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Featured Article -
Why Aren't People Buying Life Insurance?

Improve Your Attitude - Napoleon Hill - 12 Things That Make Men Rich!

Become Their Trusted Advisor - 7 Steps to Improve Your Prospecting Game

Coaches Corner - Don’t PLEASE People; SERVE People

An Important Message From Jeremy

Dear ~Contact.FirstName~,

You can get everything you want in life as long as you give others enough of what they want. If you give nothing of value, you get nothing of value. The type of exchange you use determines your financial success. Nothing else you do has a greater impact on your income.

"The least common type of exchange could be called exchange in abundance. Here one does not give two for one, or free service but gives something more valuable than money was received for. This principle is almost unknown in business or the arts. Yet it is the key to howling success and expansion."
L. Ron Hubbard

Yours in success,
Jeremy Nason


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Featured Article

Why Aren't People Buying Life Insurance?

Ask practically anyone, and they’ll tell you life insurance is pretty darn important. So why in the world aren't people buying it? It might be because no one’s offering it to them!

A Deloitte survey September, 2015, found 33 percent of people said they didn’t have coverage because no one had offered to sell them a policy. This is despite the fact most workers (45 percent of non-buyers and 70 percent of buyers) included life insurance among their top five financial priorities.

“Life insurance is very much on the minds of many consumers,” says Rebecca Amoroso, vice chairman for Deloitte. “A significant percentage of respondents have simply not been offered coverage recently; many also noted that they never shop for coverage on their own initiative. Not soliciting their business exacerbates this gap between insurers’ interests and consumers’ needs.”

…And keep offering it. A significant number of the insured and uninsured intend to buy new or additional insurance in the next two years.

Also take note that... although many carriers have increasingly experimented with direct-to-consumer distribution mechanisms, consultative advice tends to remain a highly-desired element of the purchase process, with real impact on driving follow through to purchase.

In fact, 52% of respondents who buy life insurance saw their interactions with agents or advisors as helpful during the pre-purchase process compared with 34% of non-buyers. This indicates despite increasing emphasis on digital distribution channels, your advice can:

(1) significantly impact the decision to buy or not buy life insurance and

(2) provide clarity and foster confidence during the evaluation and decision process.

The opportunity for you to make a fortune selling insurance starts by YOU learning how to help people to understand the problems their family will face if they are not there! And you can't tell them what will happen. You have to ask questions, to get them to tell themselves!

Jeremy Nason
Trainer, Coach & Mentor
'The 9 Out Of 10 Guy'


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Improve Your Attitude And Change Your World

Napoleon Hill - 12 Things That Make Men Rich!

Napoleon Hill


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How To Become The Most 'Trusted Advisor'
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7 Steps to Improve Your Prospecting Game
By Paul M Mallett

I’ve found that agents who struggle with prospecting often fall into one of two categories: Those who try too hard and those who don’t really try very hard at all.

When I first started in this business, I was in the first category. My wife cringed when we attended social gatherings because she knew I would pester everyone about my business … And she was right! I tried so hard that I drove people away - but I learned from that. I learned to tone down my approach. I learned to get a lot better at asking the right questions to get my prospects talking about themselves and their unique concerns.

Agents in the second category hesitate to talk to anyone because they’re afraid they’ll drive people off... like I did. They don’t want to be that pushy salesperson everyone avoids like the plague. Consciously or subconsciously, they avoid talking business altogether and leave thousands of dollars of business on the table for someone else to gobble up … in many cases from their most qualified prospects.

Here are my seven tips for prospecting in social settings:

1. Be aware of your personal air time. Use the 80/20 rule. Make your goal to speak only 20 percent of the time, and let your prospect have the floor for the other 80 percent. If you’re like me, you’ll never actually stay below 20 percent, but you’ll do better at generating a dialog as opposed to a monologue.

2. Ask great open ended questions. Open ended questions often start with what, how and why. They also encourage your prospect to tell their story rather than answer with a simple yes or no. Have you ever tried talking with someone that just gives one word answers? It’s torture!

