To Attract Clients, Create Advocates By Sandy Schussel

The other day, I was listening to a very successful advisor and entrepreneur talk about how client “attractors” are so much more successful and less stressed out than client “chasers.”

One of my books is all about how to be a client attractor, and for nearly 15 years, I’ve been talking about how attracting clients starts with figuring out how to go beyond satisfying your existing clients in order to create passionate, loyal and enthusiastic clients — referral partners — who go out of their way to bring new clients to you.

You create these advocates and referral partners by paying close attention to three activities: Continue reading

How do I pay my bills in the short run, while I am building a Life Insurance business for the long-term?

A few months ago I posted a series of articles on ProducersWeb… Helping prospects see you as a financial advisor and not a salesperson.

In the first article I stated that if you want long-term success in this business… “Then you must stop doing the things that 90 percent of the agents and advisors do to have short-term success in this business. Short-term success is playing the numbers game, contacting strangers, and trying to set enough appointments with whoever will meet with you. It also involves selling a product to make a quick sale and to generate some quick income.”

“Long-term success is about you providing a valuable service to everyone you know. It is learning how to truly make a positive difference in people’s lives, so they will want to do business with you, both now and in the future. They will also spread the word about you and the great services you provide.”

Here is a question I received, and my answer…

Question: How do I pay my bills in the short run, while I am building a business for the long-term? Continue reading

You Do Not Have To Be The Product of Your Circumstances

Our Insurance Pro Shop® was founded in 2000 by my father Lew Nason. He was a successful insurance sales agent who was often referred to in our industry as “The nine-out-of-ten guy!” Lew was identified thusly because he routinely closed nine-out-of-ten sales. But, as sales and marketing training were provided less-and-less by insurance companies, broker dealers, or annuity packagers, the requests for him to speak and train nation-wide grew so numerous that he founded the now famous Insurance Pro Shop® and became a full-time ‘instigator’ on how to improve sales and client services using proven methods that have changed with the times. The following article is based on the questions I receive most often as Director of the IPS.

Why do so many agents and planners struggle for years and remain only average producers?

Because they remain the product of their circumstances! Their circumstances dictate who they are and what they do. They are influenced by the sum total of their environment. These circumstances mold their self image. They accept this. They settle for this. They do not realize that they can change their circumstances for the better. They can vastly improve any circumstances. They all have this ability – this power. They need to follow proven sales systems. But most use no system at all. They do not know how to accomplish appropriate change in the circumstances that dominate them. It is a shame that today they are expected to be successful almost by accident.

How is it possible to close nine-out-of-ten sales?

By doing everything right, long before you get to your close. By targeting only highly logical prospects in the first place. Aim for intelligent prospects. By taking the time and care to qualify your prospects in advance. By being as precise as you can about this. Then focus in on their expressed needs and desires! By always doing complete fact-finding and cross-checking to be certain about what was really best for their circumstances. Often it is appropriate to gently but accurately inform and educate by explaining on the spot. (Using simple ‘5 Minute’ presentations) Most times I found that it was best to fulfill one primary want/need first to gain their trust. And, then later work with them to ‘find the money’ to fulfill all of their needs and wants. They were more receptive to this.

I always managed to place my mind channel parallel to that of the prospect so that I would not approach them from the perspective of a salesman, but from their own point-of-view. Once they became satisfied clients they then felt both secure and appreciative. They were now comfortable in providing me with leads (referrals) from among their personal contacts. The goal was always to help the client ‘bring home their bacon’ and of course I wanted to be worthy of forming long-term relationships.

Serious Hard Times Are Upon Us All

How has the consumer changed in recent years?

Charles Dickens could write another Bleak House about our present times. Massive recent changes have impacted the USA consumers. Our citizens feel vulnerable, betrayed, exploited, and they have lost their trust starting with the federal government. It is not necessary or realistic to target only the wealthy. But our middle class is now being pushed and squeezed from all directions, even to the point that threatens their continued existence. Once cost-of-living prices go up history shows us that they never go back down.

