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What Everyone Ought To Know...
About Annuity Seminar & Workshop Attendance

(or, about generating insurance and annuity leads in general)

In the past 6 years, we've gotten a lot of calls from agents, advisors and planners who are telling us that with all the bad publicity about annuity dinner seminars and this crazy economy, the attendance to their events has fallen off sharply. They've tried working with other marketing groups, used different direct mail houses, changed their invitations, tried using post cards and unfortunately, nothing seems to be working. They want to know if the people who are using our systems and we're coaching, are having the same problems?

The answer we give them is... "The people we work with are still getting extraordinary results!"

What are the agents, advisors and planners we work with doing that is different from everyone else? It might surprise you to know that they aren't really doing anything that’s different. They've just learned a few little 'insider secrets' that makes them just a little bit better and much more successful at it!

10 Reasons Why Agents, Advisors and Planners Struggle
 With Annuity Seminars & Educational Workshops

While we're not about to give away all of our proven techniques and the little 'insider secrets' to consistently filling your annuity dinner seminars with all the right prospects, I will give you ten of the biggest reasons why most agents, advisors and planners are having trouble getting seniors to attend their annuity dinner seminars.

The first problem is that most agents, advisors and planners are looking for quick, short-term results! They are unwilling to put in the initial extra effort to establish a program that will generate long-term consistent results. The only way they are getting people to attend their seminars is by running newspaper ads, sending out post cards, or sending 'wedding style' invitations. It's definitely the most expensive way to generate annuity leads. It's one dimensional. You never know who's going to show up? You don't know whether you'll attract the right prospects? You don't know who else is inviting these same people?

The second problem is that most agents, advisors and planners have not identified who the best prospects are for their products and services! Who do YOU have the best chance of selling? As an example: are your products and services better suited for retirees with CDs, or for retirees who have their money invested in the market? And, whom do YOU work best with? Is the typical "shotgun approach" used by most salespeople a recipe for failure?

The third problem is that most agents, advisors and planners are trying to attract people to their event by promoting the latest hot new sales idea! In all of their correspondence and at their seminars, they are talking about Roth IRA Conversions, Transferring Wealth, Annuity Owner Mistakes, Safe Money Concepts, Advanced Tax Planning, Understanding Living Trusts, A guide to Asset Allocation, Advance Care Planning, Asset Protection For Seniors, Strategies for Preserving Wealth and Financial Strategies For Uncertain Times. If you want to attract a lot more seniors to your dinner seminar, then you must help seniors to solve an immediate problem THEY have, like... Outliving Their Money! Providing a life time income you can't outlive! And, then you must consistently deliver that special message to your best prospects!

The forth problem is these prospects have never heard of the agent, advisor or planner! Most agents, advisors and planners are doing very little, if anything, to become the most recognized, trusted and sought after financial expert in their local community. With all the bad publicity about annuity dinner seminars, do people trust and want to work with a complete stranger? That’s why you need the services of an Image Branding Specialist like Forest Wallace Cato.

The fifth problem is most agents, advisors and planners don't know how to separate his/herself from the competition! Aren't you are in direct competition with the banks, accountants, attorneys and brokerage houses? If you want to attract more of the right people to your seminar, then you must find a way to stand out from all of your competition! Why should people go to your seminar, verses the one your competition is offering? What's in it for them?

The sixth problem is most agents, advisors and planners are promoting and selling a specific hot new product during their seminars! You need to stop selling products for the highest commission possible, and instead think what would be in the best interest of your prospect. In an era of a recession/depression, retirees want guarantees. Retirees don't care about your products! Retirees want to know you understand their problems and you can provide them with real help with their finances.

The seventh problem is most agents, advisors and planners have not earned the right to receive referrals! So, they don't have more people to invite to their events. If all you are doing is pushing annuities and providing the latest hot new products, aren't you the same as everyone else in their eyes? So, why should these people refer anyone to you?

Jeremy Nason provides financial advisers the 'insider secrets' to outrageous success in this business.

