How To Get More Sales From The People You Meet!

Would you like to learn how to have more people buy from you, buy more, and buy more often, then you must understand the reasons ‘why people buy!’ All of the leading sales trainers will tell you that; “People buy based on emotions and then justify their decisions based on logic.”

So, if you want to increase your sales, then it’s about you locating and pushing the right emotional buttons to get your prospect to make the decision to buy? The most prevalent reasons for people to buy are… to avoid pain, or to gain pleasure. But what pain and what pleasure?

Of course, locating and pushing the right emotional buttons only works if you are in front of the right prospects. The people who actually need what your are offering. These are the people you have the best chance of selling, if you learn how to push these emotional buttons.

Emotional Button #1. People buy… To Make Money or Save Money
There is no question that today, money is a factor in almost every one of our buying decisions; What does it cost? Where will I make the most money? Why is this a good deal? How can I save more? You have to answer their questions about money to help them to buy, and to make them feel good about their buying decision.

However, making money or saving money are not the only buying factors. If you want people to buy, then you’ll need to find and push multiple emotional buttons, like the ones below.

Emotional Button #2. People buy… To Protect The People They Love
Most people have an innate sense of obligation to the people we love. We want to make sure our family will never want for the basic physiological and safety needs, such as water, food, clothing, shelter, etc. The lack of money, now or in the future, can put our family’s basic needs in jeopardy, which can cause us great emotional pain.

What will happen to my family if they lose my income? How will they put food on the table? Where will they live?

Emotional Button #3. People buy… To Provide More For Their Family
Everyone wants to do better for their family, than they already have. They want their family to have more. They want their home to be in a better neighborhood, bigger and nicer. They want a new car, every two years. They want to see their kids attend and graduate from a top college. They want to provide for their loved ones, so that they are all comfortable.

How can you help them to do better for their family, now and in the future? Can you help them to set better priorities and become better managers of their money?

Emotional Button #4. People buy… To Feel Worthwhile and Good About Themselves
People want to feel good about what they do. “I work hard – I’ve earned it – I deserve it.” They want to eliminate the stress in their lives. Can you help them to eliminate their debts and have the money they want, so they can take their family on vacation, or to the aquarium? Buy a flat screen TV?

How can you help them to enjoy life more? How can you help them to feel good about their decisions? Help them to see the decisions they make really matter?

Emotional Button #5. People buy… To Have More Free Time (Save Time)
Today, we live in a society that is unwilling to wait for anything. We want overnight success. We want to work less and have more time for other things.

Can you put their mind at ease, and help them to make quicker decisions? Can you help them to retire early?

Emotional Button #6. People buy… To Build A Secure Financial Future
People want to have enough money, so they don’t have to worry about the future. People want their home paid off. They want to have the money to make their retirement years one big playground of fun and games.

How can you help them to accomplish their goals?

Emotional Button #7. People buy… To Have Beautiful Possessions (To Stand Out)
Most people enjoy having the nicer things in life. New furniture for their home. The home itself … it’s style, the yard, the neighborhoods are all “beautiful!” Nice cars, trucks and motorcycles, something you can be proud of. Fashionable clothes that make you look nice and feel good. “Clothes make the man!”

How does purchasing your product or service make them stand out from the crowd?

Emotional Button #8. People buy… To Be Recognized and Appreciated
Writing a book no one reads, fails to give much of a boost to the writer. Building a house from the ground up and not sharing the end result with friends and family gives little reward. Practice, practice, practice without actually getting a chance to perform is totally unfulfilling. Whether it is for the theatre, a musical instrument, a speech. People like to know that other people appreciate their efforts. The Oscars, the Emmys, the Boy Scout Eagle Scout award are each a form of recognition. And, each is a reason people make a decision to do something, to take action, to buy.

What can you do to help people to be recognized for their efforts?

Emotional Button #9. People buy… To Feel Important
Whether it’s cooking a meal for your family or reading a book to your kids, building a storage pen for the local school or changing a flat tire for a damsel in distress, writing a speech for the boss or donating your time to a charity, everyone wants to feel what they do makes a difference.

What can you do or say to make them feel important?

Emotional Button #10. People buy… To Take Advantage of Current Opportunities
Many people are looking to take advantage of a new or special opportunity that comes along. They are looking for a reward.

What’s special, new and exciting about your product or service takes make it an exceptional opportunity?

Emotional Button #11. People buy… To Have Friends, Be Popular and “Belong”
Everyone needs to have family and friends, a sense of belonging. That’s why so many people become part of a group, a club, or an association.

How can you help them feel like they belong to a special elite group?

Emotional Button #12. People buy… To Have Options and Gain Control
Back someone into a corner and most often you’ll have a fight on your hands. Give people only one way to do something and you’re leaving money on the table. People like options. They want options on how to buy, how to pay, when to pay. At the same time, they want to be in control. They want to make the buying decision. No one likes to be sold. When I am buying, I am in control. When you are selling me, you are in control. I want to be in control.

What options can you give people? Can you encourage your prospect to become your customer by allowing them the opportunity to make the final decisions?

Emotional Button #13. People buy… To Develop a Unique Identity (Feed their Ego)
People buy things and justify them for many reasons. Shopping at premium stores establishes an identity and feeds ego. Flying first class and eating fat free low calorie foods are 2 more activities that say who you are. They make you feel good about making those buying decisions… and about yourself.

What can you do to make people feel they are unique and important, feed their ego?

Emotional Button #14. People buy… To Express Their Love
Loving is difficult to measure and more easily “felt”. A box of candies, a bouquet of flowers, a piece of jewelry on Valentines Day. A surprise birthday party. This “Stuff” doesn’t express love, yet is an expression of love. Whether your product or service is “hard” or “soft”, small or large, new or old, upscale or inexpensive, no matter its’ content, you do want your buyer to be happy.

How can you help people to see their gift is an expression of their love for their family?

Happiness, Enthusiasm… Love. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Use these emotional buttons in your sales message, and you’ll attract more prospects to you.

Use these emotional buttons in your appointment scripts and you’ll set more appointments.

And, finally use these emotional button during you fact-finding process and you’ll have more people buy from you, buy more and buy more often!

Yours In Success,
Jeremy & Lew Nason

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