And our cost of living in the USA keeps rapidly increasing. Your prospects have been further jaded by the unpunished corruption that Wall Street and the banking industry ‘masters of the universe’ types got away with due to their incestuous relationship with Washington. These ‘over-the-top ego centered’ executives allowed their personal greed to triumph over their character, honor, and morality. No one representing the people has had the courage to pursue justice for the people. Presently this unfairly punishes all agents and planners, a group that had nothing to do with our massive economic downturn. Agents and planners are also victims.

Consumers trusted and played by the rules only to be shafted. They lost jobs, investments, retirements, homes, and more. Technological progress and economic downturns quickly changed consumer realities and habits. Negative experiences or images of once trusted institutions have altered consumer faith and expectations. Our citizens have been forced into record numbers of bankruptcies. Major mortgage companies have routinely told their clients that they were modifying their loans while they were in reality moving ahead with record numbers of foreclosures, many of which were illegal. And these mortgage giants got away with this. Outright crimes by mortgage companies have gone largely unpunished.

The regulatory agencies once created to protect consumers have only aided and abated the financial giants and corporate special interest in their greed, exploitation, and self-serving. Our lack of political leadership at the White House, and by both political parties, has combined to bring a loss of confidence to our citizens regarding the federal government itself. Now they fear the feds. Many think the feds are their enemy.

Consumers know that special interests now own what was once our federal government and the special interests are allowed to exploit Americans at will. American citizens, in great numbers, no longer believe our political system actually works as originally intended. The system no longer works! Americans are now suspicious of all financial entities, such as banks, mortgage companies, insurance companies, mutual funds, hedge funds, and so on. Rightly so!

Today greed and exploitation run amuck from coast-to-coast. These are the victimized people you must face, sell, and serve. Actually they need your services now more than ever before but many of them are so bitter, or even hostile, that it is now far more difficult just to get their attention. You just might be the last person left who truly has their best interest first and foremost. But you will have to work harder to get them to believe this.

Have the many recent changes in the world of financial products and services affected the Insurance Pro Shop®?

Yes! Those major changes have impacted the IPS enormously! They are the reasons that the IPS is now so strong. These same influences are impacting you. Free ‘quality’ sales and marketing training dried-up. Affordable sales and marketing training became unavailable. Markets rapidly changed and new laws appeared. Agents began to struggle in large numbers. There was a big trend, or movement, toward becoming financial planners. The numbers of agents began to rapidly decline. The agent associations and the financial planning association, including the largest of these, began the hemorrhaging of members eleven years ago.

Get Away From the Cold

What new development most stands-out for you?

Our planners and agents are more stressed and challenged than ever before. You are well aware of this. They deserve affordable, practical, and qualified sales training opportunities, plus they deserve a place where they can ‘get away from the cold,’ not have to guard against being exploited, and not be conditioned to push only certain products. This should be a place where they can relax, interact, and above all gain exposure to the current proven sales methods with the high-class peers of their profession.

During the time period of the last eleven years, the appearance of self-styled and high-priced guru sale consultants began to grow rapidly. Many struggling motivational speakers became sales ‘experts,’ but are without any significant qualifications. So our agents and planners now have ‘tougher’ or more cynical and demanding clients, plus various types of self proclaimed ‘experts” are now actively attempting to take advantage of them.

They are promised everything from “I can make you a millionaire in a few months!” to “We have discovered the quick-and-easy magic formula for your instant massive sales success!” Or “We have trained many countless thousands who became huge financial successes!” One financial consultant claims, “I will give you the DNA of sales success!” But mostly they only exploit those earnestly seeking to improve their production. Most time proven basics remain applicable today because they are still effective, but many new and even experienced planners and agents are not fully aware of these and how to apply them.

In our history there have been many great names in financial sales training. We are following in the legacy of these great sales training talents such as Jack Kinder, Gary Kinder, Clyde Bedell, Claude M. Bristol, Frank Bettger, Charles B. Roth, and the late Maxwell Sackheim. Sackheim once reigned as the all-time direct mail champion, according to the Direct Mail Marketing Association. Max Sackheim founded the Book-of-the-Month Club. He left his direct mail reference library to Forrest Wallace Cato. He was later replaced in DM results by David Avrick.

Loren Dunton the founder of financial planning also left his financial planning library to Cato. Today at IPS events, Cato speaks on how to create, establish, and maintain your desired image as the leader in your sales area.

