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Feature Article - "If You've Been In The Insurance Business For At Least Six Months, Then You Should Be Getting Most Of Your New Life Insurance & Annuity Prospects Through Referrals."

Improve your attitude - Zig Ziglar -Evaluate Where You Are

Become Their Trusted Advisor - Why You Need To Use Presentation 'Videos' To Get Your Prospects To Buy Into Your Sales Concepts

Coaches Corner - Are You Missing This Huge 'Insider Secret' To Earning A Significant Six-Figure Income?



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"If You've Been In The Insurance Business For At Least Six Months, Then You Should Be Getting Most Of Your New Life Insurance & Annuity Prospects Through Referrals."

Dear ~Contact.FirstName~,

Everyday we rely on the personal referrals and testimonials from people we know, to help us make buying decisions. Numerous studies report that most people say they rely on their friends for information on a variety of issues. These issues range from what movies to watch, to selecting a new car and deciding which financial products to buy. Fewer prospects depend on editorial articles and advertising for information. What this shows is that most people rely on 'word of mouth' because it is based on their existing relationships and the credibility of the person passing the word along. It increases their sense of comfort with the decisions they make. For these reasons, the recommendations of others are helpful to everyone who is involved in selection and purchasing decisions.

Studies in various industries show that 80% of all buying decisions are based on a recommendation from others. The simple fact is that a positive mention of your name brings an increased level of confidence and convenience to your prospects, thereby giving you greater access to them.

Regardless of how you may perceive yourself as an advisor, it's the perception of the prospect that ultimately determines your success within a market. From my own experience over the years, I have discovered that three referrals typically result in one immediate sale. More sales will usually result over a period of time, if you stay in touch with them and you invite them to your free educational workshops.

The more referrals you acquire, the easier it is to become well known in your local community and build the quality relationships necessary to earn the right to present your products and services. And, more importantly, the less time and money you'll spend on prospecting!!!

How to acquire referrals:
Recognize that everyone benefits from referrals.

People give referrals because it is a way for them to help their friends, colleagues, and others to acquire the quality goods and services that you offer. As an example, there's a young man who has built a successful residential lawn care business in Florida. Asking him how he built this business, he said, "Through word of mouth. I take pride in my work, so people stop and ask my customers who does their lawns. My customers then refer them to me because they like to help each other out so they have more time to play golf together."

Let people know why you need referrals.
It's very important for your customers, centers of influence, and prospects to realize that your goal is to reach and work with more people like them. It makes it easier for them to refer you to people they know. Tell them that you want to continue to specialize, that you enjoy working with them, and that their personal referrals will give you an opportunity to serve other people in their industry, social group, occupation, interest group, etc. This lets them know that your motives are to serve and sell other individuals in your niche in the same professional way that you've serviced them. It will also make it easier for you to ask because you are focused more on them and less on yourself.

Learn a referral talk.
You should have a well-honed referral-gathering presentation for use with every customer, center of influence, and prospect. This will increase your comfort, confidence, and competence. It also makes it easy for them to understand what your needs and motives are. Practice your referral talk with your family, friends, and colleagues. Sharpen your talk so that it sounds natural and comes forth easily. As an example, you could say, "If you feel that I've been helpful and professional, I would like you to tell people that you are my client. This will allow me to help those people just as I helped you."

Make it easy for referrals to be delivered.
Use a membership list or directory of the people in your targeted niche market. It's not always easy for someone to think up some names of people they know in your niche without help. I found that it's much easier to prompt and stimulate the individual to give you referrals by giving them the names of 10 or 15 people in the market that you are going to be calling on. The way to use this list is simply to show them the list and say, "These are individuals in your industry that I will be calling on. Which ones know you on a first-name basis?" Usually, they will select several names from the list. Then ask, "Who have I left off this list?" This way you will acquire names from several more people right on the spot. By using membership lists from your niche market clubs, associations, special interests groups, and other targeted networks, you are sure to work deeper into your market. If a membership list is not available, you could use prospect lists you compiled from your market research.

Charlie Jone Quotes

To get quality referrals, ask clients to verbalize how they feel you helped them.
It's occasionally difficult for customers to think of a referral because they've never really thought out loud about how you've helped them. An effective way to solve that problem is to ask questions such as, "How do you feel my services have helped you?" Ask open-ended questions germane to your products and services. Be sure to ask in a way that stimulates your customers to think about your value to them, then ask for their referrals. Have your client write a quick note on the front of your agent brochure about
how you've helped them. Send the brochure, with the note, to the people they refer you to.

