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The First Step To Helping Your Family, Friends,
Clients, and Prospects To See You As A Financial Adviser, Instead Of Just Another Salesperson!

Decide To Help The People You Already Know!

A quick question for you: Are you in the financial services business for the short-term or the long-term?

I hope you said ‘long-term!’

If that’s the case, then you must stop doing the things that 90% of the agents and advisers do, to have short-term success in this business. Short-term success is playing the numbers game, contacting strangers, trying to set enough appointments with whoever will meet with you. Then it is selling a product to make a quick sale, to generate some quick income.

Long-term success is about you providing a ‘valuable service to everyone you know. It is learning how to truly ‘make a positive difference’ in people's lives, so they will want to do business with you, now and in the future... and they will spread the word about you and the great services you provide.

Your long-term success is dependent upon you building strong relationships with everyone you know, so they see you as a trusted financial adviser, instead of just another salesperson who wants them to spend more money, that they don't have. Making a positive difference in people's lives is how you consistently generate a steady stream of new, repeat and referral business.

Unfortunately, most agents, advisers and planners act as if they are in this business for the short-term. They’ll say and do whatever it takes to set an appointment and make a sale right now, with anyone who will talk with them. Their focus is on making a sale during the first appointment. (One-call-close.) Accordingly, they’ll use the 101 closing techniques they’ve learned to ‘push’ the prospect into making a quick decision to buy, based on the price of the product and/or high investment returns.

Will You Make The Transition From Being A Typical Insurance Agent... To Becoming One Of The Most Recognized and Trusted Financial Advisers In This Industry, Like These Advisers?

Nick & Jerry Royer, Phil Calandra, Dennis Postema, Mark Kanakaris & Antonio Filippone... Each of these very successful advisers use IPS Systems & are graduates of the TAST Boot Camp.

Selling based on the price of the product and/or high investment returns, would seem to be much easier and quicker sale. The focus is just on making a quick commission. Unfortunately, no thought is given to the long-term consequences of the sale for the customer... or the salesperson. And, no real, lasting relationship is built with the prospect. Then these agents, advisers and planners wonder why they have high ‘not taken rates’ and high ‘lapse rates.’

And, they wonder why they aren’t getting any good referrals, or repeat sales! They struggle on, year after year, trying to make a consistent, decent living. Eventually, they get frustrated with prospecting, the lack of appointments and the lack of sales. They lose their enthusiasm and positive attitude. And, generally within 5 years they are out of the business - either physically or mentally!

There is no question that building your business for the long-term is initially more work. It requires more thought, reading, training and practice. It requires you to learn much more about how you can help people to spend, save, invest, insure and plan wisely for the future, to achieve financial independence!

It requires you to learn how to deliver your special message, to everyone you know. It requires you to spend more time with prospects to help them understand their situation, so they want to set better financial priorities and take action on your recommendations.

However, the rewards for all of the initial hard work are outstanding. It’s why the top producers have a much easier time attracting the right prospects, setting appointments, closing more and larger sales... and are making high six and even seven figure incomes, working 40 hours or less per week. Plus, they are having more fun, and are able to spend a lot more time with their family and friends.

Important Note: Are you are thinking that you don't know enough people to make this work? Let's say you only know 3 people, and those people only know three people. You now have 9 people who can refer you to 3 people each, for a total of 27 referrals. Those 27 referrals can refer you to 3 people each. Now, you have 81 referrals. I think you can see that you don't have to know that many people, to make this work. The key is to be really helping people, so you become the respected, trusted adviser that people will recommend to everyone they know. 

The top producers in the financial services industry understand that there is a price to pay for long-term success, to make a consistent, significant income.

The rewards are outstanding for those few people who are willing to do, what the unsuccessful people are unwilling to do!

And, there is a great deal of satisfaction in learning how to truly…

'Make A Positive Difference In People's Lives!'

Jeremy & Lew Nason
The 9 Out Of 10 Guys...

P.S. Each of our life insurance and annuity marketing and sales systems, and all of our training is designed to help you to achieve long-term success in this business. However, we also have the information, training and tools needed to provide you with the short-term success necessary to generate an immediate income. You’ll learn the right ways to succeed short-term, without being a pushy salesperson and without sacrificing your potential for long-term success!


“Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is
knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it.”

David Star Jordan

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Never stop learning. Never stop changing and growing in your life. Learning helps you adapt to change more easily. Unless you do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.