In recent years, during this present recession that closely resembles a total depression in many regions across our nation, it is far more difficult for agents and planners to ‘bring home the bacon.’ And it is equally difficult for their clients to ‘bring home their bacon.’ So we all have to work harder. Yes harder! At the IPS we do not offer any magic formulas or instant solutions! Plus each of us must work more carefully, and smarter, and improve our time management, and practice only habits that are well-proven to provide the best results for these changed times and markets.


Here is a recent advisor success story… “Lew & Jeremy, I wanted to say thanks for all your efforts in making my business stronger and more effective. I have to tell you that, while using the tools and knowledge I’ve acquired from your training and programs, I just completed the four most successful months of my career. Working with you and Jeremy has given my business a whole new perspective. It’s exciting to see folks respond to the techniques you teach and how they can protect their families and/or plan their retirement. Thank you for making me better at helping people. It’s a pleasure learning to be successful working with you and Jeremy at the Insurance Pro Shop! P.S. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the September TAST Boot Camp. Brad Stewart, RFC, CFLA, June, 2014 (15 years in business)


Benefits Of You Owning Permanent Cash Value Life Insurance

As we’ve discussed in previous articles, if you want to succeed with selling life insurance (or any product), then you must ask questions to help your prospect see and understand the financial problems they are facing now and in the future. You must ask questions to get them emotionally involved in the sales process.

If your prospect does not see they have a problem, then why should they take the time to meet with you, or buy from you? Remember….

‘People buy based on emotions…
and then justify their decisions based on logic!’

Once you’ve helped your prospect to identify their problem, and they are emotionally involved and they want to solve their problem, then you can provide them with the logical reasons (Benefits) of why they may want to use Permanent Cash Value Life Insurance as the foundation of their financial plan. (Whole Life, Traditional Universal Life and Index Universal Life)

Benefits Of You Owning Permanent Cash Value Life Insurance

Permanent Cash Value Life Insurance is a very unique and flexible financial planning tool to help you and your family to achieve real financial independence. Properly structured and properly funded, Cash Value Life Insurance provides you with these exceptional benefits…

  • First and foremost Cash Value Life Insurance provides your family with the money they need in the event of your death… to replace your lost income, pay-off mortgages and pay-off consumer debts, along with paying any medical expenses and burial expenses as a result of your passing.

  • By purchasing cash value life insurance while you are young the premiums are low, and will remain level throughout your entire life. (If properly funded)

  • You own the policy instead of renting it. You have complete control.

  • You don’t have re-qualify for the death benefit protection, as you grow older.

  • Cash value life insurance is a forced savings plan. It forces you to “Pay Yourself First!” When you understand that a portion of all you earn is yours to keep but not to spend, great wealth won’t be far behind.

  • Unlike qualified plans, there are no caps (limits) on how much money you can save each year. (You are only limited by the size of the policy.)

  • Your cash values accumulate tax deferred.

  • You have a liquid ‘emergency fund’ for life’s unexpected events.

  • As the cash values accumulate you are buying and paying for less death benefits.

  • The cash values can be accessed income tax-free and penalty free prior to age 59½.

  • Because of the disability waiver of premiums and death benefits, C.V. life insurance is the only self-completing savings, college funding and supplemental retirement plan!

  • Cash value life insurance is not attachable by creditors.

  • Cash value life insurance doesn’t count as an asset when you apply for college financial aide.

  • By over funding a cash value life insurance policy, up to the MEC guidelines, it can become “investment grade life insurance.” (Missed Fortune Concept)

  • The cash accumulated in your policy can provide you with a tax-free income in retirement. (Taking withdrawals up to the cost basis and then borrowing the remainder)

  • You’ll have the protection of life insurance in your retirement years, to replace lost pension and social security income for your spouse, at your death. (‘Pension Max’ concept)

  • Unlike qualified plans and annuities, the death benefits and cash values are transferred income tax free to your beneficiaries.

  • Cash value life insurance generally bypasses probate. (And it is private, no public records)

  • Cash value life insurance can be used to pay income taxes on qualified plans and your estate taxes at your death.

