Are You Caught Up In The ‘Instant Gratification’​ Trap?

Instant gratification is when you decide to avoid short-term pain that will eventually lead to long-term pleasure… and instead, you indulge in short-term pleasure that might eventually lead to long-term pain. In other words, you find reasons (excuses) not to do something because of the pain it creates in the moment, even though you know that this action is necessary to help you attain your long-term goals and objectives.

Example… Buying leads because it seems easier than spending the time right now to learn how to market your services.

Instant gratification often manifests as procrastination. It is a form of self-sabotage where you get caught up indulging in the temptations of life at the cost of your long-term goals. It is where the pleasures of the moment just seem so much more enticing than the temporary pain you might need to go through to get to your ultimate outcome.

And this is why instant gratification rarely gets you what you really want in the long-term!

People who are caught up in the instant gratification trap often expect to gain something from nothing. And they want it now! Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way. You need to give something in order to get something back. Whether that involves your time, energy, or money, makes no difference. It’s the act of giving that counts. And often this “giving” might feel uncomfortable and painful. However, the pain you experience during these fleeting moments is what will bring you tremendous pleasure in the future when you finally obtain your desired outcomes.

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