Most Agents Are Missing The Best and Easiest Way To Quickly Increase Their Life Insurance Sales!

Let’s keep this simple and quick. How long would any business stay in business if their customers didn’t keep coming back to buy more from them? If you opened a restaurant, clothing store, gas station, dentist office, accounting office, etc. how long would you stay in business, if people came to you only once and never bought anything else from you?

Well, you are running a business, and if you want to stay in business, then you need to be getting REPEAT SALES from your existing customers. It’s the quickest, easiest, least expensive and best way to grow your life insurance sales.

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To Set An Appointment You Must Get Past The Initial Objections.

I was talking with an agent today who is struggling with setting appointments. As we talked, he told me he was getting a lot of objections to the appointment. Objections like…  “I already have an advisor.”, “I don’t have any money.”, “I’m too busy right now.”, OR “I’m not interested.”

Are you struggling to get past those objections to an appointment, just like he is?

Let’s face the facts, the biggest problem agents have in this business is getting appointments. That’s why 85% of the agents coming into this business fail within the first year. And, it why 90% of the few agents that do make past the first years, are struggling just to survive.

The reason agents are having trouble setting appointments is they have been taught to tell people why they should meet with them. And, when people give them an objection, they don’t know what to do or say to get past it.


If you want to set an appointment, then you must learn to ask more questions, the ‘right’ questions and then have real conversation with people!

Here are some quick examples:

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There is a Hard Way, and there is an Easier Way to Sell Life Insurance! Part 2

Last week we wrote an article ‘There is a Hard Way, and there is an Easier Way to Sell Life Insurance!’ The hardest, most time consuming and expensive way to sell life insurance, is to try to find the few people who need life insurance and actually want to buy life insurance right now! The easier, less time consuming and less expensive way, is to find the people in your community, who need life insurance …and then help them to want it right now!

The problem with this easier approach is that most agents have not taken the time to learn what to say, or what questions to ask, to get people to want to set an appointment with them, and then take actions on their recommendations. (consultative selling) They are strictly focused on just selling a product. (transactional sale)

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A ‘transactional sale‘ is a simple, quick sale in which the customer already knows what he needs, so there is little to no product knowledge required to make a sale. The buying criteria usually hinges on price or ease of acquisition. Transactional selling is just about the product. In a transactional sale, value lies within the product and price becomes the primary selection criteria. Any time a salesperson hears price as an objection, they are selling transactionally!

‘Consultative selling’ is a more complex, long-term process, involving collaboration of both the buyer and seller. Consultative selling is about first developing an understanding of the client’s needs, and then crafting a solution to help the client achieve their objectives (wants).

Consultative selling is about attracting long-term clients and not just customers. It’s about building a long term client relationships, with the aim of acquiring future sales.


Note: Customers are generally people who come to you mainly to buy a product or service. Clients come to you mainly for your advice and solutions based on their particular needs.

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There is a Hard Way, and there is an Easier Way to Sell Life Insurance!

There is a hard way to get started in life insurance sales and achieve long-term success. And, there is amuch easier way to get started in life insurance sales and achieve long-term success. You will notice that I said much easier and not easy. If life insurance sales were easy we wouldn’t have an 85% agent failure rate in the first year, with the remaining agents struggling to survive 5 years and earning a mediocre income.

The hard way, which most agents choose, or are taught, is working with people who have never heard of them. Most agents think it is easier to either buy or take a cut in commissions, to get hundreds of life insurance leads each month. Or, that they can use a direct mail (or a newspaper product ad) program to contact 100,000 or more people each month, to find the few people who need life insurance and want to buy life insurance right now. Unfortunately, in most cases, the people who want to buy life insurance right now are the people with health problems, or they are shoppers looking for the cheapest life insurance products.

These agents will spend $25,000, $35,000 or more every year hoping to set 10-20 new appointments each week, to close 3-5 quick life insurance sales per week. The very best of these agents will end up working 60 or more hours per week, calling hundreds of life insurance leads each week to set 10-20 appointments, and then they will drive all over their county and state to earn a net income of $40,000 to $60,000 in their first year. While, almost everyone else (85%) just struggles along and eventually, gives up.

The vast majorities of these agents don’t have the time, and/or won’t take the time, to learn that there is a better and much easier way. So, they continue to follow the crowd, doing the same things over and over again, getting the same results, and earning the same net income of $40,000 to $60,000 per year! Continue reading

Your Ultimate Success Is Based Upon You Building High-Trust Client Relationships!

