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‘Dynamite’ Referred Lead System
The Insurance Referral Program Specifically Designed For Today's Insurance Agents And Financial Advisors! The Simple Secrets To You Generating Endless Referrals!

 Only $95.00    Order - Dynamite’ Referred Lead System™   "Immediate Download"

The Leading Insurance Referral Program For Insurance Agents & Financial Advisors!

Inside our ‘Dynamite’ Referred Lead Systemyou will learn:

  • A step-by-step strategy to follow to consistently generate endless referrals.

  • How to set yourself apart so your clients want to refer you!

  • How to talk about referrals without sounding pushy or needy.

  • How to properly set up Joint Ventures to cash in on referrals.

What if, within a year, you could get 50% or more of your appointments and sales from referred leads?

Recent Survey

We completed an advisor survey about referrals. Here is a quick review of what they found. It’s shocking!

* only 16% of the agencies said they had an Organized Business System to generate referrals, even though 49% of them said the QUALITY of referrals was good to excellent.

* 62% of advisors said they get at least 25% of their new business from referrals - Does it mean they could get A LOT more referrals, if they had an SYSTEM?

* 46% of advisors have a "joint venture partner" that reliably gives them referrals, mostly on an "informal" basis.

* only 46% have a "reward system" that rewards people who gave referrals. (just imagine how many they'd get if they actually rewarded the behavior they wanted!)

Leading Insurance Referral Program for insurance agents and financial advisors!

"It is truly something every agent, broker, and financial pro should have"

"Thank You. I greatly appreciate your efforts and all you do to promote the well being of America and Americans. You are a hero that many look up to. I just received the 'Dynamite Referred Lead System' I ordered (for 20 for my best agents) online at It is truly something every agent, broker, and financial pro should have; including every sales person whatever their sales agenda be. In my next article "The Secret to making New Years Resolutions come true - Yours & Others," I will recommend all sales people add to their New Years Resolution list - Get a copy of The 'Dynamite Referred Lead System' - it will help your New Years Resolutions come true. "
Paul Cross
IL - Founder of the Annuity National Brokerage Corp. (30+ years)

"my business has grown significantly"

“I started with Lew roughly two years ago. He has helped me tremendously with his phone coaching. I was able to give him information about my prospects and  clients, so that he would give me the CORRECT questions to ask them, to lead them to the sale… my business has grown significantly because of his help with the right questions as well as helping me put together some simple marketing techniques that go a long way. Lew truly helps you have that slight edge.”
Joseph F.
, RIA - NJ (with a National Bank)

"You guys at Insurance Pro Shop tell the truth and tell both sides of the story." 

 Joe Casey, TN"Being is this business for 2 1/2 years now I know one thing is true.  There is allot - allot of BS out there!  The quest to find the right info has been hard and difficult.  Being new in the insurance business I have been on this journey to find the right fit for insurance companies, products, lines of insurance, selling, marketing, and a system to follow.  Not really knowing what's good, bad and ugly in this business - I have been sided lined, ran over, ripped off, had success, feast or famine, tried this and that, wined and dinned by the best, etc,.  One thing I have found out on this journey. You guys at Insurance Pro Shop tell the truth and tell both sides of the story. I just wish I would have realized that sooner. Thank You." Joe Casey, TN

"He can lead you to the easiest and least expensive way
to literally explode your production."

Tony Filippone, RFC - IL, (13 years in insurance)“Personally, I have been in the financial services industry for about 13 years and I have only been receiving coaching from Lew in the last 3... Some of Lew's coaching may at times come across as, “oh I knew that”, or “yeah, yeah I could do that, but that’s not what I want to do.” Do not dismiss what this man has to say. He knows from years of experience what he is talking about. He can lead you to the easiest and least expensive way to literally explode your production. Listen, Listen, Listen and shorten your learning curve. If Lew tells you to do something, at least try it. If you don't get the results you were expecting call him, tweak it and try it some more. You will not be disappointed.”
Tony Filippone
, RFC - IL (13 years in insurance)

Here’s How You Will Have An Endless Steam Of Referrals, With Our...
‘Dynamite’ Referred Lead System

The Leading Insurance Referral Program For Insurance Agents & Financial Advisors!Would you agree that information is among the most worthless commodities on earth? We are flooded with information from books, magazines, the internet, news and seminars, not to mention TV. We have far too much information - and not enough guidance about using the information to make a significant difference in our lives. Our goal with this Dynamite’ Referred Lead System is to guide you on using the best of what we have learned from working with hundreds of very successful advisors and trainers and in our own businesses for the past three decades.

There is more to getting referrals, than just learning to ask for them. Generating endless referrals is predicated on you making yourself referable!

W. Edwards Deming Quote

Section One - The ‘Dynamite’ Referred Lead System

Page 3 - Introduction To Referred Leads

Page 4 - How to Build Your Business the Easy Way

Page 6 - How To Generate Automatic Referrals

Page 9 - Don’t Compete… Create

Page 11 - Ben Feldman’s 13 Sales Success Secrets

Page 13 - The Power Of Word of Mouth

Page 16 - Finding Your Prospecting Magic Genie

Page 22 - Client Feedback… Dynamite Referred Lead System

Page 23 - Dynamite Referred Lead System… Overview

Page 24 - Why Referred Leads

Page 25 - What Are Referred Leads

Page 26 - Why Do People Give Referred Leads

Page 27 - When to Ask For Referrals

Page 28 - Steps For Asking For Referred Leads (with Referral Scripts)

Page 31 - Centers Of Influence (with Referral Scripts)

Page 32 - Answering Objections (with Referral Scripts)

Page 34 - Sample Referred Lead Letters

Page 35 - Sample Approach Talks To Referrals (with Referral Scripts)

Page 36 - My Referred Lead Talk (with Referral Scripts)

Page 37 - Get Even More Referrals

Page 38 - Letter To Referred Leads

Page 41 - Endorsement Letter From Business

Page 42 - Power Benefit Statements

Page 49 - Client Survey Form

Page 50 - Referred Lead Qualifier Form

Page 51 - Thank you Letter

Section Two - Six Steps To Insurance Marketing Success

“Visibility is the power that triggers the mind to action. When the moment of
need or desire arises, will customers think of you first? This is the key question.”