  • Safety – All 50 states have something similar to FDIC for life insurance policies and annuities… Plus, insurance companies must, by law, cover at least 100% of their liabilities with reserves, hence the term “100% legal reserve life insurance company.” There are also regulations as to the percentage that can be held in certain forms of assets. This system has produced a remarkable overall record of solvency and safety.

  • Guarantees – Only Life Insurance and Annuities guarantee your investment principle and offers you minimum growth guarantees for the life of the contract.

  • You can also use Permanent Cash Value Life Insurance to create your own bank… as outlined in the ‘Money for Life’ and ‘Infinite Banking’ concepts.

Mehdi Fakharzadeh, RFC - "MDRT Life Member" Shares His Knowledge At The Insurance Pro Shop's Trusted Adviser Success Training

How Good Is Cash Value Life Insurance

According to Barry Van Dyke, (Author of The Pirates of Manhattan) “Cash value life insurance is one of the most important assets of a bank, particularly America’s large banks.

Banks purchase so much cash value life insurance, that life insurance of this type has its own name BOLI (bank-owned-life-insurance). Banks own so much BOLI that the banks could be considered life insurance companies unto themselves. According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the General Accounting Office (GAO), BOLI is a cornerstone of a bank and one most important assets in the nation’s banking and financial systems.

At the end of 2004, 3,474 of the America’s banks owned, in the aggregate, $65.8 billion of BOLI. At the end of 2006, 4,082 of the nation’s banks owned BOLI. Aggregate cash values of BOLI soared to $106.82 billion, a 62 percent increase over 24 months. At the end of 2007, banks increased total holdings in BOLI to $120.03 billion. The total life insurance (death benefit) to the bank is approximately five times the total cash surrender value.”

There is no question that permanent cash value life insurance is a ‘safe money’ financial work horse which has stood the test of time. And as good as it is for banks, permanent cash value life insurance is even more valuable to families.

Yours in success,
Jeremy & Lew Nason
The 9 Out Of 10 Guys… 

Believe In What You’re Doing… Own What You Sell!

When you are working with your prospects, one of your most powerful sales tools is a testimonial. With permission, you can recount satisfied clients’ situations and describe how you were able to help them. The danger in this lies in the credibility of the story. The prospect may, at least partially, disregard the story as a sales ploy.

The best way to combat this is to make the testimonial your own, by owning what you sell. This is a great tool to push those hanging prospects over the top and buy the concept or product you are selling. For example, if you are selling to a primary market such as life insurance, you better be doing what you’re preaching. Because how can you sell it, if you don’t believe in it and own it yourself?

Will Rogers Quote

Owning your own life insurance policy gives you credibility that you are a believer in the coverage, and you can even take your own policy along with you on your appointments to show the prospect what was appropriate for your situation. Bringing your life insurance policy along with you, to the appointment, shows the prospect you followed your own advice and purchased a Life insurance policy. It then becomes concrete for your prospect, and while in the midst of making an emotional decision, your clients will see that you took the steps to protect your family. Therefore, they should do the same. In fact, the agents we work with who are truly successful at selling life insurance speak from the heart, and believe in it so strongly that they all own policies on themselves.

To own what you sell only makes sense both from a personal standpoint and a professional one. During the course of a life insurance policy sale to a prospect, the question always pops up “What kind of policy do you own?” If you are not able to answer that question quickly and honestly, then your prospect will see you as a salesman, pushing a product and not trying to help them long term.

There are two main benefits to purchasing a policy on yourself. First, you are protecting the assets you have worked hard to accumulate, and you are protecting your family, just as you encourage your clients to do. Then, to make the deal even better, you still earn commissions on the life insurance policy you purchased for yourself, further reducing your out of pocket cost for the policy. And depending on the company, possibly making the first year premiums FREE!!!

It really comes down to practicing what you preach, by following your own financial advice to protect your family and the assets you’ve spent years working to build. This goes for everyone, no matter what you sell, be it LTCI, Disability, Critical Illness, etc…

Believe in what you do! If you don’t believe in it, ‘How Can You Sell It?

Yours in success,
Jeremy & Lew Nason
The 9 Out Of 10 Guys… 

Success ‘In Life Insurance Sales’ Is Simply A Matter Of Luck… Just Ask Any Failure!”

