The Newsletter, Your Silent Salesman!

As a sales professional, it is critically important for you to stay in constant touch with your clients and prospects. When your clients, prospects, family or friends are ready to buy they need to know who to see. That’s the why you need a newsletter.

Your newsletter acts as your silent salesman! It keeps you in constant contact with your clients, prospects, family and friends so that when they are ready to buy a product or make a financial change, they are going to want to see you and not your competition.

There are a variety of benefits in using a high-quality newsletter, such as:

  • Helping you build credibility and trust in your customer’s eyes so that they’ll come to buy from you and you alone.
  • Giving you a medium to introduce new products or services.
  • Creating a plethora of hot, qualified leads, sales appointments, and new customers.
  • Clients giving you testimonials that are worth their weight in gold.
  • Re-establishing communication with lost customers, and brings them right back to do business with you.
  • Building incredible loyalty amongst your current clients.
  • Making people, whom you’ve never met, feel like they’ve known you for years, by providing them with information that’s really valuable to them.
  • Gives you a great way to cross-sell, get repeat sales and referrals.
  • Using a newsletter not only keeps existing relationships open, it can also increase your business through referrals.

As you become more credible with every issue, your clients will actually look forward to reading your articles. The best part is many people read and save them for later use – or even better they’ll pass them around their office for everyone to see.

Wouldn’t you love for someone to make a copy of your newsletter, free report or information booklet and then send it on to more prospects?

The bottom line is that the newsletter is a great prospecting tool.  

Whether you use ours, somebody else’s or write your own, newsletters are one of the key ingredients to long-term success! Keep your name in front our your customers starting today!

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