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The Fifth Step To Helping Your Family, Friends,
Clients, and Prospects To See You As A Financial Advisor, Instead Of Just Another Salesperson!

Setting Appointments At Your Free Educational Workshop

One of the biggest problems most agents, advisors and planners have is setting appointments at their  free educational workshops. Agents are always complaining that they are only able to set appointments with 10 percent to 30 percent of the attendees at their events. They'll tell us that most of the prospects don't have their appointment schedule with them, so they can't set an appointment, or they just came for the meal, or they already have a financial advisor and just wanted to see if there was something new, or their attendees just don't have any money.

And, then they'll tell us that out of the few people who do set appointments, over half of them end up canceling, or they just don't show up for their appointments.

Recognize that the vast majority of the people who attend your workshops (including your family, friends and neighbors) are dissatisfied with their current financial situation and/or financial advisor. They came to your event because they are looking for real help from someone they feel they can trust. They are looking for a true financial adviser, not another salesperson who is after their money.

The reason most agents, advisors and planners are having trouble setting appointments at their events is they are not connecting with the attendees, to gain their trust. And, if there is no connection and trust, people will tell you to your face how great your presentation was, and then they'll make up any excuse not to meet with you.

Here's How To Set Appointments With 70-90% Of Your Attendees

Believe it or not, there are some very simple ways to immediately fix these problems. There are nine critical insider secrets to setting appointments right at your free educational workshop. By applying these simple techniques, you can easily set appointments with 70-90 percent of your attendees, and they'll keep their appointments with you.

  1. You must make every effort to make an emotional, personal connection with each of your attendees prior to, during, and after your seminar or workshop. People want to work with people they know and trust.

  2. You, or someone in your office, should be calling them to confirm their attendance and then call them two days prior to the event to remind them of the workshop.

  3. You'll want to personally meet and greet everyone as they come in for your event and help them find a seat.

  4. During your presentation, you should make eye contact with everyone, one person at a time. You'll want to make each person feel as if you are having a personal conversation with him or her sometime during your presentation.

  5. Your presentation must help the attendees to see and understand the financial problems they are facing today and in the future. And how your information relates to their situation. It's NOT about your products, investment returns, credentials, knowledge or being a great speaker. If the prospect does not see and understand they have a problem and how you can help, then why would or should they take the time to meet with you?

  6. You must ask rhetorical questions during your presentation. Ask questions that will get the prospect to think about how what you are talking about relates to their situation. You are not looking for anyone to answer these questions, you just ask a question and then pause to let the question sink in.

  7. As Zig Ziglar said: "You must speak at a sixth grade level, then even the college professors will understand you." If you use technical jargon or use big words trying to impress people, you run the risk of making them feel inferior and/or confusing them. In either case, they won't set an appointment with you. Or, if they do set an appointment, they'll cancel or just not show up.

  8. You must never ask for an appointment. You must give them an opportunity to meet with you. If you ask or push for an appointment, you are just another salesperson. If you give them an opportunity to meet with you, you're an advisor. There is only a subtle difference between the two, but a big difference in the number of appointments you'll set. "Is it worth 40 minutes of your time to see if..."

  9. Then you'll want to visit with each of them after your presentation to thank them for coming. You will want to ask them if they liked the presentation and see if they have any questions.

Remember: Free educational workshops are one of the simplest, quickest, and most profitable ways for you to increase your sales. You can set appointments with almost every attendee if you apply the above nine critical insider secrets.

And, you don't have to be a great or polished speaker, or have a dynamic presentation.

One more insider secret: The only purpose of your workshop is to set an appointment. Do not try to educate, or impress the prospect.


"After speaking with you and implementing some of your tips, my results exploded to 90% for the next seminar and 75% for the 3rd seminar! I am amazed that using the same presentation and only asking a few simple questions could transform my appointment request ratio so much. I can’t wait to get out and try these strategies on the appointments. Thanks for your help!"

"Lew, I just completed my first seminar using the strategic questions we discussed during our first coaching session. The results were remarkable. At the seminar I had a 90% response on people who have agreed to the one hour complimentary meeting."

Jeremy & Lew Nason
The 9 Out Of 10 Guys

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“Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is
knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it.”

David Star Jordan

Mortgage Insurance Tool Kit - Life Insurance Marketing and Sales Training and System

"What a life changer."

"Lew, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for recommending the Mortgage
Protection Tool Kit
. It has definitely helped me increase my average case size from $600
annual premium to well over $2,000 annual premium per case
. Also, prior to purchasing
the tool kit, I was spending over $2,000 per month on leads. I am proud to say that I have
not purchased a single lead in over two months and my production is still climbing. What
a life changer. I cannot thank you enough. You are truly making a difference."
David Trusler
, MBA, IL, Trusler Financial Group (8 years in business)

It’s Easier to Win - Conformity & Non-Conformity
(11:56 Minutes)

This except from Lead The Field explains his views on conformity, and why it inhibits our success. I believe the more you listen to him and think about it, the more you will be inclined to agree with him.

Earl Nightingale contends, “The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it’s conformity.” It is one reason why so few people enjoy any lasting success. It is so easy to go along with the large group. We don't have to stand out, to be different.

