The Newsletter, Your Silent Salesman!

As a sales professional, it is critically important for you to stay in constant touch with your clients and prospects. When your clients, prospects, family or friends are ready to buy they need to know who to see. That’s the why you need a newsletter.

Your newsletter acts as your silent salesman! It keeps you in constant contact with your clients, prospects, family and friends so that when they are ready to buy a product or make a financial change, they are going to want to see you and not your competition.

There are a variety of benefits in using a high-quality newsletter, such as: Read More

Important Life Insurance Prospecting Update…

If you want to make it easier to attract the ‘Right Life Insurance Prospects’, to set more appointments and close more sales, then spend a little time to get well known in your local community as someone who cares and is the expert in their field! It will pay big dividends!

Isn’t it true that most people prefer to do business with a company they have at least heard of? Wouldn’t you prefer to work with company that has a good solid reputation? Wouldn’t you prefer to work with someone who is an expert in the area you need help with?

It’s not hard to get well-known in your local community… You just need to communicate your story. You need to develop a “hook” or a compelling reason why someone should listen to your story. People must feel strongly that your knowledge, product and/or service would be of value to them. Take the time to build a cohesive “pitch” that really conveys the unique qualities and benefits of your product or service. Then get the message out.

Here are some simple (low & no cost) ideas:

  • Write an article and get it published in your local newspapers, with your byline and contact information…
  • Let your local news reporters know that you are available for interviews, comments and advice on financial happenings in your specialty…
  • Be a guest on a local radio or television program…
  • Offer free educational workshops (adult education classes, etc.) for your church, synagogue, library and local organizations. (Lions Club, Jaycees, etc.)
  • Get the event published in your local news… before and after the event!
  • Join or form a lead group…
  • Join and attend functions for your local Chamber Of Commerce… (Be a speaker)
  • Be visible in your local community… Volunteer for local events!
  • Publish your own newsletter for people in your community… or get your article published in a newsletter put out by another business.
  • Get businesses to hand out your business brochure or some free gift with your contact information on it.

If you want to generate more annuity and life insurance sales leads and set more appointments, then you can’t hide your light under a bushel basket.

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How To Generate Automatic Referrals… By Providing Outstanding Customer Service!

This is one of the most important subjects I will ever talk to you about. And, it is what makes the difference of being just an average producer and a top producer in our industry.

Why, you ask?

It’s simple – if you don’t take excellent care of your existing clients, they will find someone else who will. (Your Competition)

Why did you think corporate earnings have slowed for many businesses? It’s because they fail to place a high enough value on client retention.

Most companies focus all of their time, energy, and money on one thing… Getting New Customers In The Door!

But once they get a new client, they spend almost no time, energy or money on keeping that client happy.

This Is A Huge Mistake! Read More

Right and Wrong Insurance Sales Methods…

For the past month, we’ve been conducting a survey of the few agents and advisors who have cancelled their memberships to the Insurance Marketing & Sales Resource Center or returned one of our specialized systems. It appears that the majority of these agents and advisors were expecting to find a magical cure to all their prospecting and sales problems. They want to believe all of the hype being spewed out there. They want to believe that there is a magical system that is going to get hundreds of prospects to come banging on their door and begging to buy their products.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they were right?
Wouldn’t it be great if you could invest in a single lead generation and/or sales program that would work in every area of the country for every agent? You could just follow exactly what they tell you to do and just like magic you are making a six or seven figure income!

Unfortunately, I know of no such magical program.
In our 30 plus years in this business, I haven’t found a single way of generating or buying leads that IS going to work for everyone, in every area of the country. Doesn’t every section of the country have different ways of looking at things, different beliefs and different preferences? Doesn’t every Agent and Advisor have their personal strengths and their weaknesses? Read More