The eighth problem is most agents, advisors and planners are not conducting annual reviews! If once you make a sale your client never hears from you again, then why should they buy more from you, or refer people to you? Do most used car salesmen have better follow up than this? Remember, your business (and every business) depends on repeat sales. You should be inviting your existing clients to your seminars, to get more business and referrals.

The ninth problem is most agents, advisors and planners are not staying in constant contact with their friends, family, prospects, referrals and existing clients! People buy when they're ready to buy, not when you're ready to sell! So, if you are not constantly in front of them, then they'll buy from your competition who is!

The tenth problem is most agents, advisors and planners don't know how to establish a true Joint Venture Relationship! They may be able to set-up a passive system that gets other professionals to refer a few people to them, if those professionals happen to think about them, or if their clients ask for a referral! They don't know how to set-up an active system that gets professionals to invite all of their best clients to their events.

Most of the agents, advisors and planners we talk to have tried purchasing leads, preset appointments, using information booklets and free reports, client newsletters, direct mail, postcards, joint venture marketing, dinner seminars, educational workshops, asking for referrals, articles for the newspaper, press releases, being a guest on a local television or radio program, lead groups, etc., without much success.

The reason they are struggling with these annuity lead generation methods isn't because they don't work. It's because they were never given or learned the little 'insider secrets' and 'tricks of the trade' to making these proven methods work. They didn't follow through. They tried one method at a time. They were looking for 'one quick way' to generate a consistent flow of annuity leads, instead of learning how to combine each of these proven lead generation methods into a complete annuity marketing program that will consistently put you in front of more of the 'RIGHT' annuity prospects in one month, than most agents will see in an entire year. (In spite of this economy)

Does this sound like a lot of studying and hard work? It is initially! However, in most cases it's actually a lot less work (and less expensive) than what you are doing right now! And, once you set up a complete long-term annuity marketing program, you’ll find that within a few months, you'll be working a lot less to attract, set appointments with and sell the right annuity prospects.

You'll be spending a lot less money on your marketing, be making more annuity sales... and you'll be much more successful and profitable!

Just ask the agents, advisors and planners we work with!


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Yours In Success,
Jeremy and Lew Nason
'The 9 Out Of 10 Guys'

P.S. Listen: Over the years, you're going to spend thousands of dollars in time, money and effort promoting your business. Why not learn how to do it the most cost effective, money-making way? Why not learn the marketing, prospecting, appointment setting and sales strategies that most of the leading agents, advisors and planners on the planet use? It just makes good sense.

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“The common denominator of success --- the secret of success of every man who has ever been successful --- lies in the fact that he formed the habit of doing things that failures don't like to do.”
Albert Gray

Revealed... The 'Insider Secrets' To Getting A 70-90% Appointment Rate At Your Seminars and Workshops!

Making Money With Seminars

" (appointment) results exploded to 90% for the next
 and 75% for the 3rd seminar!"

"Over the last two weeks I have been holding seminars. Appointment results from the first in my series were lower than normal in the past at just 25% (I normally will get 40% to 60%). After speaking with you and implementing some of your tips, my results exploded to 90% for the next and 75% for the 3rd seminar! I am amazed that using the same presentation and only asking a few simple questions could transform my appointment request ratio so much. I can’t wait to get out and try these strategies on the appointments. Thanks for your help!" David Hodgkins - NH

"I had a 90% response on people who have agreed
to the one hour complimentary meeting."

"Lew, I just completed my first seminar using the strategic questions we discussed during our first coaching session. The results were remarkable. At the seminar I had a 90% response on people who have agreed to the one hour complimentary meeting. And, I just had my first appointment and uncovered in excess of $150,000 for an annuity sale. The system works and many thanks for your help."  Steve Rogers - OK

"In just one month I've made over half of what I made in previous years."