Always ask for referrals even if your prospects don't buy now.
Sometimes prospects will tell you they're not ready to buy now. That being the case, ask for referrals from them even though they haven't bought yet. Let them know that the reason you're asking is to be able to build a quality relationship with more people like them.

Ask for referrals and testimonials consistently and constantly.
There is much confusion as to when and how often you should ask for a referral. Some presume that you ask once, either at the beginning of the sale or the conclusion of the transaction. In reality, you should ask for referrals several times. By asking more than once, you create a cumulative effect and greater results. Here are several places to ask for referrals and testimonials:

  • Ask at the very first appointment, whether it's with a prospect, a previous customer, or a center of influence. People do not have to buy something to refer you. They simply need to feel confident about you and your product or service.

Ask early and set the stage.

  • Ask at the time of the sale. Ask for referrals before you get all the paperwork completed. Otherwise, people are rushed, wanting to move along to the next issue in their lives. So, bring forth your referral talk again while you're completing the paperwork.

  • Ask for referrals at the time you deliver the financial instrument. People are usually euphoric at that time and it is an excellent time to leverage yourself into your niche.

  • Ask for referrals when you send a thank-you note for the business. Of course, if you've already gained referrals during the sales process or at the time of delivery, you wouldn't normally ask again immediately in the thank-you letter but it doesn't hurt and often helps you as it shows your desire to serve others like them.

  • Ask for referrals and testimonials in your follow-up service calls. Calling to follow up and find out how your product is working for them or how their needs have changed is an ideal time to ask for referrals.

And, Ask For Referrals From People Who Say NO
One idea that works, despite many agents fear of using it, is asking for referrals from people who say NO. Yes, I'm serious. This works. This is an idea from Bill Bishop's Gold Calling system, which I can't seem to find for sale anymore. When someone says they don't want to see you, say: "Okay, thank you. Before I let you go, I have one question:
When you think of people you respect, who do you know that may be interested in [benefit statement]?"

[benefit statement] = saving money on taxes, saving money on insurance, receiving tax free retirement income, or whatever you want to say that details an owner benefit of what you sell. Be creative and find your comfort zone and this will result is many rejections turning into appointments because most people’s interest is piqued.

Of course, there are some really mean and evil spirited people out there, so just thank them for helping you make more money than they do, and move on. I'm jesting, but sincerely thank them! Remember Every NO = $ in your pocket, because you MUST endure them to get to the ones that say YES.

Insider Secret - Use Testimonials To Get More Referrals and Make More Sales. Keep a notebook where you have all your clients write a note about how you have helped them. Keep it with you at all times. Show it to all your prospects. It will help you to get more referrals. You can also provide prospects and referrals with client testimonials on all your marketing materials, to get more appointments and sales. (with the clients permission)

Jeremy Nason
Marketing and Sales Coach


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Updates For Our Member's Only Private Site
 Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center

Deferred Annuity Report:
This study examines the persistency of deferred annuities on a contract anniversary basis. Contracts were observed for a period of one year for separate samples of contracts in force at the beginning of 2002, 2003, and 2004 as well as contracts sold during each of these years. The results are based on business issued through 2004 and written by 26 companies. A total of 30.3 million contracts, including contracts in multiple years, were available for analysis.

LIMRA Combination Product Report:
Over the past seven years, LIMRA has been tracking annual sales of life combination products, a subset of the U.S. individual life insurance market. New sales premiums for 2013 marked the fifth consecutive year of double-digit year-over-year growth. Life combination products are defined as life insurance products that pay benefits when the insured meets certain criteria for chronic illness or long-term care. Benefits are also potentially payable to the beneficiary upon death if the insured never meets the chronic illness or long-term care criteria, or did not exhaust all the benefits.

LIMRA Individual LIfe Persistency Report:
For all individual life insurance products combined, lapse rates have increased from levels observed in a previous LIMRA persistency study covering the mid-1990s experience period. With the exception of the early years, policy lapse rates for the current study observation period were higher across all durations.

2015 Insurance Barometer Report:
The Insurance Barometer is an annual trending study tracking the perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors of consumers in the United States. Now in its fourth year, the study seeks to understand consumers’ financial concerns and how they think and act with regards to financial products, with a particular focus on life insurance.


