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Message from Jeremy -
Are You A "Product Pusher"/"Policy Peddler"?

Featured Article - Selling on Value - The Two Key Principles of Value Selling!

Coaches Corner - Is It Time For You To Become Their Trusted Advisor?

Important Message From Jeremy...

Are You A "Product Pusher"/"Policy Peddler"?

Dear ~Contact.FirstName~,

Product Pushers” and “Policy Peddlers” are everywhere and they are known by many names, most of them very unflattering. They are the salespeople who present their products prematurely, before they have truly understood what the clients needs and truly wants. And, usually before the client is ready to think about a solution. These salespeople are much better at talking than listening. Needless to say, they are more focused on making a sale, than helping the client to get what they really need and want.

They are the salespeople who are consistently telling people what THEY believe their problem is, instead of asking open ended questions to get them to tell themselves what their problem is. Consequently, when these salespeople present their solution, they invariably get a wide variety of objections, with the final objection of... "I need to think about it!"

How often are you getting a lot of objections, with the final objection of... "I need to think about it?"

Would you like to make it much easier to get your clients to take action on your solution?

Then remember... "TELLING IS NOT SELLING!"

Ask questions to get them to tell you what's important to them?

Yours In Success,
Jeremy Nason
'The Nine Out Of Ten Guys'

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Updates For Our Member's Only Private Site
 Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center

Client Review System
I don't approve of everything he says here, especially about the number of appointments you need.  But he does give some great information, and a good mold to follow about properly managing your clients, and explaining the needs of an annual review.  Also, his bullet points could be a little stronger.

Time for Annual Review
A good annual review appointment setting letter

Annual Review letter
Another good annual review letter.

To see these and all updates from the last 3 months visit the Updates page!

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“Lew has the unique ability, as a teacher and a coach, to break down selling concepts into easy to understand and implement steps. He gives his students skills that can have an immediate impact on their businesses. The biggest reason I recommend Lew is because he truly cares about his students, and will go the extra mile to help them become more successful advisors/agents.” 
Beau Henderson
, RFC - GA (9 years in business)

Featured Article

Selling on Value - The Two Key Principles of Value Selling

The Difference Between Price And Value
Most agents and advisors know the difference between price and value. The challenge they face is how to ‘Sell The Value’ to their prospects. If you can't do this and your sales strategy is based only on 'sell based on price' you will set yourself up for failure.

Regardless of whether you are new to sales or are a sales veteran, you must incorporate value added selling into your sales toolkit. To do this, a good starting point is to look at the two key principles behind every value added sales strategy.

Look at value from the customer's perspective...
This is the most important principle because you can't apply the other principles if you don't or can't identify a particular client's value drivers. A product or service has value only when the customer perceives it to be so. This may sound like common sense, but surprisingly, it is not common practice.

What are the key skills needed to implement this principle? Quite simply, the ability to ask good questions, what are called ‘value creation questions,’ are essential as the first step in your value selling strategy.

Quantify your value proposition
The next step is to communicate your ‘value proposition’ as persuasively as possible.

One guideline that will help you to do this is to use specific, quantifiable ‘benefits’ that the customer will appreciate, such as reduced taxes, elimination of debts, tax free income for retirement, and so on.

An example… Which of these is most persuasive?

“We can show you how to be out of debt within 6 months.”

“How much better off would you be if you were able to pay off all your debts within the next 6 months, and then put those payments away for your retirement?”

“It's not the answer, it's the quality of the question.”

Here is quick tip from Don Pooley that goes on to explain the importance of perceived value.


How Is Your Value Perceived?

It's all about perception, really.

We are paid less for what we know and do - what we think is our true worth - than we are for our 'perceived value'.

For example, I asked everyone who told me what E-book they'd buy, "What's the maximum price you'd pay for it?" Answers ranged from $0 to "unlimited". Most were $100.

But, we'll layout over ten times that to attend conferences at distant places (e.g. MDRT meetings) with no idea as to whether anything we hear there will benefit us.

While a book, or E-book that we've chosen for its relevance may be far more profitable, and cost a fraction.

But we convince ourselves that the MDRT meeting has greater value that justifies its high cost.

This is not a criticism. We are all like that.

It's an insight into our nature.... and the nature of clients, and prospects!

The greater it’s 'perceived value', the more we are willing to pay for a product or service.

This relates directly to our earning power. The more your 'perceived value', the more you are able to earn.

So the secret of making more money is to increase your 'perceived value' to your prospects and clients.

The operative word is PERCEIVED. They have to see what you are doing for them, and be reminded of you, and your value to them frequently.

So, what you are doing to help your clients understand how you benefit them?

And ask yourself if they actually 'perceive' it.

Don Pooley CLU, CFP, CHFC, "The Advisor's Advisor" has shared his marketing know-how with audiences of life insurance men in all major Canadian cities, London, Australia, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Singapore, and now in his free ezine. To get more ideas on marketing your services, plus free ebooks, subscribe now at


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Coaching Corner

Is It Time For You To Become Their Trusted Advisor?

Would you agree that today, most middle-income families are struggling financially with skyrocketing credit card debt, increasing income taxes, soaring health insurance premiums, inflation, rising college costs, and have very little saved for their retirement.

Would you also agree that these families 'ARE NOT' looking for a salesperson that wants them to spend even more money!

They are looking for real help and guidance in financial matters from someone they can trust... And, that can and should be YOU!!!

The transition from salesperson to trusted financial advisor is not that difficult. All it requires is that you conduct a good, thorough 'fact-finding interview' with 'everyone' you meet with. Really listen to their problems and concerns! And, then tailor a financial plan to give them what they want and need.

Your rewards for making the transition to trusted advisor are... you are really helping people... you'll feel good about what you do... you'll close more and you'll close much larger cases!

Yours In Success,
Jeremy Nason
'The Nine Out Of Ten Guys'

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