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Life Insurance & Annuity Marketing, Prospecting & Sales Tips & Ideas

There is a huge difference between the self-proclaimed experts who are really recruiters in disguise and
will promise you anything and everything to get your business... verses people who have over 30 years
of experience and are actually dedicating their lives to helping you to succeed in this business.

We are dedicated insurance marketing and sales trainers, coaches and mentors...  NOT recruiters!

Napoleon Hill Quote

A Very Important Message
For New and Struggling Insurance Agents

Insurance Sales & Motivation Quotes
By Insurance Industry Leaders and Legends

NAIFA & Million Dollar Round Table

Why You Need & Want The 'LUTCF' From NAIFA

Why You Should Join Join (NAIFA)...
National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

What Is 'Million Dollar Round Table' (MDRT)? 
What Are The Requirements For MDRT?

How To Qualify For 'MDRT' In 2016

Million Dollar Round Table Training


Financial Advisors

How To Become A ‘Successful’ Financial Advisor

Are You A Real Financial Planner/Advisor?


Why Do You Need A Coach?

Why We All Need A Mentor or Coach!

How Important Is The 3 Months of Personal Coaching
And Support You Get With Our Specialized Systems!


Insurance Marketing and Sales Tips & Ideas

101 Of The Very Best Insurance Marketing And Prospecting Tips, Ideas And Advice...

What Does It Take For A New Agent To Succeed Today In Insurance Sales?

Learn The #1 Reason Why Most Agents and Advisors Struggle
with Life Insurance and Annuity Prospecting!

Discover… What Most Agents, Advisors and Planners Don't Know About
Selling Life Insurance and Annuities!

A Quick Way To Generate Life Insurance and Annuity Leads, Appointments and Sales!

How To Get Off To A Quick Start Selling Life Insurance and Annuities!

Revealed! Closely Guarded Secrets For Using Free Information
Booklets and Special Reports To Get Prospects To Call You!

NEW Use WebPrez Videos and IPS Educational Workshops to Generate
a Consistent Stream of Qualified Sales Appointments

How Do You Quickly Increase Your Life Insurance and Annuity Sales?

How To Sell '9 Out Of 10' Life Insurance and Annuity Prospects You Meet With!

Where Can You Find and Make The Most Money?

Discover… The TOTAL Success Formula for Selling Life Insurance and Annuities

The Ultimate Investment!

What Every Agent Ought To Know About MoneyTrax
and the Circle of Wealth® system & Don Blanton

What Every Agent Ought To Know About The LEAP System
& Wealth In Motion Training

How To Market and Sell Life Insurance and Annuities...
In Spite Of Your B/D Compliance Department

FREE Detailed Report
How To Attract And Sell The 'Ideal' Insurance Prospects!

Annuity Marketing and Sales Tips & Ideas

How to Collect One Million Of Annuity Premiums Each Month
Using Annuity Seminars!

What Every Advisor Ought To Know About Filling Their Annuity Seminars
 With The Right Prospects!

The 'Insider Secrets' To Setting Appointments With '9 Out Of 10' Attendees
 At Your Annuity Seminars

How To Market and Sell Life Insurance and Annuities...
In Spite Of Your B/D Compliance Department

FREE Detailed Report
'10 Deadly Mistakes' Most Advisors Make That Keeps Them From 
Collecting 'One Million Dollars' Of Annuity Premiums Every Month!

Life Insurance Marketing and Sales Tips & Ideas

Selling Mortgage Protection Insurance... The Easy Way!

How To Sell Life Insurance... In Spite Of Our Struggling Economy!

How To Sell Life Insurance... In The Current Recession!

Shorten Your Learning Curve For Selling Life Insurance!

Revitalize Your Life Insurance Sales!

What Is... 'Found Money Management™'?

The 'Insider Secrets' To Success With...
The Infinite Banking Concept 'Becoming Your Own Banker'

The 'Insider Secrets' To Success With…
The Missed Fortune Concept, ...Even In Today's Troubled Economy

How Will Climbing Interest Rates Affect Found Money Management™?

How To Get Off To A Quick Start With Found Money Management!

How To Sell Life Insurance! We've Made It Easier and Quicker For You!

How To Market and Sell Life Insurance and Annuities...
In Spite Of Your B/D Compliance Department

FREE Detailed Report
Advisor's Guide To Found Money Management

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You'll Be Amazed At How Quickly You Can Insrease Your Appointments & Sales!

Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center

Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center - Training for Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors      You'll gain Immediate Access (24/7) to a private web site with the Greatest Collection of Million Dollar Producers’ Insurance and Annuity Marketing, Lead Generation, Appointment Setting and Sales Success Tips, Scripts and Strategies Ever Assembled Into One Place for today's Agents and Advisors... It’s actually a 'Mini University' in insurance marketing and sales with Articles, ‘Step by Step’ Courses, Videos, Scripts and much more!

30 Day, Risk Free Trial... 100% Money Back Guarantee...
No long-term requirement, you can cancel any time!

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What Are Successful Agents And Advisors Saying
About Our Tool Kits, Training, and Support?

"Insurance Pro Shop changed my life."

