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FREE Downoad... Learn how to attract a steady stream of your 'IDEAL' mortgage insurance LeadsDiscover... How You Can Quickly Find Your Ideal Mortgage Leads To Double Your Life Insurance Sales!

Learn how to find & attract your IDEAL mortgage insurance LEADS / prospects, right in your local community, to earn $10,000 or more per month, without you buying or taking reduced commissions to get leads. Imagine how much money, time, and aggravation you would you save?

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Get Off To A Fast Start Using Mortgage Life Insurance!

This is NOT about selling the 'Low Cost', 'Guaranteed Issue' mortgage insurance.

We are using the home mortgage as the easiest way to get in the prospects door!

You will actually be offering your clients, permanent, cash value Life Insurance!

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Fast Start Mortgage Insurance Tool Kit
Advanced Mortgage Insurance Lead and Sales System

With Membership to the Insurance Marketing & Sales Resource Center™
With 3 Months of One-on-One Training, Coaching, and REAL SUPPORT!

Instead of struggling with "buying mortgage insurance leads", "cold calling", and "beating the bushes" in an effort to BEG for clients, we are offering you a proven 'turnkey' mortgage lead program that magnetically finds & attracts your ideal mortgage life insurance prospects for you ...right in your local community!

This step-by-step, mortgage insurance lead system, with membership to the Insurance Marketing & Sales Resource Center™, eliminates the "grunt work" forever and instead puts your lead generation efforts practically on auto-pilot.

Quickly Find & Attract your 'IDEAL' mortgage insurance leads, right in your local community... to set much better sales appointments.

Then close more and much larger life insurance sales, by helping families to 'Find the Money' for IUL, UL, and Whole Life Insurance, to protect their family and pay off their mortgage 10-15 years early... and you'll put serious money in your pocket!

Now on a USB (Flash) Drive!

90 Day, No Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee
We ship in 24 hours, using Priority Mail

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Overview & System Outline

Frequently Asked Questions

The Only Training & Programs Endorsed By Over 40 Industry Legends & Experts!

Brian Tracy, Renowned Speaker, Sales Trainer and Author "I began by selling financial services and I can assure you that Lew
is one of our greatest authorities on improving financial sales!"

 Brian Tracy, Renowned Speaker, Sales Trainer and Author
Tracy began his career in the financial services industry where he built a very large
sales organization. He is one of America's "most booked" speakers & sales trainers.

Revealed... What Very Successful Life Insurance Producers Know, That You Don't, About Mortgage Insurance Leads!

Dear Insurance Agents,

If you’re new to mortgage protection sales (or, if you’re just tired of selling the lowest cost term life insurance and barely making a living) and you want to “crack the code” on the ‘Cutting Edge’ mortgage protection lead generation, prospecting, appointment setting and sales skills that will get you off to a quick start... so you can immediately start closing mortgage protection sales like a pro ... then this will be the most exciting thing you ever read.

We’ve Made It Easier For You... And Much More Profitable!
The very best insurance sales professionals know there are just three basic things behind making consistent mortgage protection sales…

  • Being In Front Of The 'IDEAL' High Quality Mortgage Protection Leads…

  • Turning Those 'IDEAL' Leads Into High Quality Life Insurance Sales Appointments...

  • Consistently Closing Those High Quality Sales Appointments Into Mortgage Protection Sales!

The problem is that most insurance agents are being told they can buy their way into a sale. They are being told that they can buy tons of mortgage protection leads, tell the prospects that they have lowest priced term life insurance products, and they’ll get lots of appointments and close lots of sales. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, and the vast majority of these agents are struggling to make a decent living selling mortgage protection. Shameful!

If it were that easy to sell mortgage protection, wouldn’t every one of those agents be making a six figure income?

“If You Want To Succeed In Insurance Sales, Then Stop Selling Products! Instead Help People To Find A Solution To Their Problems!” Lew Nason

Obviously There’s Something Missing...
There’s Something You Aren’t Being Told!

You Can Consistently Earn $100,000 or more Selling Mortgage Protection!

It’s EASY Once You Know And Apply The Insider Secrets!

Proven 80% Success Rate…
We‘ve been training and coaching career and independent life insurance agents for over 3 decades. For example: As a branch manager for Met Life, from 1989 to 1994, I hired 23 brand new agents. Each of these agents started their careers by selling mortgage protection life insurance. Over 10 years later, 18 of those agents were still selling life insurance and making well over $100,000 per year. Most them were making $200,000, $300,000 and much more.

Consider, according to LIMRA, (Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association) the failure rate for new agents coming into this business is over 90% in the first 5 years. I was able to achieve an 80% success rate.

Why Are These Agents Doing So Well?
First, we taught them how to get off to a quick start, with very little expense, using ‘Cutting-Edge’ prospecting and appointment setting skills. They have learned how to 'Attract' their ideal prospects, instead of chasing after them.

Second, they learned how to consistently close 3-5 life insurance sales each week by helping their prospects to ‘Find the Money’ to pay-off their mortgage 5-10 years early, to save thousands in interest payments! (Minimum commission $1,000 x 5 sales x 50 weeks = $250,000)

Consider, it doesn’t matter how many leads you have, if you don’t have the skills to turn those leads into an appointment and then into a sale!

“The Main Reason So Many Advisors Struggle In Insurance Sales, Isn’t From A Lack Of Qualified Leads. It Is From Their Inability To Turn Those Leads Into An Appointment, Let Alone A Sale! ” Lew Nason

We’ve made it astonishingly easy! Simple to get!
And, best of all... We’ve Kept It Affordable For Everyone!