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Improve Your Attitude And Change Your World

Evaluate Where You Are

Zig Ziglar gives us the straight talk he’s famous for and makes a case for living a purpose centered life. Evaluate where you are and get started rocking the eight pillars of purpose: Happiness, health, prosperity, security, friends, family, peace of mind and hope.

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Consider, as a Manager for Met Life, from 1989 to 1994, I hired 23 brand new agents. Over 10 years later, 18 of those agents were still in this business. That's an ‘80% Success Rate’, verses the industry’s 90% failure rate! Plus, all 18 of those agents were making well over $100,000 per year.

What enabled those agents to get off to a quick start and be successful short-term and long-term is what is in each of these systems...

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How To Become The Most 'Trusted Advisor'
In Your Local Community!

Why You Need To Use Presentation 'Videos' To Get
Your Prospects To Buy Into Your Sales Concepts
By Dan Viñal

Studies have shown that people are 8 times more likely to make a decision to purchase life insurance or put money into annuities when they are motivated by the need to solve a problem.

But studies have also proven that if you rely on conventional sales and marketing material to explain the need to solve a problem . . . you are almost certainly losing sales opportunities.

Why? Because conventional sales and marketing material (especially those produced by insurance and annuity companies) are actually quite ineffective at communicating "useful" information.

Proven by the U.S. Department of Labor

However, you probably think that the material you use IS effective. But studies show that people understand as little as 20% of what they read, and remember as little as 10% of what they hear!

These are proven facts, examples of which are referenced in excerpts from a report titled "Presenting Effective Presentations" by a division of the U.S. Department of Labor:

". . . studies by educational researchers suggest that approximately 83% of human learning occurs visually, and the remaining 17% through the other senses . . . 11% through hearing, 3.5% through smell, 1% through taste, and 1.5% through touch."

". . . studies have shown that three days after a meeting, people retain only 10% from an oral presentation, 35% from a visual presentation, but 65% from a visual and oral presentation."

Video Engages, Informs and Compels MUCH Better

That's why video has become the single best way to easily introduce and quickly explain the need to solve a problem using insurance or annuities - in as little as five minutes.

Because when people watch a video that combines both text and narrative together, at the same time, they comprehend and retain more than twice as much!

In fact, video has been shown to improve attention, impression, comprehension and retention of a message by as much as 600% over spoken words, and as much as 300% over written words.

What's more, 6 out of 7 people prefer to watch a video – rather than read printed text or listen to someone talk – even when it's done with a slide presentation.

Offer Your Clients and Prospects What They Want

So why would you invest so much time adding pages or content to your website, if people don't read much of it, and if they don't understand or remember most of it?!!

And why would you rely on a verbal presentation alone, if your prospective clients understand and remember as little as 10% of what they hear you say?!!

That's why you need WebPrez Videos - five minute presentation videos that use more than 40 scientifically proven communication techniques to present the problems that sell the need for insurance or annuities – and make them up to 400% more effective than other videos.

Focus your prospect's attention on solving problems, and psychologically influence their buying decisions.

Nine Ways to Use Your WebPrez Videos

1) Add the Videos to Your Website
2) Email the Videos to Your Clients and Prospects
3) Share the Videos Through Your Social Media Networks
4) Play the Videos off Your Laptop or Notepad
5) Integrate the Videos into Your Database Marketing System
6) Feature the Videos in Your Monthly Newsletter
7) Use the Videos to Set Meetings with Leads You Purchase
8) Share the Videos with CPAs and Other Referral Resources
9) Project the Videos onto a Screen in Your Seminars

1) Add the Videos to Your Website:

You can "embed" each video separately onto any page of your website, by locating the video on your video dashboard, and clicking on the "Embed" icon. Then simply copy and paste the embed code onto the page location you want. If you do not know how toedit your own web pages, we recommend that you assign this task to your website developer.

2) Email the Videos to Your Clients and Prospects:

Log in to your WebPrez video dashboard, and locate the video you want to send. Then drag your cursor over the title (beginning with "Learn How . . .) and the video link below it. Right click and copy the highlighted text. Then simply paste it into your own email message.

That's all there is to it. Your video link will appear in the receiver's inbox as blue hypertext (meaning that it is a "live" link), and they only need to click on that link to open and play your video. You will receive an email viewing notice telling you when your client or prospect has watched the video, and is now ready for you to call back to schedule a meeting.

