. Or, they get people who are shopping for price and want a free quote.

The reasons most of these agents/advisors are having so much trouble generating high quality leads for Mortgage Insurance is because they are missing the ‘Little Secrets’, ‘Tricks of the Trade’! They are making little mistakes like…

Believing prospecting is a numbers game! They are trying to attract anyone who owns a home. They are selling a commodity instead of a solution to a problem. They are selling their products based on price instead of benefits! They are trying to attract people who have never heard of them! They are chasing the wrong prospects!

If you want to generate lots of leads for mortgage insurance… here are five of the ‘Little Secrets’ most agents are missing!

  1. You must specialize! There are hundreds of agents/advisors, in your immediate area, that are selling mortgage insurance. Homeowners can buy insurance from their P&C agency, or over the Internet. Why should they take their valuable time to meet with you? What is unique about you? What’s your hook? Can you specialize in helping families pay off their home five to ten years early, to save thousands of mortgage interest payments? Can you show people how to get the mortgage insurance they need without taking any additional money out of their pockets?

  2. You must determine who your ideal prospects are for mortgage insurance! While everyone who has a mortgage may need mortgage insurance… Who do you have the best chance of selling? Who would you have the best chance of selling mortgage insurance to? Who has the stronger need… a single person, a married couple or someone who is married and has young children at home? Is there a minimum or maximum income? Minimum and maximum value of the home? Remember we are talking about consistently being in front of the people who you have the best chance of selling!

  3. You must help people to see and understand the problems they face! You must help them to want to take action today! You must learn the right questions to ask, so people see and understand the depth of their problem and then help them to see that you have a solution to their problem. People don’t buy what they need! They buy what they want! So, if you want them to buy today, you have to help them to make their need a priority, so they want to take action today!

  4. You must get known in your local community! Your primary marketing goal should be to get known as the most respected and trusted agent/advisor in your local community. How much easier and more cost-efficient is it for you to get known in your local community, verses an entire city, county or state. Consider, the legendary Ben Feldman, one of the most prolific life insurance salespeople in world history, did all of his business in the small town of East Liverpool, Ohio. (Population 15,000) 

  5. You must learn how to get referrals! You must make yourself referable! In most cases people are not going to refer a ‘salesperson’ to their friends and family. However, they will refer an ADVISOR. Someone they trust. Someone who provides a valuable service. You must stay in constant contact with your clients, prospects, friends, family and everyone you know. ‘Out of Sight, Out of Mind’ is a deadly mistake for any salesperson. Why would people refer you, if they never hear from you… remember who you are… or what you do! You must be in constant contact with your clients through annual reviews, monthly newsletters and free educational workshops.

Using these five ‘Little Secrets’, (out of a dozens) we’ve helped hundreds of agents/advisors go from earning $3,000 per month, to earning $10,000 per month, with just a few months.

"Never stop learning. Nothing comes easy.
If you want something, you have to work for it."
Lew Nason

Another Example…

Many agents/advisors are frustrated with doing ‘Dinner Seminars’, because no one wants to set an appointment with them! Or, if they do set an appointment, the people cancel, or just don’t show up! Agents/advisors will tell me, all they ever get are a bunch of ‘Plate Lickers!’ Or, all they get are people with no money! The people who come are too young, or too old! They’ve tried several seminar presentations and none of them work in their area of the country. And, the list of complaints about the lack of appointments from ‘Dinner Seminars’ goes on and on!

The reasons most of these agents/advisors aren’t able to set an appointment with their seminar attendees are these agents/advisors are missing the ‘Little Secrets’, ‘Tricks of the Trade’! They are making little mistakes like…

Talking over their attendee’s heads. Using too much technical jargon, during their seminar presentation. Trying to educate their attendee, instead of giving them just enough information so they want to learn more. Not getting the attendee to see how the information relates to their specific situation. 

If you want to set lots of appointments from your dinner seminar… here are five of the ‘Little Secrets’ most agents are missing! 

  1. You must speak at a sixth grade level. Then, even the college professors will understand you. If your seminar attendees are even a little bit confused, or they don’t understand what you are talking about, then why would they want to meet with you?