Are you struggling to sell your cash value life insurance policies in this crazy economy?

Are you working harder, spending more time and money on life insurance marketing and leads, and still not seeing any substantial improvements?

Are you forced into making more life insurance Cold Calls? Are you constantly searching for a better source of life insurance Leads?

Are you looking to get into a different and better life insurance market? Or, maybe you are totally frustrated and thinking of getting out of life insurance business altogether.

If you are not getting the results you want selling life insurance, then you have no other choice but to make some changes.

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In 1968 I wrote the slogan, “It’s twelve o: clock, do you know where your children are?” This tag, originally written for a Nashville Radio station, was adopted by other stations and used nation-wide. At a surprise birthday party recently in Nashville, a friend reminded me that this line is now obsolete as many things change with time. She suggested I update this line to, “At two o: clock tonight will you know where your children are?” The way things are going, in a few more years possibly this line should become shortened into, “Do you know who your children are?”

At one time radio was considered the most important and most effective media. But technology changes took place and now radio is called “The forgotten media.”

My wife’s favorite TV program was Law and Order. She often pointed-out to me how the many changes in the series kept this police drama relevant, on the cutting edge, and in the top-ten ratings for over twenty years.

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Revealed! Closely Guarded Secrets For Using Free Information Booklets And Special Reports To Get Your Ideal Prospects To Call You!

It is no secret that one of the best tools for getting qualified annuity and life insurance prospects to raise their hand and identify themselves as viable prospects…

- to build your trust and credibility,

- to accelerate the business development cycle,

…is to offer an intriguing and compelling Free Information Booklet Or Special Report.

Imagine, in only a few weeks, you can have a flood of highly qualified prospects calling you!

Setting appointments and closing sales is much easier, if you use the right tools to attract your ideal prospects to you every day!

The Booklets We Offer At Insurance Pro Shop

Insurance Pro Shop - Client Booklets

Discover… 15 Powerful Ways to
Use Free Information Booklets and Special Reports

The objective is to get your personalized free special reports into the hands of as many of your ideal prospects as you possibly can, by using multiple direct response methods. (There is no setup charge, and no charge for personalization)

1. First, Use Your Free Special Reports To Get Powerful Endorsements From Local Attorneys, Accountants, P&C Agencies and Other Professionals…  Imagine how much credibility you’ll have with prospects, when their advisor recommends your services.

Here’s how you do it…

  • You send a well crafted letter, with your special report, to local Attorneys and Accountants who specialize in dealing with your ideal prospects.  The letter tells them of how they can help their clients; create more credibility for themselves; and increase their revenues.

  • You follow-up with a phone call, to set an appointment, to review the program with them.

  • The attorney or accountant sends their clients a sales letter endorsing your services, and tells them how they can get a FREE (no obligation) information booklet, by calling your office.

  • Their clients call your special, dedicated voicemail number and eagerly leave their name, address, and phone number.

  • You send them your amazing, new, personalized free special report that knocks their socks off.  It tells them all of the things that their advisor never told them about how they can dramatically improve their financial situation right now.

  • You’ll look like the supreme expert. You’ll establish immediate credibility and trust.

  • One out of ten of the callers, will immediately call to ask questions and it’s easy for you to set an appointment!  Because you are giving them free information no one else is giving them, they’ll be more receptive to seeing you, instead of saying; “I already have an advisor.”

  • Then by using a well thought out, effective follow up system, you’ll find at least one other serious prospect. You’ll get a minimum of 2 appointments, right away, out of every 10 responses.

  • You’ll also create a data base, of prospects who didn’t decide to take action right now.  In no time, you have dozens of new accounts, plus a HOT prospect list of interested people… a list that KEEPS GROWING …there’s no begging for appointments or their business.

Note:  In each of our insurance marketing and sales systems we give a detailed explanation of how to use free information booklets and special reports, with all the letters, scripts, ads, etc.

2. Run Ads In Your Local Newspaper or Special Publication…
Place an, Inexpensive, Compelling Ad or Insert (in the right publications) that hits the hot button of a targeted group of retirees and pre-retirees.  These are people who have money, and recognize they need help.

