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There is a huge difference between the self-proclaimed experts who are really recruiters in disguise and
will promise you anything and everything to get your business... verses people who have over 30 years
of experience and are actually dedicating their lives to helping you to succeed in this business.

We are dedicated insurance marketing and sales trainers, coaches and mentors...  NOT recruiters!

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Alexander J. Villa, CFMM (Lew’s Grandson)

Alex is the newest family member to join the Insurance Pro Shop Team. He is currently attending college to obtain his degree in Business Administration and Finance.  He brings a new outlook, fresh ideas, and unique problem solving abilities to the table.  He is a licensed Insurance Professional and has already qualified as a Certified Trusted Financial Advisor

Jeremy B. Nason, RFC, CFLA (Lew’s Son)
Jeremy is a co-founder of the Insurance Pro Shop, Independent Agents Insurance Group and Found Money Management. Starting in 1994, he has become an award winning national sales coach, trainer and manager for insurance agents, financial advisors and planners. Jeremy and Stacey have 3 children. Jeremy coaches the Dallas little league baseball team.

Lew B. Nason, RFC, LUTCF, CFLA
Lew is the creator and co-founder of the Insurance Pro Shop, Independent Agents Insurance Group and Found Money Management. He is a college graduate in business, with 30 years of experience in the financial services industry as an Account Representative, Business & Estate Planning Liaison, Branch Manager, Regional General Agent, Recruiter, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Coach and Mentor. As an Account Representative, Branch Manager and Regional General Agent he has qualified for numerous sales conventions and prestigious awards from Met Life, Jefferson Pilot Life and Aviva Life.

Lew has been very happily married to Rosemary since 1968. They have 3 children, 10 terrific grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter.

Rosemary J. Nason
Rosemary is a former senior corporate accountant for a Fortune 500 Company. She is semi-retired and helps out where and when needed. She also does volunteer work as a ‘Court Appointed Special Advocate’ for abused children.

Meet Our Team’s Family

Jeremy & Stacey And Their Children... Austin, Jessica & Taylor







Will & Kelley And Their Children... Nick, Alyssa & Samantha




Jeremy and Stacey, Will and Kelley, with all their children at
Stacey’s and Kelley’s parents farm in Florida. Yes, their sisters

Rosemary & Lew



Lew Nason
(back row, 1st from right), Will Nason (third row, 3rd from right)
and Jeremy Nason (second row, 2nd from right)... Troup 88, at Camp Squanto,
Plymouth, Massachusetts, Boy Scout Summer Camp, in 1989.
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