‘Make It A Dominant, Immediate Need’

‘If You Want To Get People to See You Today, And Buy From You Today,
Then You Have To Help People To Decide What They Want Today!’

One of the most difficult aspects, about the products we offer, is that for the most part they are for future use. Think about it. With most of our products, we explain to our prospects how they will be protected in the event that someone dies or becomes disabled, sometime in the future. Or, we paint a picture of how important it is to be saving for retirement and how a few dollars a month invested into an Annuity or Life Insurance now, will result in a nice guaranteed nest egg, in 20 or 30 years.

While all of these things are true, they can be extremely difficult to sell because they’re future needs, not immediate ones. There is no compelling reason for our prospects to do something today, instead of tomorrow.

Almost everyone these days has a very short-term perspective on life. The only thing prospects really want to buy is something that will satisfy their immediate needs.

If they get hurt, they’ll pay a doctor to heal them. If they get sued, they’ll pay a lawyer to keep them out of jail. That’s why doctors and lawyers can be some of the absolute worst marketers in the world and still make very nice incomes – they are selling immediate needs.

Fortunately, there is actually a simple solution to this problem. It’s starts by delivering a consistent marketing message about the problems people are facing now and in the future. People need to see and understand the problems they will face and why they need to take action now. It’s about helping people to think about what they really WANT for THEIR future, so they WANT to change THEIR priorities, and they WANT to take action TODAY!

Yours In Success,
Jeremy Nason
‘The Nine Out Of Ten Guys’


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