  2. You must help people to understand the problems they are facing. Most agents/advisors present their solution, without ever talking about the problems their attendees are facing. If the attendees don't really understand or see they have a problem, then why would they take the time to meet with you?

  3. You must ask questions to during your seminar to get them emotionally involved and help them to see how the information relates to their unique situation. Why would they want to meet with you if they don’t see how they’ll benefit?

  4. You never ask for the appointment, you give them an opportunity to meet with you. It’s a very subtle, but huge difference in the amount of appointments you’ll set at your seminar.

  5. You must set as many appointments as you can, right at the seminar. The longer you wait, the less enthusiasm the attendees will have about what you talked about. The harder it will be to contact them, etc. You must visit with everyone after your presentation, and thank him or her for coming, ask them how they felt about the seminar, etc.

Using these five ‘Little Secrets’, (out of a dozen or more) we’ve helped hundreds of agents/advisors go from a 10-20% appointment rate to an 80-90% appointment rate at their very next seminar. 

If you want to improve your marketing, prospecting, appointment setting and closing ratios, it’s not one big change that will make the difference. It’s a series of little changes! 


"There is no elevator to success…
you have to take the stairs."
Zig Ziglar

Almost every agent/advisor we talk to is looking a 'Magic Bullet', a single idea that will magically transform their sales. There is no 'Magic Bullet!' If you want to improve your sales, then it is about continuous study and steadily making small changes. 


Throughout all of our specialized life insurance and annuity systems, tools and training you learn hundreds of these ‘little secrets’ and ‘tricks of the trade’ that agents/advisors are using to make their careers easier, more fun and much more rewarding. You’ll learn the ‘little secrets’ and ‘little tricks of the trade’ that can make the difference between outstanding success and total failure!  

Jeremy and Lew Nason
Trainers, Coaches & Mentors
'The 9 Out Of 10 Guys'

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Coaching Corner

Are You A Lazy Salesperson?
By Dennis Postema

​I met with a colleague this afternoon. He has been in sales for less than a year and, quite frankly, he has not been very successful at it.

I was shocked.

I’ve known this guy for years, and his personality is perfect for sales. He is outgoing, friendly and very knowledgeable. He connects well with people. He is very honest and trustworthy. He does not easily take no for an answer, and he is one of the most confident people I know.

In short, he should be the poster child for the successful salesman of the 21st century.

Still, his sales are sporadic.

So, today, I sat down with him to review his sales strategy to identify what might be awry with his presentation. To my surprise, his pitch was solid and offered all the answers a customer might need. It lacked a little of the experience of a seasoned salesperson, but it was very good for someone new to the industry.

That’s when it hit me.

Could it be my friend was relying so heavily on his charisma and knowledge that he really wasn’t trying? I decided to ask a few of his coworkers. The answer became clear immediately.

My friend had become a lazy salesperson.

He depended on the marketing team to bring in customers instead of going out and finding them himself. Then, when a customer did come through his doors, he was rather nonchalant and assumed his congenial personality would win him the sale. However, his attitude turned away customers. This frustrated him; therefore, he became even less inclined to go the extra mile to win over them. The result? Failure.

I discussed all of this with my friend and, to be honest, he had every excuse imaginable for why he acted the way he did and why he chose a more laid back approach to sales. Maybe it all made sense in his mind, but to his colleagues and customers he was just plain lazy.

Have you become a lazy salesperson like my friend? Ask yourself these five questions to find out: ​

  1. Do I show up early for work and stay late to make more contacts?

  2. Do I return my clients’ calls and emails right away (within a few hours)?

  3. Do I immediately find the answers to my clients’ questions?

  4. Am I willing to go the extra mile to meet my clients’ expectations?

  5. Do others in my office see me as a go-getter?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then you better take a closer look at your sales style and determine if this is the job for you. Not everyone has the psychological makings for sales and that’s okay. If you don’t, get out now. If you do (like my friend) and have just become lazy, then get to work!

Success is awaiting you!

Dennis Postema

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