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Feature Article - It Is Easy To Get Life Insurance and Annuity Prospects To Come To You!

Improve your attitude - Earl Nightingale - Directline 8 - Why Are We Settling For What We Have?

Become Their Trusted Advisor - Are You Missing Two Crucial Sales Success Strategies?

Coaches Corner - Give It More Steam...



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What Do The Top Life Producers Know That You Don't...

It Is Easy To Get Life Insurance & Annuity Prospects To Come To You!

Dear ~Contact.FirstName~,

A huge mistake most insurance agents, advisors and planners make is trying to sell themselves and/or their products directly, in every contact they make.

When meeting people for the first time, they will blab on until the cows come home about what they do, their great products and/or their hot new sales idea!

And, when sending out information, they will send packages that make shipping crates look like a joke!

Is it any wonder people run the other way when you tell them you are an insurance agent, financial advisor or planner!

There is a better way. If you offer a specific product or service that caters to a specific target market, then you can find ways to make your prospects come to you, with a minimal effort (or expense ) on your part. This is called ‘Lead Generation Marketing.’ The best way to do this is to offer a freebie. Being in the information age, the “Free Educational Workshop” or "Free Report" are our favorites. The workshop or report should NOT be product or service-specific. And it doesn't have to be industry-specific or benefit-specific. As long as it targets an audience that logically fits within your demographics, you're ahead of the game.

Let's say you're a financial advisor. Your product involves services centered around mutual funds, stocks, and retirement savings plans. Rather than place an ad that directly markets your services, you could advertise using a small classified ad promoting a free course, seminar, or report on helping people to 'Live Debt Free And Truly Wealthy. Learn how you can eliminate debt with no additional out of pocket expense, and without sacrificing your current life style!'

The idea is to have people come to you rather than you to them. Remember, the incentive you offer doesn't have to relate directly to what you do. As long as it logically appeals to the same target market, you're on your way.


Now let's turn your answering machine into a 24-hour salesperson for you.

How about offering a free report to everyone who calls and gets your answering machine.

Example: You've reached John Smith, ‘The Financial Freedom Planner’. I’m currently showing homeowners how to pay off their mortgage 5 to 10 years early and save thousands of dollars in interest payments. If you wish to leave a message, or you would like to receive my free report ‘Living Debt Free and Truly Wealthy’, please leave your name, address, and telephone number, after the tone. Thank you for your interest in ‘The Financial Freedom Planner!")

Here is a link to some of the information booklets you can be offering the people in your local community. These booklets will people to get to know you and the services you offer. And get them  to call you.

In essence, look at lead generation marketing or advertising as a form of job search.

People often send bulky résumés to potential employers in an attempt to sell themselves as much as possible, when very often their attempts get filed away - into file #13 that is!

Successful career consultants stress the importance of summarizing a résumé as much as possible, include one's past accomplishments and bottom-line results (not one's duties and responsibilities from previous jobs), and putting it all on one single page. Why? Because, simply put, the résumé is not meant to land a job, but to land an interview.

Lead generation should be regarded in the same way. It must be small, contain a concise message, stress an immediate benefit, (solve a problem) and cause the prospect to want to know more. And this can be applied in all markets and all types of products or services.

What can you offer your prospects to arouse their curiosity and interest?

What can you give away for free to entice them to get more?

If you're giving something away, something that's somehow tied to what you do, you'll realize that what you're really doing is not giving away free stuff, but generating better prospects. And, the cost of giving away free stuff can be far less than the cost of mass marketing!

Lew and Jeremy Nason
Marketing and Sales Coaches
'The 9 Out Of 10 Guys'

P.S. Marketing doesn't have to be hard, time consuming or expensive, if you have a system. It's your choice. You can go it alone using the trial and error approach. Or, you can get a proven system, with coaching, that has it all laid out for you! What sets our marketing and sales systems apart, from those of our competition, is they have a strong foundation in cost effective marketing.


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  • Seven Proven Marketing Secrets, By Mark Hendricks

  • Managing Your Most Valuable Asset, By the Brooks Group

  • Stealth Marketing, By Michel E. Enlow

  • Common Sense & Accumulating Wealth, By Lew and Jeremy Nason

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Why Customers Hate Sales People
Why does the term salesman have such a negative connotation with some folks? I came across the top 7 reasons why customers hate salespeople by Kelley Robertson.

Consultative Selling E-book
Selling the way your customer wants to buy… Not the way you like to sell!

Outliving Your Retirement
Proper planning for retirement is paramount. Outliving your retirement savings is a nightmare, but with solid financial planning you should be able to minimize the chances of it happening to you.



