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Feature Article - It Is Easier To Sell Life Insurance To People Who Don't Want It!

Improve your attitude - Earl Nightingale - Directline 6 - 'You must determine the value of yourself'

Become Their Trusted Advisor - The Mistake Everyone Makes

Coaches Corner - Practice Ferociously, and Build Your Charisma Muscle!


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What Do The Top Life Producers Know That You Don't...

It Is Easier To Sell Life Insurance
To People Who Don't Want It!

Dear ~Contact.FirstName~,

I just finished a call with an agent that was referred to us by his IMO. (Who believes in our training and support.) I reviewed his situation with him. (Completed a fact-find) The agent told me he and his partner had been in the business 27 years. They are securities licensed, selling investments, Medicare supplements and few annuities. They are grossing about $200,000 a year, and after expenses are netting about $50,000 each. Most of their new business is currently coming from referrals.

The agent wanted to know what we had that would generate a constant flow of new annuity prospects for him and his partner. I started to explain to him what was in our Annuity Sales Excellence™ System and how it worked. He cut me off. He told me that he had bought other annuity systems before and they didn’t work for him, because he didn’t have the dedication or will power needed to read and follow a system. All he wanted was an Ad, or Ads, that they could run in the newspaper to constantly generate annuity prospects.

This is very typical what we hear all the time from agents, advisors and planners. What they want is to find a quick, easy way, that requires very little effort on their part, that is going to get prospects to contact them. Basically they want the people who are already interested and are considering an annuity. People that are ready and want to take action right now!

If all it took to generate annuity prospects were running a few Ads in the newspaper, wouldn’t everyone be running Ads in the newspaper and be making a million dollars.

Unfortunately, running Ads in the newspaper (even with a great ad) is only going to find the few people that have already decided they need to make some changes, and they want to do it now!

Albert Gray, in 'The Common Denominator of Success' put it this way...

"Any successful life insurance (Or Annuity) salesman will tell you that it is easier to sell life insurance (Or an Annuity) to people who don't want it, than it is to find people who do want it, but if you have not deliberately formed the habit of prospecting for needs, regardless of wants, then unconsciously you have formed the habit of limiting your prospecting to people who want life insurance (Or an Annuity) and therein lies the one and only real reason for lack of prospects."

Remember, with all the controversy, very few people actually want to buy life insurance or an annuity.

But, there a lot of people who need what those products can do for them and their family! Your job, if you want to make more than an average income, is to find and attract those people to you, and then help them to want to take action.

Remember, all of us, including our clients, have problems that we need to solve. But, until the problem gets large enough, important enough or painful enough, we put off solving it.

You can take the quick and easy way out, and just find the few people who have a need and are ready and want to take action now... and be satisfied with earning an average income.

Or, if you want to finally make the six-figure income you've been dreaming about, you can learn how to find and attract all of the people who have a need, and then learn how to help them to want to take action right now.

Yours in success,
Lew Nason
'The 9 Out Of 10 Guy'

P.S. Listen: Over the years, you're going to spend thousands of dollars in time, money and effort promoting your business. Why not learn how to do it the most cost effective, money-making way? Why not learn the marketing, prospecting, appointment setting and sales strategies that most of the leading agents, advisors and planners on the planet use? It just makes good sense.

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  • Seven Proven Marketing Secrets, By Mark Hendricks

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  • Stealth Marketing, By Michel E. Enlow

  • Common Sense & Accumulating Wealth, By Lew and Jeremy Nason

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Ben Feldman's 13 Sales Success Secrets
Ben Feldman was one of the most prolific insurance agents in the world. From 1942 to his death in 1993 he sold $1,800,000,000 of Life Insurance for New York Life. During his life he held the world record for the most products sold by a salesman in a career, a year ($100,000,000), and in a single day ($20,000,000). Near the end of his career, his annual commission totals were over $1,000,000 per year. Here are the ‘Sales Secrets’ for Mr. Feldman’s success:” 

Medicare Costs
2 Page brochure about the costs of Medicare for 2015

The Financial Advisor's Ultimate Stress Mastery Guide 
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We are the exclusive trainers for the International Financial Leadership Association

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Improve Your Attitude And Change Your World

Earl Nightingale - Directline 6

'You must determine the value of yourself'

 Earl Nightingale, Lead the Field

You Can Double and Triple Your Appointments and Sales, By Learning To Ask The Right Questions!

