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Important Message... There is a huge difference between the self-proclaimed experts who are really recruiters in disguise and will promise you anything and everything to get your business, verses people who have over 30 years of experience training advisers and are actually dedicating their lives to helping you to succeed in this business. We are dedicated insurance marketing and sales trainers, coaches and mentors...  NOT recruiters!

What Is The #5 Huge Mistake
Advisers Are Making Today?

So far, we have covered 4 huge mistakes that are keeping most advisers from reaching their full potential in this business. These huge mistakes are what is keeping most advisers from consistently earning a significant six-figure annual income.

Have you really looked at what you are doing? Are you making any or all of these huge mistakes? What are you doing about fixing these problems?   

Mistake #1... Believing that your IMO, Insurance Company, Organization, Manager, Recruiter or Broker/ Dealer is going to provide you with the tools, tips, training and coaching they need to be successful in this business!

Solution #1... If you really want to succeed today, then it is up to you to get the life insurance and annuity marketing and sales systems, tools, and training, with the personal coaching you need!

Mistake #2... Relying on someone else for your sales leads!

Solution #2... Learn and practice the basics of attraction marketing. It's as simple as working to become well known and respected by the people in your local community for the work you do!

Mistake #3... Is NOT staying in constant contact with your current clients, friends, neighbors, family, prospects and everyone you know!

Solution #3... One of the easiest, most affordable and effective ways to stay in constant contact with the people you already know, is to send them a monthly newsletter. By sending them a monthly newsletter, you're demonstrating your expertise in the best possible way: building more trust, confidence and credibility.

Mistake #4... Jumping into providing the solution before the client recognizes and truly understands the problems they are facing now and in the future.

Solution #4... You must learn to ask questions and have a real conversation to get your prospects to tell themselves they have a problem! The more your prospects talk about their problems, the more of a priority it becomes to solve those problems.

Are you ready to 'Unlock Your True Potential', then let's go!

The #5 huge mistake advisers are making today is believing the hot, new sales ideas and programs like LEAP, Circle of Wealth, Infinite Banking, Missed Fortune, Tax-Free Retirement, College Funding and others are going to make you an overnight success. These ideas and programs will help you present and sell your hot, new, life insurance products, once you're in front of the right prospect. However, besides their incredibly high cost of $3,000 or more up front, with ongoing annual fees, the problem is they are missing three critical pieces!

  1. They don't provide you with the superior marketing tools and techniques, with the essential tips and training you need to consistently attract the IDEAL prospects to you.

  2. They don't provide you with the advanced questioning and fact-finding techniques you need to get your prospect emotionally involved, so they WANT to set better priorities and take immediate action on your recommendations.

  3. They don't help you to 'Find The Money' to fund those concepts.

Think about it... If this business were really about having the best products and sales ideas, like people are telling you, then why are 90% of the new advisers still failing and why is the average income for advisers still only $40,000-60,000 each year?

If you want to have more 'Ideal Prospects' than you can possibly handle, then you'll want to be attracting the people you have the best chance of setting an appointment with and selling. And, it's actually incredibly easy, if you follow three critical steps... learn one simple truth... and avoid these 5 common huge mistakes!

Yours in success,
Will, Jeremy and Lew Nason
"The 9 Out of 10 Guys"

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The top advisers, we worked with last year, earned over $1,000,000 and many others who were earning $40,000-$60,000 per year, now earn $150,000-$350,000 per year. And with our affordable insurance marketing and sales systems, ongoing one-on-one training and custom coaching, you can do the same. And we’ll be by your side every step of the way.

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IPS Presents
The Famous Classic
Part I

Jim McCarty, International Sales Trainer

The sudden clamor emanating from the noisy bedside alarm clock, shattered the tranquil silence, and instantly tore 51 year old Martin Toler Jr. from his sound night’s sleep.

Just yesterday, Martin was taking advantage of his company’s paid New Year’s Holiday, which he did by relaxing, hanging out at home, and spending quality time with his wife and children. But mere moments ago, the irritating clock in the bedroom signaled that “the party was over”, and it was now back to the daily grind of the work-a-day world.

As Martin slowly climbed out of bed, dressed and readied himself for work, his devoted wife of 32 years, Mary Lou, made coffee and prepared a wholesome breakfast which they shared together before Martin gave her a kiss on the cheek, and departed for his shift in the narrow passages of the subterranean. The date was January 2nd, 2006.

