‘Little Secrets’ to Generating High Quality Life Insurance Leads!

Just about every agent we’ve ever talked to, has been looking for a new and improved, foolproof way of generating a steady stream of highest quality sales leads and sales appointments. They are looking for a new twist on an old idea. Or, something that has never been done before!

What these agents don’t realize is there isn’t anything actually new out there! Everything that people can think of, with very rare exceptions, has already been tried before. The reason most agents are having a problem with their prospecting systems isn’t because they don’t work in today’s market! The reason they aren’t working for them is because they are missing the ‘little secrets’, ‘little tricks of the trade’ that are the difference between total success and total failure with these systems.

Let me give you an example…
Most agents I talk to, who are selling mortgage insurance, are very frustrated with their current marketing and lead generation activities. They’ve tried buying leads, direct mail, asking for referrals, newspaper ads, free reports, phone dialers and the list goes on and on. All they seem to get is people with health problems. Or, they get people who are shopping for price and want a free quote.

The reasons most of these agents are having so much trouble generating high quality leads for Mortgage Insurance is because they are missing the ‘Little Secrets’, ‘Tricks of the Trade’! They are making little mistakes like…

  • Believing prospecting is just a numbers game!
  • They are trying to attract people who just bought a home or refinanced!
  • They are selling a commodity instead of a solution to a problem!
  • They are selling their products based on price instead of benefits!
  • They are trying to attract people who have never heard of them!

Ultimately, they end up chasing the wrong prospects!

If you want to improve your marketing, prospecting, appointment setting and closing ratios, it’s not one big change that will make the difference. It’s a series of little changes!

Throughout each of our specialized systems, tools, and training you learn hundreds of these ‘little secrets’ and ‘tricks of the trade’ that agents are using to make their careers easier, more fun and much more rewarding.

You’ll learn the ‘little secrets’ and ‘little tricks of the trade’ that can make the difference between total success and total failure!

Yours in success,
Jeremy Nason and Lew Nason
“The 9 Out of 10 Guys”

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