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A Worthy Destination
(12:29 Minutes)

The stories of people achieving unusual success despite all manner of handicaps never fail to capture our attention. They’re inspirational, to be sure. But, if we study them closely, we find they’re much more than that.

The boy whose legs were terribly burned and who was told he’d be lucky to walk again, becomes a champion track star. The woman who was blind and deaf from early childhood, becomes one of the most inspirational figures of the century. And the poor children who rise to fame and fortune have nearly become commonplace.

Earl Nightingale, Lead the Field

In this age of unprecedented immigration, we read and see on television examples of people who arrived in this country without any money and without knowing a word of English and who, within a surprisingly short time, have become wonderfully successful. In fact, the typical Korean family that has immigrated to the United States during the past 20 years has a higher average income than the average American family that was born and went to school here. How does that happen?

Freedom, personal liberty, is the most precious thing on earth. It’s also one of the rarest – hence, its great value. People who manage to get to America, despite mountainous problems and miles of red tape, often find themselves free for the first time in their lives. It’s a joyous, wonderful experience for them. And in this newfound freedom, they set to work to find a place for themselves; they go to work serving their new country and its people. Time means nothing to them. But being free to pursue their own ends in the richest, freest country on the planet is everything. They all go to work, and they work hard. Their work is excellent, first-class, as good as they can do it, and it’s priced fairly. You don’t see them marching, demanding higher pay or shorter hours. All they want is the opportunity, and once it’s theirs, they make the most of it.

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"Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal."
Earl Nightingale


It’s A Shame For You To Struggle Finding Prospects
& Closing Sales
, When Our Members Do It So Easily!

"...the sale was for $24,000 commission, not a bad day!!!"

"I just made a large (for me) annuity sale that would have not been possible had I not used
your website (the Insurance Marketing & Sales Resource Center) and your coaching advice.
I have learned to listen much, much, more than talk. The sale is made by them not me. And most
importantly I did the right thing for the client because they will be earning much more income
and saving a bundle on taxes. So, you not only helped me, but the client. Oh, by the way, the sale
was for $24,000 commission, not a bad day!!!
This is only step one in the planning  process,
step two the life insurance review will generate another smaller, but nice sale.
Brian H. - PA

An ‘Award Wining IPS Writer’ Exclusive

Forrest Wallace Cato

You claim to be an honest financial professional. You insist that you are an ethical person. Sure you are! But most likely, despite the risk, you are routinely a thief who endlessly steals other people’s intellectual property! Financial Attorney G. Horace Webb says, “The most routine way this crime is committed is by the unlawful or unauthorized use of the written material(s) of others.” Unfortunately, most amateur writers do this. Thieves all know this is wrong, that is why they pretend that they don’t do this. (First they convince themselves into thinking that this high risk practice is acceptable and that they will not get caught.)

Knowing this theft is wrong is why they fail to give proper credit to the true source. That is why they attempt to take the unearned credit and recognition. Many of the “most-published” financial planners and insurance agents, who consider themselves’ to be “writers,” are largely guilty of this thievery. Mostly they place or use “their copy” in outlets that are not highly read or scrutinized.

Most successful and famous writers I am acquainted with, and most intellectual or sophisticated people that I know well, all have very little respect for typical insurance agents and financial planners who endless write and post articles on the Internet. Why? Read further.

These so-called “financial writers” blithely write on-and-on, deluding themselves by reworking stolen materials and then falsely pretending that this is their own original and exclusive work. In our industry, when it comes to writing, dishonest vapidity often prevails.

Noted author, speaker, and sales coach, Sandy Schussel, a former attorney, explains, “Unauthorized use of other people’s intellectual property exposes the plagiarizer to great financial and reputational risk. If you are accused of stealing someone else’s intellectual property, it may be very difficult to legally defend, because the evidence is right there in black and white. An aggrieved author or publisher can institute a lawsuit. If they win, there are substantial penalties. But even if they lose, the accused plagiarizer ends-up paying significant court cost and attorney’s fees – not to mention loss or damage to reputation. Stealing someone else’s work or language without permission and without making your source clear is never worth the risk.”

The largest, the oldest, the most respected, and the most legitimate of the estimated 176 financial planning associations (According to 2014 research by the Wall Street Journal.), is the well-known and highly admired Financial Planning Association®. The FPA has and enforces the highest standards and is the only such association recognized by all state and federal financial regulatory agencies. Only the FPA expels members convicted of this type of theft. And rightly so! High standards are always important and always pay-off. This fact is absolute, irrefutable, and irrevocable!