Would you like to double or triple your income, in the next 12 months and start working 10 to 20 hours less each week? You can, even in today’s competitive market place, if you get your message out to the right people who can benefit from what you have to offer.

By following these six steps you'll make yourself referable. You'll get your clients to buy from you over and over again for years to come… and they’ll refer everyone they know to you.

Step 1 - Make Your Agency Stand Out From The Crowd

Step 2 - Create A Unique Selling Proposition

Step 3 - Separate Yourself From The Competition By Specializing

Step 4 - Focus On Lead Generation Marketing

Step 5 - Deliver Your Message To The Right People

Step 6 - Become A Celebrity

Section Three - The Joint Venture Endorsement Contact System

One of the absolute best ways to have a ton of referrals is to get other successful businesses... To Recommend You To ALL Their Clients!!! 

* HOT Idea The Endorsement Sales Letter (powerful way to get leads)

* HOT Idea Reciprocal Endorsement Letter

* HOT Idea Endorsement Letter

* Bonus Idea "Agency Gets 100% Response From Mailing!"

* Create a Sales Letter Overview

* 10 Things To Include That Will Drive Your Direct Mail Response Thru The Ceiling!

* How To Direct Market Your Services

* Cookie Jars and the "Scarcity" Mindset

* Power Benefit Statements

Section Four - The Joint Venture Endorsement Marketing System

Joint venture marketing is the ultimate ‘insider secret’ to generating literally thousands of life insurance and annuity referrals, in your area, rapidly and with the utmost credibility.

Page 3 - Joint Venture Marketing (Creating Centers of influence)

Page 4 - How To Cash In On Joint Ventures!

Page 5 - The Benefits Of Joint Venture Marketing!

Page 6 - How To Find and Form Joint Venture Partnerships!

Page 9 - Successful Joint Venture Endorsements!

Page 11 - Getting Started

Page 12 - Share Clients And Prospects… With Other Sales People!

Page 13 - Multiline Agencies Are Missing Out On A… Huge Profit Center!

Page 16 - Initial Joint Venture Letter to a Business Owner

Page 17 - 2nd Follow-up Joint Venture Letter to a Business Owner

Page 18 - Final Follow-up Joint Venture Letter to a Business Owner

Page 19 - Endorsement Letter To Clients (Free Consultation)

Page 20 - Endorsement Letter To Clients (Free Educational Workshop)

Section Five - "The 10 Most Critical Steps To Making A Six Figure Income In Your Business..."

If you listen to tapes or read books by Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robins, Napoleon Hill, Joel Weldon or most of the top sales training and motivational experts, I believe they would all agree that if you use each the following 10 steps you can... Make A Six figure Income In Your Business In The Next 12 Months!

However, the key is you must follow all 10 steps.

Please keep an open mind as you read this white paper. Then immediately take action to incorporate all of these ideas into your life.

And, there's so much more... You’ll Receive 12 Free Gifts...

  • The Greatest Marketing Secrets of the Ages... by Yanik Silver - If you look back to the great ad men of this century you’ll find some incredible marketing strategies you can dust off and use for your own business. I hope you realize, human nature does not change. Human beings will continue being sold by the same appeals that have been used for centuries.

  • The 10 Commandments of Power Positioning... by Michael Fortin - "The Success Doctor" Turning Your Business Into A Powerful Magnet!

  • The Science Of Getting Rich... by Wallace D. Wattles - This book is a practical manual, not a treatise upon theories. It is intended for the men and women whose most pressing need is for money, who wish to get rich first, and philosophize afterward. It is for those who want results and who are willing to take the conclusions of science as a basis for action, without going into all the processes by which those conclusions were reached.

  • The Secret to Winning Every Single Time… In Everything You Do... By Jim Edwards - Exactly how to rise above the competition in every aspect of your life so you can enjoy all the happiness, prosperity and MONEY you want… any time you want it!

And 8 more career and life changing classic guides to having the success you have been dreaming of!

"Thanks for the straight forward, result oriented, coaching!"Ken Walbridge - TX

Lew, you are good. You have a tremendous gift in/of coaching, guiding us agents through all the fog, saving us time and money, advising us in a way to simply cut through all the fog, so that we act on what gets results (vs. otherwise just randomly having the attitude of let’s just throw some money at it and see if by happenstance it might have mediocre performance). Thanks for the straight forward, result oriented, coaching! I look forward to our next coaching session. All the best”
Ken Walbridge - TX

"Anyone who does not take advantage of your information is silly"

“Agents today have no real training, no mentors, and by offering this type of service you are doing them a real favor. Anyone who does not take advantage of your information is silly if they are to remain in this business.”
Roger Craig,
LUTCF, Licensed Agent since 1965 (43 years)

Our Family Is Dedicated To Helping You To Succeed...
Please give us a call for a FREE 15 minute, no obligation consultation, so we can review your situation to find the
best ways to help you achieve the success you desire.

Toll Free In US 877-297-4608 / Direct Line 770-443-2852

Yours in success,
Jeremy & Lew Nason
The 9 Out Of 10 Guys...

P.S. Don't wait to get started, take action now!  You'll get everything we've promised, and much, more!  Go ahead and hold our feet to the fire to provide you with the insurance referral program that really works - your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. 

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Mehdi Fakharzadeh,
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