Important Message From Lew Nason

If you search hard enough and long enough you will always find a few people who need and want what you are offering... and are ready to buy right now! As the old saying goes; "Even a blind hog finds an acorn now and then!"

However, if you want to make your life much easier and your insurance sales career much more profitable? If you want to set appointments with almost everyone you talk to? And, you want to make a sale to 9 out of 10 people you meet with, then it is about your ability to help people to see and understand the problems they are facing, so they want to meet with you and take immediate action on your recommendations. And, that is about you improving your Questioning, Fact-finding and Presentation Skills.

Consider, aren't there literally thousands of qualified life insurance and annuity prospects right in your community who need what you are offering? But, if you don't know what to say, or what questions to ask to get them to want to meet with you, or how to get them emotionally involved, so they want to take immediate action on your recommendations, what good are they? Learn More

Albert Gray, in 'The Common Denominator of Success' put it this way... "Any successful life insurance salesman will tell you that it is easier to sell life insurance to people who don't want it, than it is to find people who do want it, but if you have not deliberately formed the habit of prospecting for needs, regardless of wants, then unconsciously you have formed the habit of limiting your prospecting to people who want life insurance and therein lies the one and only real reason for lack of prospects."


How to Close 9 Out Of 10 - Fact-Finding Training DVDS

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"Lew, I recently purchased your Advanced Fact-Finding Video... I have been on two interviews so far and used the methods you described. It was surprising how the folks opened-up. Not only were their defenses totally down, but they actually stated that they liked the low-pressure approach and questioning process to find out what their needs/concerns were before they were asked to buy anything. In both cases the customer actually told me what they were going to buy... By the way, I am going to recommend that you contact Allstate's Financial Specialist Manger, so you can help them with their sales efforts. They have spent a ton of money on similar programs, but in my humble opinion, what you offer is much better. Feel free to drop my name." Robert Dupuis, Allstate Agency Owner, TX

"Thank you for the dynamic, simple principles you shared with me and others at the Found Money Management™ Boot Camp two weeks ago. Yesterday I made my first calls to share the FMM principles with an existing client, a referral, and a friend at a property and casualty agency I refer business to here in town. And, I’m batting three for three because I used the questioning techniques you taught me." 
Mark Davis, ChFC, RFC - FL


Not sure we can help, or if our services are right for you... Don’t Wait... 
Call us Toll Free to schedule a No Obligation, Free 15 Minute Consultation with Lew or Jeremy.
Toll Free In US 877-297-4608 / Direct Line 770-443-2852 (M-F, 9AM-5PM, EST)

How To Become The Most 'Trusted Advisor'
In Your Local Community!

The Mistake Everyone Makes
By Dennis Postema

Yes, I said everyone makes this mistake, including myself!

When you started your practice and decided who to serve, I bet you thought you would like to serve everyone. If that wasn’t the case, I bet you tried to serve a very broad spectrum of clientele. We all do this at some point in our careers, because we don’t want to limit our business or turn away potential prospects.

However, the reality is we each need to find a specific target market. At some point, preferably sooner rather than later, we all must sit down and analyze our niche in order to be successful. Who is your perfect client? Give him or her a name if that helps him become more real. Talk about what his life looks like. How old is he? Is he married? How many kids does he have? What legacy does he want to leave? What insurance does he need? How much money does he have set aside for retirement? What are his overall goals?

This may sound like a funny exercise, but I promise it’s worth your effort. You may think, “I want to serve other people, as well,” but don’t let that cause hesitation. You will serve those other people, but having a defined niche target will make your marketing and sales efforts more fruitful. Then, as you experience success in your initial niche, your target market will gradually expand.

Through coaching others, I have learned this is one of the most successful exercises anyone can do -- not just those in our industry. If your niche is business clientele, maybe you should suggest they do this exercise as well. I’m sure they’d be happy to do business with someone who helped them improve their own business.

Now, don’t waste any more time trying to be everything to everyone. Take the time to identify your niche market. Trust me, one day you’ll be very glad you did.

Already defined your niche? That’s terrific, and I bet your business is more successful because of it! I’m curious though, what did you learn from the process that you wish you would’ve known from the beginning?


You'll Quickly Double and Triple Your Income, When You Become The 'Trusted Advisor' People Want To See!

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However, this isn’t about us making a fortune. This is about us giving back to this great industry and trying to make a difference. We created the Insurance Pro Shop because there is a serious lack of any real, creditable insurance marketing, prospecting and sales training in this industry. So, we decided right from the beginning that we wanted to give as many people as possible the best opportunity to succeed and earn a significant six-figure income. Accordingly, we are offering our proven systems and training at a fraction of the cost of everyone else.

