Do You Want To Sell More Life Insurance?

One of your most powerful sales tools, in any sales call, is a written testimonial from a satisfied client. With the clients’ permission, you can recount their situation (in general terms) and describe how you were able to help them. The only problem with this lies in the credibility of the story. Will they believe it? Your prospect may, at least partially, disregard the story as just a sales ploy. The absolute best way to overcome this problem is to also provide a testimonial of your own personal story, and own what you sell.

Your own testimonial is a great tool to help those skeptical prospects to see the value of what you are offering and buy into the concept or product you are selling. For example, if you are selling life insurance as a supplemental retirement vehicle, or a college funding vehicle, while protecting your loved ones, you better be doing what you’re preaching. How can you sell the concept, if you don’t believe in it enough to buy it for yourself?

Owning what you sell gives added credibility to all your recommendations. It demonstrates that you are a total believer in what you do. However, you can’t just tell them you own the life insurance policy yourself. You must take your own life insurance policy (ies) along with you on all your appointments to show your prospect what was appropriate for your situation. Bringing your policy (ies) along with you clearly shows the prospect you followed your own advice. It then becomes concrete evidence for your prospect, and while in the midst of making an emotional decision, your clients will see that you took the steps to protect your family and save for your future. Therefore, they should do the same. In fact, all of the agents we work with who are truly successful at selling life insurance can speak from the heart! They believe in it so strongly that they own multiple policies on themselves and their family members.

To own what you sell makes sense both from a personal standpoint and a professional one. During the course of a life insurance presentation to a prospect, the question will almost always pop up… “What kind of policy do you own?” If you are not able to answer that question quickly and honestly, then your prospect will see you as just another salesperson, pushing a product and not trying to help them long term.

There are three benefits to purchasing a policy on yourself:

  • First and foremost, you are protecting the people you love.
  • Second, you’re accumulating assets for your future, just as you are encouraging your clients to do.
  • Third, to make the deal even sweeter, you will earn commissions on the life insurance policy you purchased for yourself, further reducing your out of pocket cost for the policy. And, depending on the company, possibly making the first year premiums FREE!!!

It really comes down to practicing what you preach, by following your own financial advice. This goes for everyone, no matter what you sell, whether it is LTCI, Disability, Critical Illness, IRA’s, Financial Plans, etc…

Believe in what you do! If you don’t believe in it… ‘How Can You Sell It?’

Is your excuse “I can’t afford it right now!” Isn’t that the same excuse you hear from your clients?

Is it time for you to “Find The Money?”

How can you get you prospect to take action, if you can’t, or won’t?

Yours In Success,
Jeremy Nason
‘The Nine Out Of Ten Guys’

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