3) Share the Videos Through Your Social Media Networks (Linkedin, Facebook, Google+)

To post or share your videos on any or all of your social media networks, log in to your WebPrez video dashboard, locate the video you want to post, click on the Share icon, choose the network you want to post it to, and simply follow the prompts.

4) Play the Videos off Your Laptop or Notepad - in Someone's Home or Office:

We always recommend embedding your videos into your website. So when meeting with a client or prospect in their home or office, you can either go to your website to present a video, or simply type a video link directly into the web address bar of your browser.

5) Integrate the Videos into Your Database Marketing System:

Create email messages featuring a video title and link (just like a "one to one" email message) and schedule these messages to be delivered to every email address in your database - all at the same time (on a biweekly schedule) or sequentially (15, 30, 45 days etc - after initial entry).

6) Feature the Videos in Your Monthly Newsletter:

Create a headline using the title of the video you want to feature, followed by "Simply type this link into your iPhone, iPad or Laptop, and watch this short five minute video."

Then log in to your WebPrez video dashboard, locate the video you want to feature, and simply copy and paste the blue hypertext link into the text of your newsletter.

7) Use the Videos to Set Meetings with the Leads You Purchase:

As usual, call right away. But instead of trying to schedule a meeting right away, simply ask your lead only one question: "If I send you a short 5 minute video on "How to (title)" . . . will you watch it?"

Verify their email address, then log in to your WebPrez video dashboard, and simply follow the same instructions for sending a video out in an email message (see #2).

8) Share the Videos with CPAs and Other Centers of Influence:

Tell them you have a short five minute educational video on "How to . . . (video title)", and ask for their permission to email the video to five of their friends, relatives, colleagues or associates.

Then log in to your WebPrez video dashboard, find the video you want to feature, and simply follow the same instructions for sending a video out in an email message (see #2).

9) Use the Videos to Improve Both Your Seminar Attendance and Conversion:

a) feature a video title and link in your seminar invitations, or in your confirmations . . . providing registrants with a compelling example of what they will learn by attending your seminar.

b) during your presentation, project a video from your laptop onto a screen, just as you do with your slides, and allow the video to set up your audience with the value proposition.

Click here for the WebPrez Videos you need - five minute presentation videos that use more than 40 scientifically proven communication techniques to present the problems that sell the need for insurance or annuities.

Double and Triple Your Appointments and Sales,
Learning To Ask The Right Questions!

How To Close '9 Out Of 10' is a new sales mindset that frees you from unnatural selling scripts. Instead, you'll learn how to begin new conversations with prospects, naturally - no pitching, no persuading and no pushing.

We're going to show you, in great detail, how to get started using our proven, simple to implement, question-based insurance sales strategies that will help you sell with trust, without having to ever again compromise your integrity.

As you listen and absorb our question-based strategies, you'll find your own sales mindset will expand. You'll start to think in a different way. You'll discover how to surpass your wildest expectations and chuckle as you watch your potential clients open up to you in a way you have never experienced before.

Imagine, in just a few days from now, you could be on your way to making your sales breakthrough, so you don't have to subject yourself to the painful chasing of  prospects or pushing for sales.

Learning to ask the 'RIGHT' questions is the critical key to you consistently
...Setting high quality appointments, with your 'IDEAL' insurance prospects!
...Closing ‘9 out of 10’ insurance sales! ...Doubling Your Commissions!

And This Special Bonus...
You'll receive a 2 Hour, in depth, presentation from our friend and coach, Sandy Schussel discussing how to 'Become a Client Magnet!' As a speaker and workshop leader, Sandy empowers firms and sales teams with systems designed specifically to engage or enroll more or better clients. As an author, he has introduced thousands of readers to simple strategies to win over prospects and to overcome the fears that keep them from doing the things they know they need to do. As a business and life coach, Sandy has encouraged hundreds of individuals to figure out what they really want, to develop a plan to go get it, and to take action on that plan.


How to Close 9 Out Of 10 - Fact-Finding Training DVDS

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Coaches Corner

Are You Missing This Huge 'Insider Secret'
To Earning A Significant Six-Figure Income?
By Lew Nason

In the 80's, I was very active in the Boy Scouts of America with my two sons Jeremy and Will. I was an active member on the board of trustees for the Methodist Church. Plus, I was moderating weekly LUTC classes (NIAFA), providing training in the Regional Metropolitan Branch Offices and attending every Advanced Sales Training class offered by Met Life. Even though I was working less than 20 hours per week on my sales and was taking most of the summer off each year, (Boy Scout Summer Camp) I was still able to consistently earn a significant six-figure income.