3. Be yourself. Keep things conversational. Relax and speak like you are talking with an old friend, even if that’s not the case. As soon as it begins feeling like an interview to them, it’s over.

4. Let them provide the wind. Treat your conversation a little like a sailboat. You guide the conversation with your “rudder” questions, and let your prospect provide the “wind” to keep the boat moving forward with their responses.

5. Know when to let it go. Almost everyone is a potential prospect, but not everyone is a good prospect. Know your qualification criteria, and when it becomes obvious the person doesn’t meet your criteria, gently transition to another topic. There’s nothing worse for your long term success than the stench of desperation.

6. Find a coach. There’s no better way to fast track your success than to learn from someone who has already been there. Whether you opt for a paid coach or an unpaid mentor, just be sure they know what they’re talking about. Choose someone that has had real success in your specific niche. (I learned from Dennis Postema, who learned from the very best... Lew Nason)

7. Practice. Role playing is a really good way to perfect your approach if you have someone to work with. Personally, I prefer to just dive in and practice under live fire. It doesn’t take long too figure out what works and what doesn’t when it’s real.

We’re all looking for prospects, but the irony is they’re all around us. All you have to do is keep your eyes open and take action. Your best move is your first move.


Paul Mallett - Postema Marketing Group

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Coaching Corner

Don’t PLEASE People; SERVE People
By Sandy Schussel

In his Harvard Business Review article, “The End of Solutions Sales,” Matt Dixon reported the results of a study of 20,000 salespeople around the world. The study grouped salespeople into five distinct profiles:

  1. Challengers: These are salespeople with a provocative point of view that they’re not afraid to share with a customer. They push the client beyond his or her comfort zone to make sure they are getting what they need.

  2. Relationship Builders: These salespeople are out to take care of whatever a client needs. Their goal is to make the client happy, and to avoid creating stress at almost any cost.

  3. Reactive Problem Solvers: These salespeople are more focused on post-deal execution than they are on getting the next deal signed. As a result, clients love them.

  4. Lone Wolves: These are the prima donnas of sales. If it weren’t for the fact that they meet and exceed their sales goals, they would have been fired long ago.

  5. Hard Workers: These salespeople show up early and stay late. To them, sales is a numbers game, and you need to work long and hard in order to build the numbers.

The researchers found that while all of these profile types are capable of being top performers, the profile with the most top performers was actually the first group, the Challengers.

Interestingly enough, the Relationship Builders came in last. They constituted the smallest percentage of top performers in the study. Those who did especially poorly were trying - but failing - to sell those same “disruptive” (uncomfortable) solutions toward which the Challengers pushed their clients successfully.

“But,” I hear someone saying, “YOU preach relationship building!”

So, here’s the distinction: Building relationships IS important. But “Relationship Builders”, as Dixon identifies them, go beyond rapport. Their drive to build the relationship includes a drive to PLEASE a client, even if doing so doesn’t SERVE the client. When it’s time to recommend action, for instance, they say: “Whatever you want…” They go so far out of their way to avoid confrontation and stress that they avoid telling the client what he or she ought to hear. When truly serving someone means urging him or her to do something that will be uncomfortable, clients tend to prefer the attitude of a Challenger.

Based on the results of Dixon’s study, more people want to work with a professional who says, “Here’s what we need to do,” than with one who says “Which one of these options are you most comfortable with?” Since people want to deal with an expert, think of the attitude you’d prefer your doctor to have in a time of crisis. ‘Bedside manner’ is important, but if she believes that surgery is your best option, you won’t want her to try and reduce your stress by telling you about all the other ways you can handle the problem. You’ll want her to firmly help you make the most appropriate choice.

Build great relationships with clients, but serve them by being truthful about what the right solution is -even if hearing your recommendation might be stressful. Being firm about the solutions you recommend will increase your business. When it comes to your advice, don’t be a people-pleaser - it will come across as weak, and - the study shows - it will ultimately cost you clients.

Talk to me about helping you be a 'Challenger' who also builds great relationships by contacting me today. Stop pleasing, start serving, and keep REACHING…


Sandy Schussel - Author, Speaker, Life and Business Coach

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