Four Simple Secrets To Selling Large Amounts Of Life Insurance!

Four Simple Secrets To Selling Large Amounts Of Life Insurance!

Would you like to know how and why the best producers are able to sell large amounts of cash value life insurance?

If you knew their secrets could you sell large amounts of cash value life insurance, just like they do?

We’re talking about you earning $500,000 or more in first year commissions each year!

Some of you may be thinking; “Yah, that would be great! But, the reason those producers are able to sell so much life insurance, is they have the technical knowledge, for a very specialized life insurance niche market. They are working with 412i plans, Estate Conservation, Premium Financing, Charitable Giving or some other specialty market.”

While it’s true that some of the more prolific producers do have the technical knowledge, and work in one of these very specialized advanced markets, it isn’t how and why they are able to sell large amounts of cash value life insurance.

It may surprise you to know that every one of these ‘life insurance sales leaders’ has the same basic problems you do! In fact, in most cases, the people who work in those very specialized, advanced markets have much worse problems, because of the extremely small size of their market, plus the competition, bad publicity and the large amounts of money they work with. However, they are successful because they know four simple secrets that you don’t!

They know that no matter what market you work in, every one faces the same four basic challenges:

  • Finding a niche market you understand and have a passion for!

  • Identifying and attracting the right prospects for your market!

  • Helping your prospects to recognize they have a problem!

  • Getting prospects to take action on the solution you offer!

The reason most agents and advisors struggle selling life insurance is they don’t feel good about what they are doing. They look at themselves as just a salesperson, instead of seeing themselves as helping people to solve their financial problems.

Whether you want to join the ranks of the top-producers, or you just want to make your career a whole lot easier, more fun, and much more rewarding, you must have a passion for what you do!

Secret #1 …Finding a market you understand and have a passion for!
Enthusiasm sells! So, find something that turns you on. Your specialty doesn’t have to be a technical, advanced niche market. The great thing is that you can turn almost anything into a specialty. You could specialize in working with one armed, golfers, with high blood pressure. Or, maybe you could specialize in working with people who hunt deer, drive a jeep, are married, live in a mobile home and have a child in college.

I know of a top-producing agent who works exclusively with young families who have a newborn baby.

Another, who works with widowed, retired women of color!

And, yet another agent who works exclusively with divorcees, with children!

Each of these advisors became the specialist in that market, because they identified themselves with that market and they already knew something about that market. They invested their time to learn everything they could about the people in those markets and the problems they face. And then, they learned the best ways to use their products to help those people to solve their problems.

What do you have a passion for in your life? Has something happened in your life that has impacted, made a difference, or changed you? What problems have you, your family, parents, friends and relatives faced?

What group of people do you identify the most with, and feel good with? Do you hunt, play golf, play tennis, bowl etc.? What civic and religious groups do you belong to? What past jobs have you worked in? What did your parents do for a living?

Every top-producer (or successful business person) I know has a burning passion for what they do! For them, it’s NOT just about making a sale! It’s about really helping people!

Our passion is helping you to Help Middle Income Families To Live Debt Free And Truly Wealthy!

Secret #2 …Identifying & attracting the right prospects for your market!
Once you have decided on your specialty, once you have found something you have a real passion for, then you’ll want to determine what’s the most pressing problem your products and services can solve for these people.

If you’re working with young families with newborns, maybe their most pressing concern is saving for college, or making sure the money is there for college, if something happens to one of the parents.

With widowed, retired women of color, maybe the dominant concern is learning how to manage their money with safety and guarantees, and then making sure they pass all of their money onto their children.

For families with children, maybe it’s eliminating debt, saving for college, and protecting the family!

Now, you’ll want to determine who you have the best chance of selling within your specialty? Who is your ultimate, best prospect within that group? What are their ages, income, social status, education, occupation and marital status? Do they own a home? Do they have school age children?

Where do you find these people? Where do they live? What newspapers and section of the paper do these people read? What newsletters and magazines do these people get? What business do they use? What professionals do they use… doctors, accountants, P&C agencies, attorneys, etc.

Finally, how do you attract these people to you? What’s the best way to attract the ‘Right’ people to you? Do you send out sales letters to a targeted list? Offer free reports? Form a Joint Venture? Offer a dinner seminar or a free educational workshop? Send out newsletters? Run ads in the newspaper? Get articles published? Write a book? Or, how about working your existing book of business? Or, letting your family, friends, relatives and everyone know about your specialty?

What every top-producer will tell you is… “All of these marketing methods work once you have a specialty, you determine who your ideal prospects are, and you send a message to them that clearly states how they will benefit by meeting with you!”

All the top-producers know exactly who their best prospects are, and how to attract them… ‘The Right Message, To The Right People, At The Right Time’

Secret #3 …Helping your prospects to recognize they have a problem!
We all have financial problems! It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor. The problems can be paying too much in income taxes, transferring wealth, losses in the stock market, saving for retirement, saving for college, a low income, too much debt, protecting the people they love, etc.! Unfortunately, most people do not want to think about money, let alone talk about their situation and admit they have a financial problem! In this fast paced society, most of us are so busy with our day-to-day activities and problems to worry about our money problems… until the problems need immediate attention!

Consider, you’ve studied and developed your specialty. You’ve attracted the right prospect to you. But, until your prospect recognizes, understands and makes solving their problem a priority, you have little chance of setting an appointment or making a sale!

Your job is to know the ‘right’ questions to ask that will get your prospect to talk about what they really need and want. You’ve got to get them thinking about how their problem is affecting their current situation? If they don’t correct the problem right now, how will it affect their future and future of their family?

If you want to sell more and larger life insurance policies, you must help your prospects to recognize that they have a problem! And, more importantly you must ask the ‘right’ questions to help them to make solving their problem a priority!

Secret #4 …Getting prospects to take action on the solution you offer!
You’ve found your specialty, something you have a passion for! You’re sending, ‘The Right Message, to The Right People, at The Right Time!’ You’re asking the ‘right’ questions! Your prospect recognizes they have a problem and they agree that solving their problem is a priority. Now, how do you get them to take action today on your offer?

If you want your prospects to take action today, then you must help them to see where they are today and where they’ll be in the future with and without your solutions.

There is a cost to everything we do. Where will they ‘find the money?’ What will your prospect have to sacrifice in order to implement your plan? Do the future benefits of your plan outweigh the cost of implementing the plan today? As the late, legendary Ben Feldman said, “There is a cost of doing nothing and a cost of doing something. Generally, the cost of doing nothing is much more than the cost of doing something!”

There you have it, Four Simple Secrets To Selling Large Amounts Of Life Insurance! So, now what will you do from here? Is there one idea you got from this article that you can start using today? How about a second, or third idea?

If you do nothing else, find something you have a passion for! Life is too short to be struggling all of the time!

Whether you want to join the ranks of the top-producers, or you just want to make your career a whole lot easier, more fun and much more rewarding, it all starts with having a passion for what you do!

Yours In Success,
Jeremy Nason
‘The Nine Out Of Ten Guys’


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