Our members only site is really an online Mini-University of Courses and Video Training, with Core and Advanced insurance sales curriculum, designed to help you to constantly deliver a special message of how you are actually dedicated to helping people, so you can dramatically set yourself apart from your competition! This site contains everything you need to start turning you financial services career around in only a few days; telephone scripts, prospecting letters, sales letters, appointment scripts, fact-finding scripts, sales presentations, templates, referral scripts and much more...

Judge Us By The Company We Keep

One of the most influential people in our lives was
Charlie 'Tremendous' Jones. We Love You and Miss You!

Rosemary and Lew Nason with Charles “Tremendous” Jones, International Speaker and Gloria Jones   

Charles “Tremendous” Jones and Gloria Jones
Charlie was an International Speaker & former "top five world-wide insurance sales producer."

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Improve Your Attitude And Change Your World

Earl Nightingale - Directline 8

Why Are We Settling For What We Have?

 Earl Nightingale Directline

You Can Double and Triple Your Appointments and Sales, By Learning To Ask The Right Questions!

Important Message From Lew Nason

If you search hard enough and long enough you will always find a few people who need and want what you are offering... and are ready to buy right now! As the old saying goes; "Even a blind hog finds an acorn now and then!"

However, if you want to make your life much easier and your insurance sales career much more profitable? If you want to set appointments with almost everyone you talk to? And, you want to make a sale to 9 out of 10 people you meet with, then it is about your ability to help people to see and understand the problems they are facing, so they want to meet with you and take immediate action on your recommendations. And, that is about you improving your Questioning, Fact-finding and Presentation Skills.

Consider, aren't there literally thousands of qualified life insurance and annuity prospects right in your community who need what you are offering? But, if you don't know what to say, or what questions to ask to get them to want to meet with you, or how to get them emotionally involved, so they want to take immediate action on your recommendations, what good are they? Learn More

Albert Gray, in 'The Common Denominator of Success' put it this way... "Any successful life insurance salesman will tell you that it is easier to sell life insurance to people who don't want it, than it is to find people who do want it, but if you have not deliberately formed the habit of prospecting for needs, regardless of wants, then unconsciously you have formed the habit of limiting your prospecting to people who want life insurance and therein lies the one and only real reason for lack of prospects."


How to Close 9 Out Of 10 - Fact-Finding Training DVDS

We are doing everything we can to help you...
We Even Offer Affordable Payment Plans To Help You To Get Going Today!
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"Jeremy, I just wanted to let you know how much of a difference Insurance Pro Shop has made  in my career.  I used to be final expense agent working 10 to 12 hours a day.  I didn't think there was anything else out there. When I heard about what your program was about and what you were teaching I decided to take a chance.  I was skeptical at first, but after a few weeks of mulling it over I decided to take the plunge.  It was one of the wisest decision I have ever made.  Now with the support of Insurance Pro Shop I am only working a few days a week and earning the same income.  The extra time that you have afforded me has given me the time to really study my craft and truly make a difference in my community, thank you so much." Sam Chand - NJ - May 2015

"Your kits really work and also your coaching series is the best in town. I recall a year ago I was struggling when I called and you worked me through the process and told me this is not a quick fix. I made it to MDRT this year and this is just my third year in the business. Once again thank you."
Franklin Allakpo - NY - New York Life - March 2015


Not sure we can help, or if our services are right for you... Don’t Wait... 
Call us Toll Free to schedule a No Obligation, Free 15 Minute Consultation with Lew or Jeremy.
Toll Free In US 877-297-4608 / Direct Line 770-443-2852 (M-F, 9AM-5PM, EST)

How To Become The Most 'Trusted Advisor'
In Your Local Community!

Are You Missing Two Crucial Sales Success Strategies?

It seems that every day we get calls from new and experienced agents and advisors who tell us how they have found a great new revolutionary product, or how they have learned about a fantastic new sales idea. All they need now is to get in front of the right prospects, so they can tell them about it, and it will practically sell itself.

We hear these same stories over and over again from people who have just attended the latest product training class from their company, IMO, FMO or B/D, or from the people who have spent thousands of dollars of their hard earned money to attend a seminar to learn the hottest new sales concept.

So, if these agents, and advisors have the best products and the latest sales ideas, why are they calling us and looking for help?