How was I able to do all these things and still maintain my sales?
One of the huge 'Insider Secrets' to my success was that within just 18 months of entering this business, I was getting the majority of my new sales from... Client Referrals. And, I wasn't asking for them! 

That's the huge 'Insider Secret' most agents and advisors are missing!

The ability to consistently receive Client Referrals is why the very best producers, past and current leaders, such as Ben Feldman, Norman G. Levine, Mehdi Fakharzadeh, Thomas Wolff and Van Mueller were all able to make over a million in a single year!

If you want to succeed long-term in this business. Consistently earn a significant six-figure, or even a seven-figure income. Have more fun and be working fewer hours, then you must find a way to Stop Prospecting. Isn't prospecting the most time consuming and frustrating part of your business? If all you had to do was to meet with qualified and motivated prospects, how many hours would you need to work each week?  

Lew Nason (back row, 1st from right), Will Nason (third row, 3rd from right) and Jeremy Nason (second row,
 2nd from right)... Troup 88, at Camp Squanto, Plymouth, Massachusetts, Boy Scout Summer Camp, in 1989.

How do you get people to refer their friends and family to you?

If you want people to refer you to their friends and family, without you asking them for a referral, then you must make yourself referable! There are six critical parts to making yourself referable and they are actually very easy to implement!  

  1. You must solve a real, immediate problem people have!
    You must get known for solving a specific problem for people and become known as the expert in your community. Consider, salesmen are the people who chase after us, hungry for a sale. Experts are people we actively seek out, money in hand. In my case, I became the recognized expert for helping families to qualify for college financial aide.

  2. You must be doing a good, through fact-find with everyone!
    Help people to define and understand the problems they need and most of all want to solve. Many people only have a vague idea of the problems they are facing and can get lost in what they are trying to solve, so that no solution seems to fit. You must help your prospects to get emotionally involved and show them you are more concerned about helping them to solve their problems, than you are about making a sale!

  3. You must under promise and over deliver!
    Why do people buy from you? Would you agree one of the major reasons is they trust you. They believe what you say is what you mean. So, to become referable, you must exceed your customers' expectations by giving them more than what you promise. Little things like answering your emails everyday, having a live person answering the phone when it rings, showing up to meetings on time and delivering when you say you will, can make your refer-ability skyrocket. And, don't forget to conduct regular annual reviews.

  4. You must follow-up on every part of the sales process!  
    Make it easy for your clients to do business with you. Every part of a sales process from the initial contact, to personally delivering the policy, are all equally important. Following up makes your clients feel important. Following up shows that you care. As many of the top agent will tell you... "The Sale Begins - When the Customer Says . . . Yes!"

  5. You must keep in touch with your clients!
    In order to increase customer loyalty, get repeat sales and get referrals, the client needs to remember your name and need to know how to find you. The more you stay in contact with your customers, the stronger your relationship with them becomes. The stronger the relationship, the more business and referrals you can expect from them. So stay in touch, Always! Are your sending your clients, family, friends, neighbors and prospects a monthly newsletter? If not, you are making another Huge Mistake.

  6. You must become the recognized 'NAME' in your local community!
    You don’t have to be rock-star famous before you are recognized as an authority in your field. You just have to begin to get the word out. Your goal is to be the person that people think of whenever your field is mentioned. Offer a free educational workshop at your local library, church or community center. Get it in the community calendars, from newspapers to cable television. Call up your local news stations and offer yourself as the subject of an interview. One listing or call at a time, and you’ll begin to make a name for yourself.

Plus, contribute to public discussions. Write letters to the editors of newspapers and magazines whenever they cover stories in your field. You may offer an alternate viewpoint or simply compliment them on a well-written article. The more people see your name in connection with your subject, the more they’ll recognize you as an authority in your field.

You can make yourself referable and earn the significant six-figure income you've been dreaming about!

Stop putting your emphasis on making a sale and instead, shift your efforts towards helping people and providing better service. Start building impeccable relationships with your clients so that they become long-term repeat buyers. Focus on your service and become the recognized name in your local community, and you will soon become incredibly referable as satisfied clients start to tell all their friends and family about how you have helped them.

Choosing between what pays well and what is right for the client is not an option. Just believe in what you do, be there for them and you will be rewarded! 

Remember, if you help enough people to get what they want, then you'll get what you want!

Lew Nason
“The Nine Out Of Ten Guy”

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