A few weeks prior, around Christmastime, Martin sat down with a financial advisor, and discussed his need to purchase life insurance which would indemnify Mary Lou and their two children in the event of his untimely death. Martin wasn’t completely sold on the recommendation at the time, and stated that “he wanted to think about it” for a while. Martin hesitated, the agent accommodated, and the sale was postponed. The salesman did, however, provide Martin with an application, asking that he complete the form at his earliest convenience, and return it by mail if, and when, he decided to make the purchase.

Intent on finalizing the paperwork, and mailing it in on this very day, Monday, January 2nd, Martin tucked the life insurance application into his jacket pocket as he left home that morning, and drove to his place of employment, which was located near the fast-flowing Buckhannon River, in the heart of the Appalachian mountain range.

The wintry day began like any other. It was cold and dreary, and the early morning hours brought with them pummeling rain, diminished visibility and a temperature of only 42 degrees. In addition, heavy thunder echoed throughout the work site, and several lightning strikes were reported in the immediate area. Somewhat oblivious to all this, Mr. Toler, and his crew of 12 veteran miners, clocked in, climbed aboard a small railroad jitney, and began their 2 ½ mile decent deep into the earth. The time was 5:45am.

At precisely 6:26am, “thunder” roared inside the mountain itself, and a deafening explosion, which could be heard for miles around, rocked the small village of Sago, West Virginia. Rancid smoke, flames, and heavy dust belched from the main entryway to the flagship mine which was operated by the Wolf Run Mining Company, and owned by ICG, the International Coal Group. Immediately following the explosion, which was blamed on a bolt of lightning that ignited methane gas inside the facility, the safety seals blew out, enabling the monstrous blast to propel soot, dust, debris, and lethal carbon monoxide into the working Left Section of the haze-filled, contaminated mine.

Wolf Run and the ICG Corporation did everything they could to alleviate the devastating consequences of this horrible disaster. In spite of their herculean efforts, however, nothing could have prepared them for the eventual carnage and loss of life which ensued. Both companies expeditiously mustered all available emergency personnel, and placed the local hospital on “standby”. Family members, company officials, and even the governor of West Virginia, at the time, Joe Manchin, were regularly apprised of the perilous situation, and constantly updated on the rescue progress. The 150-year old Sago Baptist Church, known as the “Little Church in the Hollow”, was designated as command center for the distribution of all relevant information, and quickly became the support center and gathering place for the trapped miners’ family members, loved ones, and friends. Two hours passed, and the fate of the 13 miners remained unknown.

Meanwhile, trapped in the dark, heavily polluted, gas-filled bowels of the earth, Foreman, Martin Toler Jr., rallied his men, who had barricaded themselves behind a hastily constructed, crudely erected canvas curtain, donned their emergency breathing apparatuses, and set up a makeshift base camp where they could avoid most of the dense coal dust, and remain relatively calm as they attempted to conserve their dwindling strength, energy and air.

Hope Was Fading Fast

Following the passing of 36 long hours, and with hope of relief and extrication rapidly waning, each of the brave miners, with but one flickering lantern to share amongst themselves, began to jot short notes to their loved ones while confined to their pitch black surroundings. Written correspondence which they would leave behind after their time on this earth had run out!

While the Grim Reaper patiently waited in the wings, the doomed miners penned their final goodbyes to their friends and family members on any acceptable surface they could find. Some notes were scribbled on crumpled scraps of paper, and some were written on brown sandwich bags, while other brief messages were simply scratched into the rubble on the dirt covered floor.

Ironically, Martin Toler Jr. chose to scrawl his farewell “love note” across the back page of the neatly folded, aforementioned life insurance application, which he had slipped into his jacket pocket earlier that same morning. The same application which he intended to complete and send off to the life insurance company that very day! The same life insurance application which, if fully completed, submitted with the modal premium, and approved by the company, would have provided one of the greatest gifts of love known to mankind. That gift being one of financial independence, dignity and peace of mind. A gift in the form of a substantial amount of tax free money which, if paid to Mary Lou and her kids, Christopher and Courtney, would have enabled them to continue living in their own comfortable worlds after Mr. Toler sadly lost his life that fateful day. That awful day when Martin was suddenly, and unceremoniously, whisked to his heavenly home.

In view of all of this, and as strange as it now may appear, the entirety of Martin’s final letter simply read, “Tell them I love them, and that I will see them on the other side.” Tell them I love them. Hmm… I am certain that Martin’s family found some comfort in those scribbled lines, but those particular words alone ring rather hollow to me. I am compelled to feel this way because, instead of simply telling his family that he loved them, I know that Martin clearly could have demonstrated just how much he actually did! With a mere drop of ink, and a slight movement of his right hand on the signature line of that pristine life insurance application which he carried with him into the mine, his terrible death could have actually been a catalyst, one that created money where none existed before!

