Can You Help Families Live The ‘American Dream?’

The American Dream envisioned by our forefathers was that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Our forefathers wanted America to be a land of freedom and opportunity, with a limited central government that would protect the people and maintain a safe environment for each person to have the Freedom to pursue their idea of happiness!

The American Dream is the idea that with hard work, anyone can achieve prosperity and happiness regardless of who they are or where they come from.

Over the centuries the American Dream has changed many times and became to mean the acquisition of material things, which is leading to the downfall of our American society. Too many Americans are living beyond their means and drowning in debt, in order to create a lifestyle they are being told and want to believe will make them happy… spending a lot of money on new cars, a huge home, etc.

We need to start focusing on what really matters, such as saving for a secure financial future, creating a meaningful life, contributing to our community, and spending time with family and friends.

We are very blessed to live here in America, because we are free to choose our own path. There are many people who are oppressed in this world. They struggle on day after day just to survive war, prejudice and starvation. They cannot choose their own path in life.

What can you do to help the families in your community to live the ‘American Dream?’

It’s no surprise that not having enough money to make ends meet is the biggest financial issue that most families are facing today. No matter how much they earn, getting by is still a struggle for most people.

According to a recent report (7/2017) from CareerBuilder…

  • 78% of full-time workers said they live paycheck to paycheck… up from 75% last year.
  • 71% all U.S. workers said they’re now in debt… up from 68% a year ago.
  • 56% said they are in over their heads with debt.
  • 56% save $100 or less each month.
  • About 18% of workers said they cut back on their 401k contributions or personal savings in the last year.
  • More than one-third don’t put any money away for retirement.

You can help the families in your community to live the American Dream by becoming a true advisor and helping them to ‘find the money’ to spend, save, invest, insure and plan wisely for their future, to “Live Debt Free and Truly Wealthy!”

You can help those families to see and understand the problems they are facing now and in the future, so they will want to set better priorities for their families.

If we as an industry don’t start helping families, who will?

Let’s show people how they can still live the American Dream, even in this economy!

What are you doing to make the American Dream a reality for you and your family?
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Yours In Success,
Jeremy Nason and Alex Villa
‘The 9 Out Of 10 Guys’

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