If you ask most financial professionals if they have great relationships with their clients, they’ll say, “Yes, of course!”

However, if you ask them how they define a great client relationship, it gets a little fuzzy. Most of the time they will describe their client relationships more by how they feel, rather than by tangible evidence. “We have rapport.” “I like them and they like me.” “We have been doing business for many years, so we must have a good relationship.” “They own three products I recommended.” asset-protection-trust

Much like a good golf shot is more effectively measured by where the ball lands than by how the shot feels, great client relationships are better judged by proof, rather than by feelings. If you have ever hit a golf shot that felt really good, but the ball didn’t go where you wanted it to go, then you know what I mean.

For the discriminating financial professional, with high standards, I offer the following five criteria for measuring great client relationships.

  1. Do you know where all their money is? If you’re still discovering assets months or even years into the client relationship, the client is sending you a message. Are you listening? I’m amazed by the number of financial professionals who do not believe prospects will tell them where all their money is in the first interview. Especially, because I know many financial professionals who consistently get clients to bring all their documents and fully disclose where all their assets are in the first interview. If they won’t tell you where all the money is in the first meeting, when will they tell you? That’s right, when they trust you. So, if you don’t believe people will tell you where all their assets are in the first interview, then what you are really saying is that you don’t know how to deliberately earn their trust. (Because if you had a strategy for deliberately earning their trust you would do that first thing in the first meeting, wouldn’t you?)
  2. Does your client do what you advise them to do with little – if any – convincing, persuading or selling? This is not because they are ignorant or irresponsible, but because they trust you. The old-school lessons we learned in typical sales training led us to believe that we had to make clever features-and-benefits presentations, be a master objection-handler and a smooth closer. But, have you noticed that when you are trusted, you don’t need anything you learned in sales training? The harder you have to sell, the more you know that this person doesn’t trust you enough to follow your advice. Great clients follow your advice without you selling.
  3. Are your clients referring people to you? A good way to measure what your clients think of you is by how many of their family, friends and colleagues they introduce you to. You can make all the excuses in the world, but the truth is, if your clients really trust you and are impressed with your work, they will give you referrals – frequently unsolicited and always when you ask for them. Clients who trust you and are impressed with your work will do all of your prospecting and marketing for you.
  4. Are your clients more influenced by you, than by all other outside sources? Clients who question your advice (or lack of it) based on what they read in magazines and newspapers, see on TV, hear on the radio, or input they get from friends and relatives are sending you a message. Are you listening? Clients who believe you are their trusted advisor are not swayed by outside influences.
  5. Are your high-trust client relationships just as strong in a bad market as in a good one? Your high-trust client relationships don’t expect you to predict the market, interest rates, world economics, or all the other things you both know you have no control over. No client is happy when performance isn’t good, but your great clients don’t blame you. Your relationship is based on helping them make smart financial choices and being their coach to consistently execute the sound financial fundamentals that lead to financial success.

Yes, it’s true: your best client relationships have told the whole truth about where all their money is. They do what you tell them to do. They refer people to you without you asking! They are more influenced by you than anything or anybody else! They don’t let events you cannot control diminish your working relationship. They sincerely value your advice and their relationship with you. This is the proof of great client relationships. Yes, these are high standards for measuring client relationships. Imagine what your life will be like when all your clients live up to them!

Don’t be a salesperson, be a trusted advisor.

So, how do you become their trusted advisor and build high-trust client relationships? It starts by you constantly delivering a special message, in everything you do, of how you are helping people to solve their financial problems. Then it’s about asking the right questions, during the fact-finding process, to help people recognize that you are there to help them, and not there just to make a sale.


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If You Want To Take Your Insurance Sales To The Highest Levels, Then You Must Stop Prospecting!

What’s the most important thing you can do, to grow your business, increase your sales, earn a larger income, be more profitable, work fewer hours, have more time to spend with your family and friends and enjoy life? Can you guess what it is? Is that your ultimate goal for your business?

Then, it’s time you learned how to ‘Stop Prospecting?’ Yes, you heard me right. And, no I’m not crazy! And, yes you can do it!

Consider, what’s the most time consuming, tedious, stress producing and most expensive task in your insurance sales career? Think about it! Isn’t it prospecting? How much of your time is spent every week finding and attracting new prospects? How much money are you spending on generating or buying leads?