As above, the prospect calls your special, dedicated voicemail number and eagerly leaves their name, address, and phone number. You send them your free report and then follow-up.

3.  Direct Mail To A Targeted Group…
Send your target group a unique, benefit laden sales letter offering them your free special report.

As above, the prospect calls your special, dedicated voicemail number and eagerly leaves their name, address, and phone number.  You send them your report and follow-up.

4.  Offer A Free Special Report In Your Monthly Newsletters…
You are sending out a monthly newsletter to your clients, prospects and referrals, aren’t you?  Then, offer them one of your free information booklets in your newsletter.

5.  Give A Free Special Report To Every Prospect Who Visits Your Office…
Nothing will build your credibility and make your presentation as effective as positioning yourself as a financial expert, before you start asking questions.  Make sure you leave a supply of your
Special Report in your reception area.

6.  Send A Special Report To Your Current Clients, to Get Referrals…
Send the
Special Report to clients and then call in 7-10 days.  Ask them if they got it.  Regardless of the response, let them know you have a few extra copies and then ask them who they would like you to send a copy to.

7.  Send The Special Report To Referred Leads…
If you follow our referred lead system, you’ll be sending lots of information and letters to these people.  When you do, include a booklet with your letter.

8.  Give Your Special Report Out At Your Workshops and Seminars…
If you’re doing workshops or seminars, a great way to establish yourself as an expert and not just another salesperson, is by using your
Special Report. Remember, people love to hear experts speak.

9.  Offer Your FREE Special Report On Your Web Site…
The internet is known as the information super highway for a reason.  People are begging for information and you want them to be calling you.  Offering a free
Special Report gives you and your site much more credibility.  Make them sign up to get the Special Report and you have another free lead!

10.  Use Your Special Report To Get Speaking Engagements…
Would you like to teach a class at the local college?  Want to speak before a group?  They’ll invite you to speak, if you’re giving free information no one else is giving them.  Send a copy of your
Special Report with a cover letter.  It gives you instant credibility, and will open doors.

11.  Use It To Get Corporate Seminars…
Would you like to give retirement seminars in corporations?  They don’t hire just any advisor in town.  Use your
Special Report to set yourself apart.  Your ultimate goal, of course, is the company’s 401(k) business, pension money, in addition to those individual rollovers.

12.  Use It To Get Interviewed By Your Local Newspaper… 
Want to have your article published in the local newspaper or get interviewed?  Send the business editor of the local newspapers a copy of your Special Report with a copy of the press release and the press will want to speak to you.

Will You Be A Guest On Fox Business, Like Rick and Wes White?
(IPS Members Since 2005)
Will You Be A Guest On Fox Business, Like Rick and Wes White? (IPS Members Since 2005)
Rick Attended His First TAST Found Money Management

Boot Camp In 2007.

13.  Use It To Get On A Radio Or TV Show…
Contact the program director at the local cable TV show or local radio stations.  Send them a letter regarding your availability and enclose a copy of your Special Report.  Most cable TV stations are hungry for programming, so it should be easy to get on.  Then, when you do seminars or any other publicity, you can add ‘Guest Speaker on (name of show).’

14. Use A Flyer… 
Use a flyer to advertise your
Special Report to a targeted audience.  It costs nothing to post flyers where qualified prospects might see them:

  • Bulletin boards in the supermarket or drug store or senior center

  • Put a stack of flyers or booklets in your doctor’s waiting room

  • Leave a stack of flyers or booklets in the bank or anywhere that has significant senior traffic

15.  Place Your Special Report In Strategic Places…
Leave a supply of your free Special Report in the community room at the senior center or in car wash waiting rooms, medical facilities, and drug stores.  Anywhere that your best prospects visit.

Note: In each of our insurance marketing and sales systems we give a detailed explanation of how to use Free Information Booklets and Special Reports, with all the letters, scripts, ads, etc.

Jeremy & Lew Nason
The 9 Out Of 10 Guys…

Last Interview With Insurance Sales Icon W. Clement Stone Part 3

Cato: Do you have instructions for helping agents achieve?

