Prospecting… There has to be a better, much easier and more cost-effective approach…

Most agents in this industry are going about lead generation the wrong way!  They think prospecting is talking to anyone and everyone, knowing the more people they talk to the more they will sell.  This is true.  However there is a much easier way!  The approach we take (in all of our systems and training) is making sure that agents spend their time attracting, contacting and meeting with the right people!  Instead of playing the numbers game, we want the agent to focus on identifying the prospects that they have the best chance of selling. Our strategy is based on 5-4-3! If you talk to five (5) of the ‘Right Prospects’, you’ll set four (4) appointments and close three (3) sales.

The logic is that if you focus on finding and contacting the ‘right prospects’ it’s much easier to set appointments, close sales and make larger sales.  Plus, when you are working with the right prospects… you’ll have fewer cancelled appointments, fewer not-taken policies, fewer declined applications, fewer lapsed policies, etc.

Do you want to sell life insurance the easy way? Do you want to spend less money, generating leads? Do you want to earn $100,000 or more per year, without working 50, 60 or more hour per week?

Then Quit prospecting in the hardest way possible and ask the following questions…

  • Who Are Your Ideal Prospects Life Insurance?
  • Where Do You Find Them?
  • What are the most cost effective ways to get them to contact you?
  • What do you say to get the appointment?
  • How do you get them emotionally involved in the sales process?
  • Where do you find the money?
  • How do I sell cash-value life insurance instead of cheap term?

You’ll get all of the answers to these and many more questions, with all the tools you’ll need in our ‘Advanced Mortgage Insurance Sales Tool Kit’!

The marketing and sales information, tips and strategies in this advanced lead and sales system are NOT some magical theories I’ve just dreamed up, or read somewhere in a book. This complete system is based upon proven mortgage insurance marketing and sales success strategies that I have been using with insurance agents for over 2 decades.

Note: For Advanced Agents... this strategy is an amazing door opener! Get in the door using the mortgage insurance angle, do a problem finding fact find and watch all their problems come to the surface. Figure out the one or two problems they want solved first. Forget the 2k-3K sale, the advisor I have doing this average 4K to 6K a household! This gets your foot in the door and enables you to help the families in many ways. Don’t blow this off!

Why are the agents we help able to do so well?

First, they are taught how to get off to a quick start using ‘Cutting-Edge’ Prospecting and Appointment Setting Skills. They are learning the secrets of how to be in front of their IDEAL prospects everyday! 

Second, they are learning how to consistently close three cash value life insurance sales each week by helping their prospects to see and understand the problems they face, so they want to take action today. People don’t buy what they need! They buy what they want!

Third, they are learning how to help their prospects to ‘Find the Money’ to get the life insurance they want to protect their family, without them spending any additional money, or changing their current life style!

If you take the time to carefully study and apply the information in our ‘Advanced Mortgage Insurance Sales Tool Kit’, you too will learn the proven strategies these agents and advisors are using to… Sell Mortgage Insurance The Easy Way! 

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