Getting You In Front Of The Right Prospects… Isn’t Something Someone Else Can Do For You!

Many of the agents and advisors that call us don’t seem to understand, or want to hear, that for the most part getting you in front of the right prospects isn’t something someone else can do for you!

Yes, you can and should outsource parts of your prospecting/marketing campaign, like direct mail. You can’t make a $100 per hour doing a $10 per hour clerical job. But, you and your immediate organization must do the basics and coordination of an effective prospecting/marketing campaign, if you want to grow your business and position yourself for long-term success!

Let ‘s see if we can explain it in a different way, to help you to become the prospector/marketer you need to be, to “Have More Of The ‘IDEAL’ Prospects Than You Can Possibly Handle!

Would you agree that your main objective is to make it as easy as possible for you to consistently get the ‘RIGHT’ people, your best prospects, to identify themselves to you, so you can contact them, and eventually set an appointment with them, so you can make them a client?

Would you also agree that in order for that to happen, people with a specific problem, must see you as the person they need and want to work with, in order to solve that problem? If they don’t have a problem then why should they take the time to meet with you? What’s in it for them?

And finally, would you agree that whatever you do must be cost effective?

If you agree with the above three basic premises, then doesn’t it follow that you must become known and respected by the people in your local community for the work you do, to make it easier and more cost effective to consistently attract those people to you?

The main problem most agents and advisors have is they have been led to believe (and want to believe) that, if they send out enough sales letters, or run enough ads in the newspaper, then they will have enough of the right people beating a path to their door, begging to be sold. And, maybe if you were the only one in your local area providing a specific service no one else offers, that could work and would be cost effective!

However, you aren’t the only agent or advisor in your local area! How many insurance agents, P&C agencies, banks, attorneys, accountants, tax preparers, along with the Internet and others offer the same products, services and solutions you offer?

What makes you stand out from the crowd, so the right people will respond to your sales letters and ads, instead of those from your competition?

How expensive is it to play the numbers game, to send out enough sales letters, or run enough ads, every week to consistently get enough prospects to contact you?

Are people more likely to respond to a sales letter or an ad from someone they know (or have at least heard of), or a sales letter or ad from a complete stranger? Who has more credibility in their eyes?

So how do you become known and respected by the people in your local community for the work you do, to make it easier and more cost effective for you to consistently attract the right people to you?

The answer is deceptively simple, and in many cases, it will cost you little or nothing to implement…

‘You get your name and the unique services you offer in front as
many people as you possibly can every day!’

You get your name in the local newspaper, in the local news section, by sponsoring a public service or charity event, being a guest speaker at a local association meeting, offering a free educational workshop to the general public, teaching an adult education class, or being a guest on a local radio (TV) program. (Send the newspaper a press release)

You form a joint venture with a local business and get them to introduce you to their clients, by offering their clients your free report, or an invitation to your free educational workshop.

You write articles for your local newspaper, and church and association newsletters, with your byline, offering your free report.

You become an active member in associations, clubs, youth groups and religious organizations and help them get their organization’s accomplishments in the local news, with your name in the article.

You send ‘everyone’ you know a monthly newsletter (hard copy or email). You invite all of them to your free educational workshop and/or offer them a free report.

You become a member of a lead group or set up your own lead group. (Or, mastermind group)

You set up a system to start asking for and receiving referrals from everyone you know.

And, in 60-90 days, ‘You Too Can Have More Prospects Than You Can Possibly Handle’ without you spending a fortune. All it takes is for you to learn and practice the basics of cost-effective prospecting/marketing.

It’s as simple as working to become well known and respected by the people in your local community for the work you do!

And, that’s something no one else can do for you!

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