Are you struggling to set appointments?

In the insurance business, you LIVE and DIE by appointments. If you don’t have appointments you can’t make sales. With no sales, you’re out of the business.

Appointment setting can be tough, especially the ways most IMO’s, FMO’s and other “SO-Called” Sales Trainers teach it! The “one-size-fits-all” approach, with canned scripts, that in the end just offer a product or a hot new sales idea… don’t work… because very few people are looking for products or an idea that is going to require them to spend more money.

However, there are tons of people who would like real help to improve their financial situation and life. Remember no two prospects are the same; each situation is unique and different. So, you need a different and flexible approach!

There are no magic scripts or phrases that will guarantee you set an appointment, but there is a ‘PROVEN’ questioning technique, that anyone can learn, to set appointments with 9 out of 10 people you talk to! This technique can be used face to face, over the phone, or just with random people you meet!

Are you ready to learn a proven technique that can help you solve your largest problem… Setting Appointments?

In the next 30 days you can have more appointments than you can handle…wouldn’t that be a shame?

If you want that to happen, then join us Thursday, December 8, 2016… For a very special 2 hour Web Class…. “Setting Appointments The Easy Way”

Listen and Learn while Lew Nason & Jeremy Nason share the proven questioning techniques they have used for 30+ years to set appointments with almost EVERYONE you meet.

This class will share…

– Why “problems” are the key to setting appointments.

– Why canned scripts don’t work.

– How using Questions, can make the prospect want to meet with you.

– How to make the appointment stick. No more no-shows or cancellations!

At the end of the call, you will receive a full recording of the event and our 28-page guide “Setting Appointments The Easy Way!”

If you are serious about making 2017 your best year ever!

Then don’t miss the class. Reserve your spot now! (Class is over, but you can still get the recording)

With a small investment of only $79.00!

Our web class program only allows us to offer 47 spots for this class and spots are going fast.

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