2 Deadly Insurance Sales Mistakes!

Insurance Sales Mistakes New and Experienced Agents Make!

Here are two of the most blatant insurance sales mistakes that we see advisors make!

Solving Problems Too Soon!

The advisor hears the prospect express a need that can easily be met with their company’s products and services and he/she immediately offers to meet the need. They pounce, like a lion hunting its prey!

However, offering solutions to problems before listening to a prospect’s complete situation will have an adverse effect on any sales presentation or prospecting call.

You must listen to… ALL of the needs the prospect may have, then try to extract the ones he/she is really passionate about solving. In other words, shut up and ask questions to clarify the need and to turn that need into a want!

Present your solutions and benefits later when they have the most emotional impact!

Not Listening To The Prospect! The Insurance Sales Killer!

Most people think of salespeople as being good talkers. You hear people saying thing like, “He is a born Salesman. He has the gift of gab.” However, the truth is that the key to making a sale is asking questions and really listening to what the prospect is telling you.

Kerry Johnson in his book ‘Mastering the Game’, says many people believe that speech is the power and that listening is subservient. However, he believes that a good listener has much more power in a Conversation. The listener is able to get more information, than the talker. When two people are talking, the person who dominates the conversation is the person who is asking the questions and is listening.

The job of the salesperson is to listen to their customers.

When you are face to face with the prospect you should practice the following:

  1. Maintain good eye contact.
  2. Paraphrase.
  3. Clarify by asking questions.
  4. Concentrate.
  5. Keep away from distraction.
  6. Be Committed.

Listening is an essential skill for making and keeping relationships. Once you are a good listener people will confide in you and trust you.

Listening with openness is a critical key to insurance sales success.

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