"Following the advice of your competitors, for my first seminar I spent $16,000 and made $22,000. The second seminar I spent $6,000 and made $1300. Then a few weeks ago I found you. For my third seminar I spent $2800, and so far I've made $55,000. I'll give you credit for 90% of the success I've had with this seminar. I just followed the advice in your system, for my seminar, the initial interview and the closing appointment and I'm making serious money. In just one month I've made over half of what I made in previous years. I'm certainly glad I found you. Thanks,"
Peter Orange - WA (former Commodities Broker / 4 months in annuity sales)

Don't back away from growing your practice
By Sandy Schussel

Most people don't really understand what courage is. When I ask them to define it in my workshops on overcoming fear, the answer I often get is "the absence of fear." But this answer isn't accurate.

While there are a few seemingly fearless fighters, most military personnel will admit, when you ask them, that they were afraid much of the time they were in the field. Courage is not the absence of fear; it's action in the face of fear. These brave people risk - and sometimes sacrifice - their lives, but not without fear. They do what has to be done, despite the fear.

Wherever I go, I find professionals and entrepreneurs struggling to grow their businesses or advance their careers. These are people with all of the technical skills they need to be successful, but they're still, somehow, not getting what they want.

Sandy has written three must read books for financial professionals.

Either 1) they don't know how to get it, or 2) they know what they need to do, but they are allowing their fears to hold them back. Other times, more simply 3) they haven't yet decided to make the change.

If you feel like your practice ought to be growing, but you're just stuck, start by recognizing that one, both, or all three of these factors might be at play. If fear is one of them, understand that it's OK to be afraid when it comes to stepping into sales and marketing and other "dangerous" battlefields.

Admit that you are afraid, but don't respond by backing away.

Ultimately, the fear itself can't hold us back from having what we want and need in our businesses or lives - how we view fear and our learned response to fear are the real threats. We feel the fear factor— the butterflies in our stomachs, the rapid pounding in our chests - and the little voice in our heads warns us: "It's not OK, back away." And we obey.

When we were children, this response probably saved our lives many times. We'd feel those feelings when we came too close to a hot stove or stepped into the street. But as adults, if we so much as think of picking up the phone to make that prospecting call, or attending a networking event, or making a presentation, our "back away" response keeps us from doing what we need to do.


Sandy is a frequent speaker at our live events.

The good news is that if we learned this response at some point, we can also unlearn it and replace it with something better. If you can get past the fear on your own, do it. If you can't, decide to hire someone who can help you to take a step in the right direction and back onto the playing field.

If you need help simplifying what To Do and Not to Do, contact me. In the meantime, do what you can to keep REACHING…


“Acting on a good idea is better than just having a good idea.”
Robert Half

Revealed... What You Must Know Today To Collect 
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"$16,800 in (annuity) commissions in 2 weeks!"

"Lew’s coaching and system (Annuity Sales Excellence) has helped my practice
immensely! Learning from Lew on how to ask questions the right way, helped
me close $16,800 in (annuity) commissions in 2 weeks! Thanks Lew!"

Ron Fara

"I did 1.1 million in Index Annuity business in June..."

"I have been applying some of the techniques you shared with me and have been
doing really well. I did 1.1 million in Index Annuity business in June and have
been promoted to branch leader with my company."

Gregg Hall - FL

Put The Emphasis On Keeping Things Simple
By Mehdi Fakharzadeh

My philosophy when meeting with a client has always been twofold. First, it is important to respect his or her time--accomplish this by being direct, to the point and prepared.

Second is to impact them in the brief amount of time you share. This can be done through an anecdote, personal story, or a statement directed at the heart of the issue you have come to discuss.

For example, in presenting an estate planning concept I will open by saying, "I am sure you have worked very hard to accumulate the present estate you possess. God forbid if anything should happen to you, you don't want it to go to the government?"

Most professionals building their business spend a great deal of time away from their loved ones, and find it difficult to find the time to plan their estate accordingly. I suggest to them to find time on a Saturday, or a Sunday for 1 or 2 hours, somewhere they can be alone and unstressed for a short period of time.

I tell them to write down all the assets that they own: real estate, investments, collectibles, the business, etc. Then compile a list of their debts. Subtract the debts from the assets and tell me the result--and I will tell them what they should do.

By doing this I have helped by offering a solution with an issue that plagues many of us--procrastination. I am building a relationship by presenting a casual but direct approach to gathering the data necessary to move forward. I am working one-on-one with the prospect and avoiding premature intervention by his lawyer and/or accountant.

