How Do You Dramatically Increase Your Life Insurance and Annuity Sales?

You get people to see you as… Their financial guardian… Someone who is there to make their dreams come true!

In an article by Ken Varga he states… Research has shown clients of the advisors who earn more than $500,000 a year, consider their advisors as “Dream Protectors” or “Financial Doctors!”

Do your clients think of you as a “Dream Protector” or “Financial Doctor.” Do they see you as someone who is truly there to truly help them… or do they see you as “just another insurance agent who sells insurance products?”

When someone asks you, “What you do?” do you reply… “I sell insurance” or… “I am an insurance agent” or…“I am an insurance broker” or some another similar answer?

While you should be proud of being an insurance agent, if you think of yourself as someone that just sells insurance policies or products to your prospects and clients, then this is the reason you aren’t making the kind of income you want.

You need to realize… insurance agents are a dime a dozen. There are dozens of insurance agents, brokers, and banks etc. in your local area that are selling the same products and services you are offering.

If your prospects simply think of you as “just another insurance agent” then why should they choose you over one of your competitors?

You may be thinking…“They will choose me because I offer the best service, the best products, or the lowest price.”


The problem is your competition also claims to offer the best service, the best products, and the lowest price.

So, what do you need to do to set yourself apart for all your competition?

You must provide excellent service!

And providing excellent service goes far beyond… ‘Answering the phone promptly’ or… ‘Processing data accurately’ or…’Returning the clients’ messages within 24 hours’ or… ‘Updating their files immediately’ or… ‘Sending birthday cards, Christmas cards, and calendars to your clients each year.’

Excellent service means…

1. You stay in touch! You keep yourself in front of your prospects and clients! Do a quick survey. Call any 10 people and ask them what kind of service they get from the insurance agent (or agents) who handle their policies. At least 8 out of those 10 people are going to say they never hear from their agent unless they call the agent themselves.

2. Your prospects and clients must believe that you are there to genuinely help and take care of them! Your message, in everything you do, must consistently and clearly communicate you understand their problems and are there to help them.

3. You must listen to what your prospects and clients want! You must sit with your prospects and clients, ask questions, and have a real conversation with them to really understand their needs.

4. Only after earning the prospects’ and client’s trust and truly understanding their situation, do you talk about products and present your solution.

When you consistently provide excellent service, you’re making it almost impossible for the competition to steal your prospects and clients away from you.

If you want to dramatically increase your life insurance sales and annuity sales, then you must compel your prospects to do business with you; keep your clients doing business with you for years to come, and get them to refer everyone they know to you!

You must transform yourself from an insurance agent into a “Dream Protector” or “Financial Doctor.”

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