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“Per our conversation this morning I wanted to let you know how the (Found Money Management™ ) program is working for me so far. I got the CD package on or around May 1st. Today is May 24th and I have set a total of 5 appointments by loosely following the word track on the appointment setting CD. Of those 5 appointments, I have already had 3 of them, and we have started the underwriting process on all 3... $67,000 of annual life premiums.” (In less than a month)
Tim G.
- Albuquerque, NM (State Farm)

"I made it to MDRT this year"

Your kits really work and also your coaching series is the best in town. I recall a year ago I was struggling when I called and you worked me through the process and told me this is not a quick fix. I made it to MDRT this year and this is just my third year in the business. Once again thank you.
Franklin Allakpo 
- NY - New York Life (3 Years)

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Coaching Corner

Practice Ferociously, and Build Your Charisma Muscle!
By Sandy Schussel

There's an old joke about a young musician from the Midwest who, while roaming around mid-Manhattan, stops a local to ask, "How do I get to Carnegie Hall?"

Without hesitation, the New Yorker replies: "Practice, practice, practice!"

Early in the Beijing Olympics, the American men's beach volleyball team, seeded second in a bracket of 24 teams, was beaten by the Latvians in the first of three qualifying matches. The Latvians had been ranked 23 of 24, and the Americans had won their previous 21 international matches.

The Americans, particularly Phil Dalhausser, did make some uncharacteristic mistakes, but the Latvians outplayed them significantly. In a previous match in 1997, the Americans had trounced them.

What had changed?

While the Americans practiced hard, the Latvians practiced ferociously. To simulate the beating they might get from the Americans in this match, they had six of the best players from Latvia take the court against them, forcing them to field hundreds of returns that would have been impossible for any two-man team to deliver.

Most people have heard stories about Tiger Woods and his ferocious practicing. Michael Jordan was known to practice the basics for long hours before and after regular team practice.

The skills for success are not simply qualities you either have, or you don't. Even charisma can be developed--built--like a muscle at the gym.

Watching TV as Barak Obama delivered his SOTU speech, the word "charisma" came to mind. I'm not making a political statement here--many politicians have it: that ability to "light up" a room when they walk into it. Webster defines charisma as "a personal magnetism". It was originally a religious term, meaning "of the spirit" or "inspired"--the idea that a divine light was shining through someone.

So, charismatic people have the ability to let their light shine. But if this glow is something you can Here are a few ways the experts say you can boost your "Charisma Factor":

  1. Live for a mission. Having a "mission statement" may be a beginning, but if you're not living your mission every day, your charismatic light simply won't grow bright. When you have a consistent, authentic message that you live by, you will shine in a way that people can see.

  2. Project confidence--bold, but humble. An assured, assertive manner is something you can sense in a person when you first meet him or her, and it is attractive. Your clients will respond best to these qualities. Practice projecting a calm confidence. Charismatic people know how to balance talking about their accomplishments with being grateful for--and humbled by--the feedback they receive.

  3. Derive joy from those you work with. A sincere interest in and concern for other people is a charismatic quality. Dale Carnegie taught us to listen intently to others and to "be impressed, not impressive". Likewise, happy-seeming professionals tend to have more clients and happier clients. If you're unhappy with yourself or others, get some help to change your situation. It will improve your charisma.

  4. Embrace your style, and your work. Mark Twain quipped that "naked people have little or no influence on society". If your professional uniform is a blue, button-down, pin-striped suit, but that's not who you are, go ahead and wear that big Mickey Mouse watch proudly. Professionals with charisma are innovators and leaders. They are able to gently take charge of a room in which something in their field is being discussed, and they end up being recognized for their work. All of that starts with embracing your individualism.

Whether you want to be great at your profession, great at bringing in new clients, or great at being a partner or parent, you need to practice ferociously. Charisma comes more easily to some than to others, but anyone who develops the above skills can become more charismatic. Decide what you want to be great at, and start practicing what you need to do to get there.

As a coach, I do everything I can to ensure that my clients practice the right things, and keep practicing, so that they can develop their "Charisma Factor" and attain their goals. Whether yours is a desire to have more or less to do in your career, you must--ferociously--keep REACHING...


Sandy Schussel - Author, Speaker, Life and Business Coach

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