At What Point Does Research
Or Reading Become Theft?

The line between “research” and “stealing” is fine indeed, easily blurred, often subject to various interpretations, and frequently escapes precise definition. Thus this practice (stealing the writings of others) is quite common. This type of gross theft is super-easy to do and can go unchallenged for years, unless the writer is mentally too lazy to disguise the blatant plagiarism.

The line between having been influenced by another person’s speaking, writing, or work, is equally difficult to ascertain. As Charles “Tremendous” Jones, author of a volume titled People Are Tremendous (A title that sold over two-million copies.), often pointed-out: “We are all influenced by what we have read, studied, and the people we have encountered.” When ghost-writing for Charlie, I added the line, “But that does not give us the right to steal from them!”

Many legit writers are devoted to re-writing older former best-selling works or something rather similar. Some editors for book publishers even encourage this. I know full-time writers who concentrate on re-working former best-selling books that are then re-cycled. But at least they invest thought and effort into changing all of the copy. This begs the question: Is this legal and ethical or not? What do you think? I don’t know.


“Since childhood I have heard this saying from business people, ‘Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell, and plagiarize!’ Most of those adherents also live by the rule: ‘It is better to ask for forgiveness, than to ask for permission.’

For a financial professional with a working brain, who wants intelligent prospects and clients to think of him as truthful and honest, it is past-time to give proper credit where credit was earned and is due, and stop the endless cycle of trying to look brilliant by stealing from the intellectual works of others and presenting their material as your own.

In most cases people that read ‘your material’ most likely suspect that you stole those thoughts or lines anyway. Better you should distinguish yourself from the never-ending list of liars and thieves, by simply being honest. If this writing is your original thought then why is it already known and copyrighted by others?”

Alan W. Altmann, Esq.
Most-Booked Dubai Sales Trainer, According
To The Pacific-Rim Speakers Network

Do you steal other’s writings and possibly reword the writing a little, then self-publish this on the Internet or as a pamphlet or an e-book, and present this as your original thoughts? Do you call this a national best-seller? Some independent financial planners or insurance agents produce newsletters that are 100% composed of pilfered copy. Anything can be self-published, even with incorrect spelling, poor punctuation, and inaccurate or out-of-date information. Anything can be posted or distributed on the Internet. Attorney Robert L. Hodges of Plain Language Law fame, states, “The thief or vanity publisher has total control, and no one else, or any standards, are ever involved. But that all disappears once the lawsuit begins.”

Consider the Logic

But – and this is a big “but” – if your reader is also your prospect and you are targeting prospects with money, and if your reader has money, then your reader is also likely to have some intellect. With minimum intellect your reader will eventually figures-out that you are an intellectual thief and dishonest, -- actually the case can easily be made that such a person is a criminal and a con-man. Then the person with money will avoid the intellectual thief. If the person is a client he will terminate your services and end the relationship. A few folks with money may fall for these unethical efforts but most will not. People with money did not acquire their money by being stupid.

The highly published financial writer and attorney, William Henry Hathaway, explains the obvious: “Stealing of intellectual property is never acceptable! Courts treat this type of theft the same as stealing physical property or any other monetary valued entity. This is not condonable for professionals claiming to be prudent and ethical. Nor does this habit become acceptable simply because a majority practice this. You are not likely to help and protect your clients or prospects if you are a dishonest person.”

In Washington and among federal and state politicians, mass corruption, self-benefitting by insiders, and serving foremost the special interest that bribes the so-called “representatives,” does not make such a “standard” tolerable. This “standard” in government can never be respected and is only sustained by a gun held by the IRS and other endless government agencies that threaten or control you.

You will advance in your life and career by your actual performance, not by misrepresentations. All you have to do to avoid being an intellectual thief is to simply use whatever honest intellect you have, give proper credit to sources, quote others by name, be specific, and, in short, make full disclosure. Do not be dishonest by failure to disclose. You know that not doing this is lying by omission. Do the “obviously right thing,” and you will receive earned respect and more clients with money. Now check your bio-sketch for misleading exaggerations.


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"All of the top achievers I know are life-long learners. Looking for new skills, insights, and ideas. If they're not learning, they're not growing... not moving toward excellence."
Denis Waitley

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David Trusler
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