Are YOU Following Your Own Advice?

One obstacle that stands in the way of most financial advisors taking their business to the next level, is a lack of clarity about what they want in their own lives.

Case in point… The same problem arises time after time in my coaching sessions with producers wanting to elevate their business to the next level. They haven’t really thought about what they want for their future. Example: When do you plan on retiring? What do you want to do in your retirement years? How much income will you need? How much money will you need to save, to generate the income you need? Will Social Security be there and how much? How will income taxes affect your income?

How much have you thought about your financial future? Have you defined your goals and planned how and when it will happen?

Think about it… Why are you working? Are you working just for the fun of it? Are you working just to provide for your family today? Or, are you working for today and to secure your financial future? How much do have to earn to provide for your family today, and meet your financial goals for the future?

Isn’t the commitment to taking your business to the next level, totally dependent on what you want for your future? Don’t you need a good reason to work harder and smarter?

Now consider… How can you expect your clients to plan for their future when the so-called expert hasn’t done it?

How will you help your clients define and create a plan for their goals?

To garner commitment from your clients, you need to ask questions to help them articulate a personal goal, which serves as their motivation to follow and to continue to follow your recommendations.

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