Earl Nightingale, Lead the Field

Earl Nightingale contends, “The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it’s conformity.” It is one reason why so few people enjoy any lasting success. It is so easy to go along with the large group. We don't have to stand out, to be different.

Earl explains; It takes courage to break away from the crowd, to go your own way, to do the thing which may be unpopular. It takes courage to stand up for the person who is being unjustly criticized, rather than agreeing and going along with the crowd. It takes courage for the teenager to say no, when all the rest of the kids begin going down the wrong path.

The next time you are encouraged to fall into line, to be a sport, and everything in you says no - be courageous and go your own way. There is no compensation in conformity.

Here’s the most important point: If your environment is not filled with people who are either financially independent or committed to becoming financially independent, find a new environment! Why? States of mind are contagious. Your mind works this way. It is a law of success. If you want to make $100,000 a year, get with that crowd. That also holds true for 5 or 10 or 50 times that amount. If you don't want to struggle in your career, then avoid that crowd. Simple, is it not?

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"We can let circumstances rule us, or we can
take charge and rule our lives from within."

Earl Nightingale


Found Money Management™ - Life Insurance Marketing And Sales Training - System

"I’ve written over $270,000 of life premiums in the past two months"

"Thanks for everything. I’ve written over $270,000 of life premiums in the past two months
since attending the boot camp in December... ($190,000 in commissions) Freedom Equity
Group has asked me to do a teleconference to explain how I’ve accomplished this dramatic
increase in my business. I’ll be recommending your Found Money Management system
and your boot camp (Trusted Advisor Success Training) to everyone on the call."

Randy Delph
, RFC, LUTCF, FMM - IN, (35 years in the business)

"...$67,000 of annual life premiums." (In less than a month)

"Per our conversation this morning I wanted to let you know how the (Found Money Management) program is working for me so far. I got the CD package on or around May 1st. Today is May 24th and I have set a total of 5 appointments by loosely following the word track on the appointment setting CD. Of those 5 appointments, I have already had 3 of them, and we have started the underwriting process on all 3... $67,000 of annual life premiums." (In less than a month)
Tim G. - Albuquerque, NM, (State Farm)

Forrest Wallace Cato

Your average prospect sees over 3,000 advertising messages every day. Each ad is self serving. It's relatively simply to reach prospects with social media, and email, or with your mobile. However, as The Insurance Pro Shop® often points-out, just reaching them doesn't equate to engaging them! When using digital media, prospects allocate only a few seconds to your message.

And if you end your message with a brief bio-sketch loaded with phony BS (i.e., you are the author of five books which are actually booklets that you paid to have printed, or you are a member of a financial planning association that has no requirements for membership, or you were chosen Coach-of-the-Year by an unidentified source, etc., etc.) then anyone with half-a-brain will dismiss you along with your message. Obvious BS in your bio-info will kill you! Always has! Always will!

Did they really see your ad?

We saw this happen with television. When consumers decided they didn't want to deal with the endless annoying advertising clutter they began to tape their favorite programs and to fast-forward through the many-man-many commercials. So although the program theoretically brought viewers, in reality your message is not getting through.

David Bancroft Avrick, possibly America’s leading Direct Mail (DM) expert, according to the DM Marketing Association, explains, “Direct mail is successful at breaking through the clutter of digital messages. The same person who will fast forward through TV commercials, and give you a second of attention in the digital world, will stop and read your direct mail package if skillfully presented and if a proper list is used. Over 80% of direct mail messages are read or skimmed, according the Printing Industry Alliance. About a quarter of direct mail is kept in the resident's home for 30-days or more. But you can’t be a ‘cheap-guy’ and try to make these impressions with no-cost e-mail. This is what most failures do.”

There Are A Few True Icons! Very Few That Are Real!
These are just a few of the 'Names' Forrest Wallace Cato has worked with... Mehdi Fakharzadeh, Lew Nason, Zig Ziglar, Jack Gargon, Loren Dunton, Charles “Tremendous” Jones, and Napoleon Hill.

A SourceLink study showed that direct mail was rated the #1 marketing channel last year. 88% of respondents reported they used, or plan to use, direct mail in their marketing mix. Direct mail was followed by web/micro-site, e-mail and social media. Direct mail has the highest new customer acquisition rate according to a 2014 Target Marketing study; with 34% of new customers having responded to a direct mail message they received within the past six months.

Activists like to claim direct mail is not green. But that's not true. 70% of direct mail pieces come from recycled materials, and 60% of the energy used in the production of paper comes from recycled material. Compare that to most industries, which only use about 10% recycled energy to produce their products.

When a compelling offer is combined with a professionally done DM piece or package, agents and planners like you will not only reach the targeted prospect -- they will read your message, and many will respond. And you'll enjoy the best ROI any media can yet offer.

Quick Note: If you want your messages to have an impact, such your Heart Felt Letter and your monthly Client Newsletter, then you will want to use direct mail.


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"All of the top achievers I know are life-long learners. Looking for new skills, insights, and ideas. If they're not learning, they're not growing... not moving toward excellence."
Denis Waitley

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