They are calling us because they are missing two crucial sales success strategies and, as a result, they are struggling to set appointments and close sales. No matter whose revolutionary new products you are selling, or whose new fantastic sales concepts you are using, if you want to succeed today, you must master:

  1. How to get in front of the right prospects.

  2. How to get those prospects to take action.

It may come as a complete shock to you, as it does to most financial salespeople, but the fact is that most people tend to distrust salespeople, especially insurance salespeople. They don't care about your products, or your great sales ideas. They don't care about you. They don't want to know about your company. They don't want to listen to you talk about your products or services. People want a solution to their problems. They only want to know how you can help them improve their financial situation. Only when you accept this fact, and adjust your message accordingly, will you be able to capture the attention of the people.

How can you get in front of the right prospects?

If you really want to get in front of the right prospects, then you need to become much better at marketing your services. And, one way to make it much easier, is to start marketing in your local community, to the people you already know or have heard of you.

Why? Because people are much more receptive, if they already know you. If people know you, and you are likable, then it is easier to gain their trust. Which will make it easier to set an appointment. Plus, you won’t waste a lot of your time and money driving all over creation.

Consider, don't the people that live in your community, have the same financial problems as everyone else. So, if you want to set an appointment, then you'll want to find an immediate problem you can solve for those people. And, then you'll want to consistently deliver a special message to those people, that shows them you understand their problems -- and that you can help them. If the people don't see and understand the problems they are facing right now and how they'll benefit from meeting with you, is there any reason for them to contact you, let alone set an appointment with you or buy from you?

What sociologists, psychologists, cognitive scientists, biologists and anthropologists tell us is that self-interest is hard-wired into the brain. That doesn't mean people aren't capable of thinking of others but, let's face it, when your prospects make a list of the people they care most about, you're probably not in the top 10.

Being in front of the right prospects is easy if you first identify a specific immediate problem where your new revolutionary product or fantastic new sales idea may be the solution. Now it's about consistently delivering your special message to that group of people. You want to be known in your community as the trusted advisor they must see if they want to solve their financial problems.

Setting an appointment can be as simple as asking people some questions. It's learning to ask questions, to help your prospects to see and understand the problems they are facing now and in the future. If your prospect doesn't believe they have a problem, then is there any reason for them to set an appointment with you, let alone buy from you?

Setting an appointment is the first sale you have to make to your prospects. Essentially, you need to sell your prospects on why they should meet with you. However, if you tell them they have a problem, will they believe you? After all, aren't you just a salesperson in their eyes? As far as they're concerned, aren't you just trying to get them to spend more money that they don't have?

The more people hear about you and the work you are doing to help others, the easier it's going to be to get them to respond to your sales letters and invitations... and set an appointment.

How can you get your prospects to take action?

The reality of your situation is you can have all the best products, the best sales ideas and the best prospects, but if you can't get those prospects to take action, you can't succeed. Closing sales (getting people to take action) is about getting people emotionally involved in solving their immediate problems, so they want to take action right now.

Unfortunately, it's very difficult for you to convince most people that they need your products or services. If you want to close a high percentage of the people you meet with, then you have to help them to convince themselves that what you want to talk about is important to them and their family, business, etc. You do that by asking questions to get them to tell themselves they have a problem.

The more you get them to talk about their problems, the more emotionally involved they'll become, and the more they'll want to take action. People buy based on emotions and then justify their decision based on logic.

Truly effective salesmanship is all about asking the prospect the right questions and demonstrating that you understand and can help them solve a particular problem or issue. That means you need to direct all of your attention on their situation and resist the opportunity to talk about your company or your offering.

Many of the agents, advisors and planners who have studied the marketing and sales information we provide, have mastered these two crucial success strategies. They are the ones who, within a year, have more prospects than they can handle, are getting most of their new business from referrals, are working less than 40 hours per week, and are earning significant six-figure annual incomes, even in this struggling economy.

If you want to master these two crucial sales strategies. to set more appointments and close more sales, then we highly recommend you spend a lot of time in the Setting Appointments, Fact-Finding /Questioning and IPS Videos sections of the Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center.

Or, to get the specific tools, tips and training you will want to invest in one of our proven turnkey systems.

Yours in success,
Jeremy and Lew Nason
'The 9 Out Of 10 Guys'

P.S. Listen: Over the years, you're going to spend thousands of dollars in time, money and effort promoting your business. Why not learn how to do it the most cost effective, money-making way? Why not learn the marketing, prospecting, appointment setting and sales strategies that most of the leading agents, advisors and planners on the planet use? It just makes good sense.

You'll Quickly Double and Triple Your Income, When You Become The 'Trusted Advisor' People Want To See!

We Have Kept Our Services Affordable For Everyone

Please consider, we could charge you $3,000 or more upfront, with annual renewal fees for our proven sales systems and training, just like everyone else does. And, we could cater to those few agents, advisors and planners that can afford our services. Or, we could recruit a few agents, advisors and planners and require them to contract with us to receive our systems and training, so we could make an over-ride on their business.   