(End of Part I)

Jim McCarty Show Biz Selling

How To Close 9 Out Of 10 - Fact-finding DVDS

"Lew helped me close $16,800 in commissions in 2 weeks!"

"Lew’s coaching and system has helped my practice immensely! Learning from Lew on how to
 ask questions the right way, helped me close $16,800 in commissions in 2 weeks! Thanks Lew!"

Ron Fara, RIA - IL
(9 years in business)

"Allstate has spent a ton of money on similar programs,
but in my humble opinion, what you offer is much better."

"Lew, I recently purchased your Advanced Fact-Finding Video... I have been on two interviews
so far and used the methods you described. It was surprising how the folks opened-up. Not only
were their defenses totally down, but they actually stated that they liked the low-pressure approach
and questioning process to find out what their needs/concerns were before they were asked to buy
anything. In both cases the customer actually told me what they were going to buy... By the way,
I am going to recommend that you contact Allstate's Financial Specialist Manger, so you can help
them with their sales efforts. They have spent a ton of money on similar programs, but in my
humble opinion, what you offer is much better. Feel free to drop my name.
Robert Dupuis, Allstate Agency Owner - TX

Why Is Networking Often So Unsuccessful?
By Maribeth Kuzmeski, MBA, CSP

Why is networking often so unsuccessful? I speak to a lot of financial advisor groups, and for one year I asked just about every audience if they felt networking worked for them. You know the answer? About 1% of those I asked responded that networking worked for them. Wow!

Yet, the number one strategy many recommend to people starting in sales or as an entrepreneur is - GO NETWORK. But is that good advice? Why do we say it if we don’t do it ourselves?? Well, I think it’s easy to tell someone else to do something that you think should work. We think at the core that networking SHOULD work. The key is to find out if and how networking works for you. Is there a secret?

Networking, according to those that do it successfully – meaning they actually can attribute significant new business from the activity of networking -- is NOT about collecting and giving business cards. It is not about finding people who may be good prospects for your firm. It’s NOT.

Successful networking is about finding and cultivating potential advocates. It’s not about finding hot prospects. Finding hot prospects often leads to you trying to sell them something, calling them and turning them off. Finding and cultivating advocates is totally different. An advocate is someone that is already well connected and may or may not ever become your client.

An advocate may be in the human resources department, he or she may be the president of the chamber of commerce, they may head a non-profit or a committee at your church. They are already the great networkers and connectors. And they are the ones who are worth literally millions to professionals.

One advocate can bring 10 clients to you while if you reach out to one potential prospect at a networking event, often you will end up frustrated and with 0 new sales. But it takes a change in focus from trying to meet prospects to trying to find and meet advocates.

So who are the advocates or who could be an advocate for you? They may not be your best clients, but rather the clients who have the highest propensity to be able to introduce you to others in your target market. They may not be someone in your target market already. Think about who is well-connected in your community, in your industry, in the media, and in your target market. Think contrarian. Who could be your best advocates to introduce you to potential clients?

List the 20 people you believe could be advocates, check them out on LinkedIn, write down how you will reach out to them. Not to sell them something but to get to know them. To connect. To let them get to know you. If they really are a potential advocate they will be a connector, and they will be a fantastic advocate for you. But first you have to find them and work to connect with them. It takes a bit of patience and it may not be true immediate gratification, but it pays off.


Maribeth Kuzmeski, MBA, CSP, President of Red Zone Marketing
Maribeth and her firm personally consult with some of the nation’s top financial professionals and advisors managing from $250 million to over $1 billion in client assets. She and her firm also work with broker dealers and insurance companies on strategic marketing planning, recruiting, and business growth.

Maribeth has written 7 books including the bestsellers ...And The Clients Went Wild! (Wiley), The Connectors (Wiley), and Social Media For Financial Advisors: A Step By Step Guide for Creating a Social Media Presence and Driving Traffic to Your Firm. She is an international keynote speaker and has spoken at the Million Dollar Round Table.

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"I just made a large (for me) annuity sale that would have not been possible had I not used
your website (the Insurance Marketing & Sales Resource Center) and your coaching advice.
I have learned to listen much, much, more than talk. The sale is made by them not me. And most
importantly I did the right thing for the client because they will be earning much more income
and saving a bundle on taxes. So, you not only helped me, but the client. Oh, by the way, the sale
was for $24,000 commission, not a bad day!!!
This is only step one in the planning  process,
step two the life insurance review will generate another smaller, but nice sale.
Brian H. - PA

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