What’s Stopping You From Earning $100,000, $200,000 or More Per Year?

In our roles as trainers, coaches, and mentors, every day we get calls from Insurance Agents, Financial Advisors and Planners who are frustrated with their current marketing and leads. They are working long hours and struggling to make a decent living. It’s the same story on every call. Every one of these people tells us that their biggest problem is that they just don’t have enough good leads and they can’t set enough good appointments! They are all looking for an inexpensive, great marketing system, a great lead company, a great direct mail program, fax system, phone dialer, newspaper ad or something that is going to provide them with a consistent flow prospects that want and need their products and/or services. They all want a consistent flow of prospects… Who have money and are ready to buy right now!

Is that your problem? Is that what you are looking for?

Then you probably don’t want to hear this… But, you are looking for the wrong things! And, it’s why there are so many scam artists out there taking unfair advantage of struggling agents, advisors, and planners. There is no lead program, lead company or single marketing idea that is going to provide you with a consistent flow of prospects…Who have money and are ready to buy right now!

If there were such a program or company that generated a consistent flow of prospects that have the money and are ready to buy right now, then every Financial Services Company in America (and the world) would be using it. Consider, if there were such a program or company, then companies wouldn’t need to be paying high commissions and fees to agents, advisors, and planners. All they would need is a salaried employee to take and process the order. And trust me, every one of these companies would get rid of you in a heartbeat if they could.

Finding and attracting the right prospects, is an integral part of your financial services career. It’s why companies are willing to pay you those high commissions and fees.

If you want to earn $100,000, $200,000 or more per year… then you need a complete marketing system that is going to help you find and attract people who have a problem. Obviously, it must be a problem that you can provide a solution for. Then it’s your job, as a sales person, to help these people to understand the problem and set their priorities. Then, you need to help them reposition and/or find the money, so they want to take action right now.

A great marketing program… is going to provide you with multiple systems to find and attract prospects with a specific problem. You’ll need to implement multiple system’s, if you want to generate a consistent flow of prospects!

And, a truly great marketing program… is also going to provide you with the tools and personal training you need to convert those prospects into a sales appointment and then into a sale. Plus, you’ll learn how to gain the trust and respect of prospects, to become the trusted advisor people want to see, instead of just another salesperson.

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