The Quickest Way To Increase Your Appointments!

If you want to quickly increase your annuity and life insurance appointments and sales, then stop selling products and instead help people to solve their financial problems.

The first step is to quickly increase your insurance appointments and sales, is to look at your primary market and determine what’s the biggest, most overwhelming problem you can solve for these people?

Remember, if there is no problem, then there is no reason why they should meet with you! People buy based on emotions. They want to either reduce their pain or increase their pleasure. The bigger the problem they have, the more pain they feel… the quicker they will want to solve the problem.
So, if you can identify a big, overwhelming problem that you can solve for your primary market, then the easier it’s going to be to set an appointment and make a sale.

The quickest way to set an appointment and make a sale is with an annual review or offering a second opinion to help your clients, friends, family and prospects to identify and solve a problem (or pain) that they have.

If your prospect doesn’t see they have a problem…

Then why should they meet with you or do business with you?

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