Its not that I am averse to working with his team, I simply desire to have my time with the client to present need and offer a solution. My approach is non-confrontational, direct and to the point. I have established with the prospect what is at stake--the potential loss of a large part of his estate. And, I have offered a solution to how he can put the information together.

Place an emphasis on how to get clients to better understand the story of their life in building their estate and the danger in spending minimal time in managing its distribution.

Open Doors

Some time ago I was invited to speak at a board of directors meeting. The topic of my conversation was the value of purchasing life insurance for children.

I explained how when my grandchildren were born I gave them each a $1 million policy. I paid approximately $34,000 for each of them. The policies were sold not for the immediate death benefit but rather for the beauty of the tax-deferred growth.

To summarize the concept, if I pay the premium for 10 years I will have contributed approximately $34,000. ($3,400 per year) Taking into consideration the fluctuations of dividends, when the children turn 65 there is over a million dollars available to them.

At the conclusion of this meeting a gentleman approached me to thank me for the information and to tell me he was interested in seeing me for his grandchildren. I asked for his card and read he was an attorney on Park Avenue in New York City. He invited me to his office.

Once there, prior to sitting with him I learned he had 2 floors in the building and another location. Approximately 150 attorneys worked for him with a support staff of nearly 800 people. Once we sat down I told him I wished to ask him a very strange question. He looked oddly at me and I asked him, "Do you have a will?"

He became defensive and said, "Of course I do." I then asked him when it was reviewed last, he said 2 months ago. I congratulated him and went on to explain I could offer him a plan that for just 3% of his estate would protect his assets. At the time of his death the entire premium he had paid would be refunded to his beneficiaries and I would still pay all the taxes.

I knew he did not believe me until he viewed my proposal. This resulted in a large sale. To make a long story short I can tell you this developed by presenting a simple idea of insurance on a grandchild. By meeting with the client, asking a few questions, and listening to him I was able to uncover a need and offer a solution.

Premium Quotation

Once the prospect understands and recognizes the need, the issue of premium quotation is next. How do you quote a premium without scaring the prospect into changing his or her mind?

My position has always been, don't quote. Simply tell the prospect the premium is 2% of whatever the face amount may be. I offer 3 reasons why I do not quote premium:

1.) Psychologically, 2% is a small amount. If the client were to borrow money at the bank, what would the rate be, 8% or 9%? If he looked at his credit card interest what might that be, 12% or 14%? If I say $19,400, however, the impact may be dramatic.

2.) What rate should I quote him? Preferred? Standard? I can safely tell him it will be 2% rather than run the risk of an inappropriate quote based on the wrong classification.

3.) I can eliminate the competition. If I quote $19,400 then my competitors know exactly what I am offering and it allows them the opportunity to bring in their own quotations.

We are selling the concept to people who can afford the premium. Remember, we have done our fact find, we know their assets and liabilities, and we understand their cash flow. We do not know their classification, and we do not know if competition will become an issue. Our primary objective is to get an approval and review everything at the time of delivery. The bulk of our work should be done prior to the application.

Public References

Even people who thought they have done a good job and feel they have taken care of everything often times leave their beneficiaries with an estate tax problem. When they die and the estates are settled, the beneficiaries learn their intentions were not fulfilled.

A vivid example of this is Jacqueline Kennedy. When she passed away all the media, newspapers, television magazines, and radio emphasized what a good job she had done planning her estate--and that was true. However, after her death when the IRS had calculated the amount of taxes due it proved her planning was not sufficient.

Her family was forced to sell her jewelry and other assets in order to raise the cash to pay the taxes. Of course in this case since she was so well known and so loved by the public there was no difficulty in selling the property at auction.

Now then, if it were ordinary people and they wanted to do the same they would get one-fourth, one-fifth, or one-sixth of the value. Any person forced to sell would never get the value the property was worth. Taxes would have to be paid with below market value proceeds. This compounds the death and loss of the loved one. Just think of how our product eliminates the threat of more loss through forced liquidation.