Think about it, you can keep stumbling and fumbling around, searching for a good source of mortgage protection leads; spending a thousand or more per month on leads; and struggle to make a living, to become one of the 85% who don’t even make it past the first year! Or, you can invest in a mortgage protection lead generation and selling program that has a proven 80% success rate.

And, because our strategies are based upon you really helping people, you will consistently 'ATTRACT' prospects to you... instead of chasing after them and begging for an appointment!

If you’re looking for a ‘Magic Formula’ that doesn’t require initially require study, practice, and hard work… this isn’t it! (Because, it doesn’t exist!)

However, if you’re ready to stop listening to all the hype and false promises out there!

If you’re ready to learn what it really takes to start closing $10,000, $20,000, or more of life insurance sales each and every month, the right way! And do it in the next 90 days or less… then you must invest in this detailed ‘turnkey’ system TODAY!

To Learn More... Download Our Free Detailed, Report Now!

Norman Vincent Peale Quote

These Agents Doubled And Tripled Their Mortgage Protection Sales In 90 Days Or Less... And You Will To!


"In Just 3.5 Months I Sold $44,000 In Life Premiums

Mark Kanakaris"I have been looking for a "magic" system for selling insurance and leads. It doesn't exist! However, within about 30 days the Insurance Pro Shop's Mortgage Protection Sales System and training has changed my practice! This is a complete system that if applied can turn anyone's practice around in 30 days. The simple facts are... from Jan 1/2011 - Mar 31/2011, I sold $30k in life premium. From April 1-18th I sold $14K in life premium and 2 annuities for $57k.  I also had a client call me and we are working on a $300k annuity which will be the largest I have ever moved.  I have looked everywhere for a system that works, and bought a lot systems. This is the only one that really works.  There are some simple truths to this business and you cannot work around them.  The key to the selling Mortgage Protection is in showing people how to pay for the coverage the want.  I think this is a must have for any agent. It changed my life." Mark Kanakaris - GA, (4 years in business)

"What a life changer ...I Increased My Average
Case Size From $600 Annual Premium To Well Over $2000"

David Trusler

"Lew, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for recommending the mortgage protection tool kit. It has definitely helped me increase my average case size from $600 annual premium to well over $2000 annual premium per case. Also, prior to purchasing the tool kit, I was spending over $2,000 per month on leads. I am proud to say that I have not purchased a single lead in over two months and my production is still climbing. What a life changer. I cannot thank you enough. You are truly making a difference." David Trusler, MBA, IL, Trusler Financial Group, (6 years in business)

Tony Filippone, RFC, - IL"In 3 weeks I closed 4 life insurance sales for $9,000 in commissions"

"Thank you. Since starting with you 3 weeks ago I’m already seeing a big difference. This week I closed 4 life insurance sales for $9,000 in commissions. It’s my best week ever."
Tony Filippone, RFC, FMM
- IL (10 years in business)

"...their production rose an average 40%."

“Thanks. Further to my interesting conversation with Lew I would like to say how great your site is. I purchased the mortgage insurance sales system, which my sales guys have used and their production rose an average 40%.  This is my 36th year in the Life Assurance Business and I've not come across better. With the help of your site, people can achieve goals. I look forward to receiving the (FMM) Advanced Life Insurance Sales Kit. I will keep you posted.” Silvano Deblasi - United Kingdom


"I’m now getting an appointment with 1 out of every 2 people I talk to."

"The Mortgage Insurance Tool Kit has been a great help. Using the survey I’m now getting
an appointment with 1 out of every 2 people I talk to."

John R. - FL

Three Generations Serving You! Jeremy Nason, Alex Villa, & Lew Nason!Our Family Is Dedicated To Helping You To Succeed…

My family and I would like to help you to take your business
and your life to the next level. Please give us a call for a
FREE 15 minute, no obligation consultation, so we can
review your situation to find the best ways to help you.

Toll Free In US 877-297-4608 / Direct Line 770-443-2852

"Is it worth 15 minutes of your time to see if we can help you
to take your business from ordinary to Extraordinary?

It’s entirely up to you. You can continue to believe all the hype out there... Or, you can invest your money, time, and effort in a mortgage protection sales system that has a ‘time tested’ proven history of helping agents to double or triple their life insurance sales and commissions in as little as the next 30-90 days!

There is a reason why over 30 of the most trusted and respected names in this industry, the IARFC, and hundreds of successful advisors highly recommend our life insurance marketing and sales programs, with real training and support. 

Yours in success,
Jeremy Nason and Lew Nason

"The 9 Out of 10 Guys"

If You Want To Prosper In This Great Career,
Then Learn
How 'You Can Make The Difference'
In People's Lives, Instead of Just Making A Sale!

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It's the easiest way to hear directly from Lew Nason, Jeremy Nason and some of the foremost experts in the industry... at NO cost to you! ($147.00 Value) Every week, you'll get the latest marketing & sales training, plus success stories, guest columns, special offers, webinar updates and so much more.

Plus, you'll receive the First Step to SOLVING Your Marketing and Lead Problems... By Downloading This FREE Special Report... 'The Marketing Controversy!'

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The Difference"


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Judge Us By The Company We Keep!

Mehdi Fakharzadeh, RFC - "MDRT Life Member"Endorsement From A Living Industry Legend

"Many of our industry super-achievers owe a
large part of their success to Lew Nason"

Mehdi Fakharzadeh,
RFC - "MDRT Life Member"
"The most successful living and active insurance sales
agent in the United States." Leader's Magazine

Mehdi Fakharzadeh, RFC - "MDRT Life Member" Shares His Knowledge At The Insurance Pro Shop's Trusted Adviser Success Training

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