"I have been looking for a “magic” system for selling insurance and leads.  It doesn’t exist!  However, within about 30 days the Insurance Pro Shop’s Mortgage Protection Sales System and training has changed my practice!  This is a complete system that if applied can turn anyone’s practice around in 30 days. The simple facts are... from Jan 1/2011 – Mar 31/2011, I sold $30k in life premium.  From April 1 – 18th I sold $14K in life premium and 2 annuities for $57k.  I also had a client call me and we are working on a $300k annuity which will be the largest I have ever moved.  I have looked everywhere for a system that works, and bought a lot systems. This is the only one that really works.  There are some simple truths to this  business and you cannot work around them.  The key to the selling Mortgage Protection is in showing people how to pay for the coverage the want.  I think this is a must have for any agent. It changed my life."
Mark Kanakaris,
BA- GA, (4 Years in business)

"This year our life production is up almost 100% over
last year and I believe it will double again."

"Dear Lew; As you are aware I have been in the industry for 39 years and am a consistent MDRT ‘Top of the Table’ qualifier. I have spoken at MDRT, and at several major companies top producer meetings. In 2000 I went from being a Agency Development General Agent to a Personal Producer. The transition was challenging, but it worked. The one thing I lost along the way was the focus on life insurance sales. I tried several refresher programs, and was able to modestly upgrade life production. Then I found your company. Eventually, I purchased several of your programs including Found Money Management and How to Close 9 out of 10.  The material is excellent and I have spent many hours reviewing it. This year our life production is up almost 100% over last year and I believe it will double again. Thanks for your personal consulting time, the programs and most of all your sincere belief in the good work you and your company are doing." Richard C. Moldenhauer, CLU, ChFC, RFC, CEP,
MDRT ‘Top Of The Table’ - NY (39 years in business) June 2010

" production is up 65% over last year already."

“I have combed through your website (the Insurance Marketing & Sales Resource Center)
and read almost every page and want to say thank you! The information has helped big time,
my production is up 65% over last year already.

Rick H. - Winnipeg MB

"...the sale was for $24,000 commission, not a bad day!!!"

“I just made a large (for me) annuity sale that would have not been possible had I not used your
(the Insurance Marketing & Sales Resource Center) and your coaching advice. I have
 learned to listen much, much, more than talk. The sale is made by them not me. And most importantly I did the right thing for the client because they will be earning much more income
and saving a bundle on taxes. So, you not only helped me, but the client. Oh, by the way, the
sale was for $24,000 commission, not a bad day!!!
This is only step one in the planning
process, step two the life insurance review will generate another smaller, but nice sale.”

Brian H. - PA

"Using the ‘I need help’ approach to setting  appointments REALLY helped."

“I have been able to set up appointments with every single one of my ‘hard to reach’ friends and relatives and hard to approach friends and relatives that weren't returning my phone calls. Using the ‘I need help’ approach to setting appointments REALLY helped. Thanks a TON!”
Dave Lewis,
RFA - NY (1 year in the business)

"Lew’s mastery of the art of question asking are an indispensable
part of unearthing a client’s real needs and wants."

“Sometimes the change we seek is right under our nose. Where it’s hardest to see. Hidden from view because our success can fool us into thinking we 'already know.' Like how to listen. R-e-a-l-l-y listen! Not to be confused with the absence of talking! That and Lew’s mastery of the art of question asking are an indispensable part of unearthing a client’s real needs and wants. Go there! Get connected to the INSURANCE PRO SHOP and revitalize your business and yourself.”
Rhona C. Porter, RFC, MSM, FMM - CA  
(3 years in business)

"I ended up closing 5 out of 7 appointments... for $350,000 for the week."

“I bought the Annuity Quick Start plan with the hope of getting a system that will keep me in front of the money. The first day after reading some of Lew's ideas on presenting and closing sales, I closed 3 out of 3 appointments! I ended up closing 5 out of 7 appointments for $350,000 for the week (all were one call closes). I have to give Lew credit, I made some slight changes in my overall approach that produced immediate results. I now feel confident that Lew can help me when I begin to set up my marketing game plan. Nobody will ever be any more skeptical than I was, when I ordered this program. The very first appointment after implementing these techniques, I paid for the plan almost 20 times over just off of that first sale."
John Holmes - LA

"...a month later I sold $370,000 in annuities."

“As I told you over the phone, I purchased the Annuity sales program for $xxx and a month
later I sold $370,000 in annuities
. The system helped me understand a lot more about annuities
and how I could benefit my clients. Thanks a lot. I could not more highly recommend this to
all who are thinking about investing in the program.”

Pat Davis - AR

Endorsement From A Long Time 'MDRT' Role Model

Mehdi Fakharzadeh, RFC - "MDRT Life Member"“Working with IPS, there is no reason on earth why you can not become a sales super-star who ranks equally among MDRT all-time sales leaders like Ben Feldman, Norman G. Levine, Tom Wolff, John Savage, Guy Baker, Walton Rogers and other top producers.”
Mehdi Fakharzadeh,
World’s most successful living and active insurance sales agent according to the MDRT.

Mehdi is a famous and beloved MetLife Insurance Company super-achiever and MDRT role model. He has been a member of the Round Table since 1967 and has 14 'Court Of The Table' 'and 20 'Top of the Table' honors.
'Gold Knight' of the MDRT Foundation, he has been an MDRT Annual Meeting speaker 14 times.

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Yours in success,
Jeremy & Lew Nason
The 9 Out Of 10 Guys...

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