What if you didn’t have to spend all your time and money finding and attracting new people to your business?

What if you had a continuous flow of high quality prospects walking through your door every day! How much easier and profitable would your business be?

Isn’t that what we all dream of?

Have you ever looked with envy at a Top Producer because he/she seems to have a never-ending flow of high quality people to see? Have you ever thought to yourself: ‘That producer is very lucky he/she has a circle of family and friends that just feeds him/her business?’ Or, ‘He/She is connected and doesn’t have to prospect?’ Or, ‘He/She just fell into a niche market loaded with lots of good people calling him/her.

pick me!

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You Can Generate More Income In Retirement, With Safety and Guarantees, Using Annuities

Would you like to be selling more annuities? Then learn a few simple presentations to help your clients to see and understand the value using annuities in retirement. You will find simple presentations, like the one below, in our Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center.

In two recent articles on the authors gave a simple but powerful explanation of how, by using an income or single premium immediate annuity, retirees can have more income.  (Retirement For Savers and Investors, by Steve Schankerman & The 1 Percent Advantage, by Sean Ruggiero)

To illustrate their point, let’s look at how much money it would take today to generate $10,000 of annual income!

For Savers

Savers aren’t risk takers; accordingly their focus is mainly on fixed products. The risk for the saver is the uncertainty of future interest rates. Looking at the current average interest rates from let’s see what lump sum would be required to generate $10,000 of annual income.Safe rate options Continue reading

You Can Get Qualified Life Insurance Prospects To Call You?

“Just Find Out What People Really Want Right Now, And Then Give It To Them”

Have you ever heard the story about two brothers who were each going to open a hamburger stand?

It seems the two brothers were quite competitive, and so they had a bet on who could make the most money from their hamburger stand. The younger brother, George, told Ned that he could have any advantage he wanted for his own hamburger stand.

Ned thought for a minute and said, “All right, I want the best hamburgers in town.”

“Fine,” George said, “Your hamburgers will be better than mine. Now what other advantage would you like?”

“I want the cleanest, nicest-looking restaurant in the entire state.”

“Fine,” George said, “Your restaurant will be the best around. What other advantage would you like?”

“I want the friendliest, best waitresses.” “No problem. What other advantage do you want?” “I want the best location for my hamburger stand.”

“You got it- the best location is yours.”

By this time Ned was feeling a bit smug about winning their bet. After all, George had given him every advantage he wanted, so there was no way he could lose.

So when George said, “I would like to have one thing for my hamburger stand, though…”

Ned gladly obliged: “Anything else you want, you got it.”

George couldn’t help but smile: “The only thing I want for my hamburger stand is a starving crowd inside it!” And then he went on to win the bet by a landslide.

So what’s that story got to do with selling insurance and financial services?

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Six Simple Keys To Closing ‘9 Out Of 10′ Life Insurance Sales! (or Annuity Sales)

When I was full time in personal life insurance and annuity sales in the early 80’s, I was consistently closing about nine out of every ten people I sat down with. And, my lapse rate was less then 5%.

It wasn’t because I was a high-pressure salesman. And, it wasn’t because I knew all the latest 101 closing techniques. In fact my normal closing question was… “What Do You Think?”

The reason for my success in closing life insurance and annuity sales wasn’t because I was a natural born salesman. I wasn’t very outgoing. In fact I was very shy. And I didn’t have the gift of gab. During most of my first year, I was so nervous I puked before going out on a sales call.

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, the reason I was able to close 9 out of 10 sales was because I had stumbled upon these six simple keys… Brian Tracy Quote Continue reading

Agents Are Leaving A Lot Of Life Insurance and Annuity Sales On The Table!

Unfortunately, if you are like 95% of today’s agents and advisors, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. You’re overlooking one of the easiest and most profitable ways to significantly grow your life insurance and annuity sales short and long-term. But, don’t feel bad, 95% of all business are missing this one too.

Consider, if someone has already purchased a product or service from you, haven’t they already shown they have some trust in you?

Aren’t they in effect saying that you have some credibility with them?

Haven’t you overcome two of the primary obstacles to closing a sale?

Doesn’t that give you a huge advantage over your competition?

Why not use this huge advantage?

Who would you prefer to do business with… a stranger or someone you’ve already done business with?

Are your clients any different? W. Edwards Deming Quote Continue reading