What’s The Number One Killer To You Selling Cash Value Life Insurance?

Solving problems, (making recommendations) too soon is the number one killer to your cash value life insurance sales. It is unquestionably the most blatant sales mistake that you can make!

Consider, you hear your prospect tell you that they need and want life insurance to protect their family, and you immediately offer a solution, to meet that need.

Yes, I know, it’s very difficult not to respond to a burning need.

However, offering a solution to problems before listening to a prospect’s complete situation will have an adverse effect on any cash value life insurance sales presentation. (or prospecting call)

Think about it. If your prospect only sees the need to protect their family, then why should they buy anything but term life insurance.

Yes, I know there are many compelling ‘logical’ reasons for people to own permanent life insurance.

However, if you want people to buy cash value life insurance, you must ask questions and listen to ALL of the needs the prospect may have, then try to extract the ones he/she is really ‘passionate’ about solving.

In other words, shut up and ask questions to clarify the need and to turn that need into a want!

Present your solutions and benefits later when they have the most emotional impact!

“It’s not the answer, it’s the quality of the question!”

Remember, while Missed Fortune, Infinite Banking, Pension Max, etc. may be great cash value life insurance sales ideas, in truth they are really just solutions to problems and should only be presented once the client clearly articulates their concerns.

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