However, this isn’t about us making money. This is about us giving back to this great industry and trying to make a difference. We created the Insurance Pro Shop because there is a serious lack of any real, creditable insurance marketing, prospecting and sales training in this industry. So, we decided right from the beginning that we wanted to give as many people as possible the best opportunity to succeed and earn a significant six-figure income. Accordingly, we are offering our proven systems and training at a fraction of the cost of everyone else.

We are doing everything we can to help you...
We Even Offer Payment Plans To Help You To Get Going Today!
Click on the product below for the complete details.

You'll get all the tools & training you need in these 'Turnkey' programs!

Plus, 3 Months of Personal One-on-One Coaching (not group coaching)

Mortgage Insurance Sales Tool Kit     Found Money Management - Life Insurance Sales Tool Kit

Annuity Sales Tool Kit

This may be long… but it’s sincere. Lew and Jeremy, and the entire IPS team, truly are the world-class mentoring team you are looking for! It seems like everyone else out there who is promising success in this industry, well, they’re trying to create a relationship of dependency with you… as though you won’t be successful if you are not dependent on them for the rest of your career. This is a freedom principle that is sorely lacking in the financial services "software and training industry"… until you form a relationship with the Insurance Pro Shop.

If you are looking for true training to help you to BECOME the top producer you can be, rather than just an “expensive selling system user and buyer”… you have found it with the Insurance Pro Shop. The IPS systems (actually, I’d rather call them a “method selling training program”) are based on timeless communication principles and skills… the skills that are missing from most new agent training and certification programs. And once you own one or more of their “method selling training programs”… you OWN it. It’s yours… to use with any company or agency that you choose. You are not dependent upon others for your success any longer.

For me, I 100% absolutely trust their judgment and advice. When I get “stuck” on something, I call them. And based on my trust in them, what they say… goes. End of story.

My experience with them, while unique in the industry, is not unique to me. I have recommended other struggling agents to also check out the Insurance Pro Shop… and they have also felt the sincerity and authenticity of the entire team at IPS. Everyone in this business needs mentors and coaches they can turn to, to help them get out of their own way. For me, my mentoring and coaching is from the Insurance Pro Shop. They’ll be there for you, just like they are for me."
David H. Kinder, ChFC® - CA - December 2014  (10 years)


Coaching Corner

Give It More Steam...

If you're just starting out in a professional or sales career, you're probably struggling to get things going.

If so, take heart. If you're doing the right things, it will get much easier as you continue. You just need to get some momentum going, and momentum is always easier to perpetuate than it is to initiate.

My friend Marv used to tell a story at his sales workshops about being taken, as a small boy, to see the steam locomotives as they pulled in and out of Grand Central Station in New York.

"Not those sissy diesel engines we have today," he would say, "These were powerful steam engines." Then he would imitate the sound of them and pound on a table to give his audience a sense of the power of these massive machines--particularly through the eyes of a five-year old.

Marv's story ended with a lesson:

"You could put a one-inch thick steel bar across the tracks where the train was starting, and as big and powerful as the locomotive was, it would not be able to move," he told his spellbound listeners. "But let that train get started and put the same steel bar on the tracks a mile out, and that locomotive would slice right through it as if it were made of butter."


Professional and sales careers work the same way. In the beginning, no matter how powerful you are, it's a struggle to get over that steel bar. Some of us don't make it--and end up in jobs where someone else does the prospecting for clients. Those who do make it learn to attract clients--first one or two, here and there--and then more and more, from all over, as the train begins moving along the tracks.

If you're still struggling to get over that steel bar, try remembering these four rules:

  1. Always see the opportunities in any situation. Setbacks are chances to learn. Failures teach you what doesn't work.

  2. Put 100% of yourself into what you're trying to accomplish. When you're working, be 100% at work. When you're playing, be 100% at play. When you're with a client, be with that client 100%.

  3. Finish the day before you start it. Visualize how you want each day to go and spend the day making what you visualized happen. What you chase after, you will become.

  4. Be a light in the lives of the people you serve. You'll get much more steam from a genuine desire to serve your clients than from a focus on your own needs.

As a coach, I help my clients to both initiate and perpetuate their momentum, so that their engines can go pounding down the rails. I know that once you get going, with a little push, you can be unstoppable. So even if you're starting with huffs and puffs, don't resign to just chugging along--get the steam you need to give, and keep REACHING...


Sandy Schussel - Author, Speaker, Life and Business Coach

Sandy Schussel - Books

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