I can give you a few other examples. One concerns Jay Gould, the famous railroad builder in New York. Before his death he had debts of $261,699. But after his death his estate owed, due to taxes and other expenses a total of $52,549,682 with 77% shrinkage.

The famous J. P. Morgan had debts before his death of $581,367. However after his death the estate owed $11,893,691, with 69% shrinkage.

Conrad Hilton owed at death $4,412,278, after his death the total owed amounted to $105,782,217, with a 53% shrinkage.

I could mention many more cases, such as Nat King Cole, Gary Cooper, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Howard Hughes, Malcolm Forbes, etc, but I follow an Iranian proverb, which says, "An ounce is a sample of a ton."


“There is no reason on earth why you can not become a sales super-star who ranks equally among MDRT all-time sales leaders like Ben Feldman, Norman G. Levine, Lew Nason, Tom Wolff, John Savage, Guy Baker, Walton Rogers, and other top producers.”
Mehdi Fakharzadeh

Mehdi Fakharzadeh, is one of the most respected contributors to the financial services industry. He was born on April 21, 1922, in Tehran, Iran. After graduating from the College of Law in University of Tehran he immigrated to the United States and continued his academic life at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. In 1950 he received his Master’s degree in Economics and was offered a scholarship at University of Washington. He later continued his education at New York University where he received his Ph.D. in Business Administration.

In 1955 Mehdi started his professional career at Metropolitan Life as a debit agent. Within five years he was promoted by Metropolitan to Insurance Consultant and within nine years he was qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). Mehdi served as Educational Vice-President for the New York Association of Life Underwriters and served on the Board of Directors for the MDRT Top of the Table. In addition, he has been Chairman of MetLife’s President’s Conference.

Mehdi has received many awards. For the first time in its 140 year history, MetLife created a Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize Mehdi’s unique contributions to the company and to the financial services industry. Mehdi has also received the highest award in financial planning -- the Loren Dunton Award presented by the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC) to those “persons who have made significant contribution to the profession of personal financial planning”. He has also received the highest award of the State of Kentucky. Mehdi has written two books, 'Nothing Is Impossible' and 'Everything Is Possible'. Having spoken in over 50 countries, Mehdi is very well-known internationally.

What Makes Someone The Truly Best In Our Industry!

Here's what advisers had to say about Mehdi
after hearing him at the Trusted Adviser Success Training

“One will hear of great agents that were very successful in their time. They speak of the levels of production, number of clients served, MDRT qualifications... However, one piece of information is usually missing. How did they do it! One would speculate they knew wealthy people or they were brought into the business. Now, we are aware of what makes one of the truly best in our industry ‘the one’. Words alone cannot justify this man’s passion for our industry. I had no idea so much feeling and passion could be in one small, 88 year old man. I will never forget this day. The day that I found
renewed conviction to truly help and serve the families that I am honored to serve. Thank you Mehdi, you have affirmed my mission to help others.”
Kevin Murray

“Mr. Mehdi, Thank you for your inspiration!! You are the role model we need to follow, always putting others before yourself. I will remember and always be grateful for having the opportunity to meet you and shake your hand.” Steve Kibbe

“Mr. Mehdi has been an inspiration and motivator, not just in succeeding personally in the insurance business, but in a much more important manner. He has inspired and motivated me to be a better person by caring and helping others. Putting others first is not only the right thing to do, it is the best thing to do. Everyone wins.” Dennis Williams

“Being in Mr. Mehdi’s presence was an honor that I shall not forget for the rest of my life. The knowledge gained from his speeches is priceless, and has made my conviction even stronger as to what I do is the right way and it is second to none.” Daniel Tubian

“Please accept my most sincere appreciation to you both for having Mehdi Fakharzadeh at the Trusted Advisor Success Training. There are just not enough nice words to say about this “Humble Industry Giant.” He left me with a Renaissance feeling for our respected profession. Many Thanks.”
Harmon Pye, III

“Being in the presence of a true legend such as Mr. Mehdi is truly impactful... A paradigm shift!
I learned the importance of being an advocate.”
Ugen Peden

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