Stone: Memorize the self-motivator “Do It Now!” When “Do It Now!” flashed from your subconscious to your conscious mind concerning desirable matters, small or large, act immediately! The habit can easily be established by repeating “Do It Now!” several times in the morning, several times in the evening for a week or ten days to indelibly imprint the suggestion in your subconscious mind.

Memorize these two self motivators that have helped countless thousands motivate themselves to desirable action: What the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve for those who have PMA,” and “Aim High!”

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Last Interview With Insurance Sales Icon W. Clement Stone Part 2

Cato: What is a personal defeat for a person selling life and health insurance? Or for an agent providing other financial services?

Stone: A personal defeat may be a final end, a stepping stone, or a stumbling block, according to the way you accept it.

Cato: Can you tell us more about being a paperboy?

Stone: As a paperboy, I also began to learn how to overcome fear through direct action. I learned the value of persistence, and how to sell by using a method others were afraid to use! Cold canvassing! Calling on business people in business places without an appointment. That’s the way I sold newspapers.

How Stone Sold Tons Of Insurance

That’s the way I sold insurance! And that’s the reason I sold as many accident policies in a single week as many insurance men sell in months. Why? Because I had learned how to recognize the principles of a given activity, relate them to the needs of a different activity, assimilate them into the new circumstances, and apply them effectively.

Cato: Do you think the principles you learned long ago still apply to insurance agents and financial planners today?

Stone: As a paperboy, I was motivated by necessity. I had borrowed the money to buy the papers. I had to sell them to repay the loan and make a profit. Also as an executive, necessity became a wholesome motivating factor in the solution of problems. In many of my business activities, I have been able to apply the principles I learned between the ages of 6 and 14, when I was selling newspapers.

Here are a few examples: As a poor and often hungry newspaper boy, I had borrowed money and paid off my loan. As a businessman, I borrowed large sums from banks and, like the newspaper boy, I recognized the value of repeat business and returned to Hoelle’s Restaurant daily.

 As an insurance man, I called back at the renewal date of the accident policy to service my customers and sell them the additional insurance. I realized the value, as a newspaper boy, in selling in large places of business, and I applied this knowledge later. As a paperboy, and as a business man, I always made it a practice to get the money at the time of sale.

Cato: Is sales worth the struggle for some agents?

Stone: When endeavoring to come to any decision concerning your future, you may ask yourself whether it is worth it. This is especially tried regarding a vocation. Is it worth it? A traveling salesman may ask himself whether he is doing poorly or well financially. This applies to executives, too, at all levels. I know from experience.

Many years ago, I was selling in Macomb Illinois. I awakened at three o’clock in the morning. The idea of being away from my family was particularly disturbing. “Is it worth it?” I asked myself.

In my thought process that night, I saw that I could achieve wealth through building an organization and saving money. Money could do a great deal for my children, my wife and me; also, we could be benefactors to others. I realized that within a specific period of time, when my debts were cleared and the business arrived at a given paint, I wouldn’t have to make the sacrifices. On weighting the disadvantages and the advantages, I decided that yes, it was worth it. And it has been.

Cato: What specific tips or advice would you like to leave for those working as insurance sales agents today who desire to become famous in their market area?

Stone: There are seven important keys.

* Do your best to become famous where you are! Today it is affordable to hire someone to make you famous.

* Direct your thoughts, control your emotions, and you ordain your destiny!

* You can develop your abilities more fully in the future, if you are willing to pay the price.

* Use your mind power to achieve high objectives through developing your PMA and eliminating your negative mental attitudes.

* Learn how to use the greatest machine ever conceived, so awesome that only God Himself could create it; your brain and nervous system.

* A part of all you earn is yours to keep, and if you cannot save money, the seeds of greatness are not in you.

* Set a definite major goal. When you set a definite major goal, you are apt to recognize that which will help you achieve it.

Cato: For our Insurance Pro Shop® readers, can you tell us How you acquire your philosophy of success motivation?

Stone: When I was twelve years old, I did not realize it then, but the fifty or more Horatio Alger books I read that eventful summer had a lasting, wholesome effect upon me. They stimulated my imagination. They subsequently motivated me to desirable action.

The theme in each Horatio Alger book: From rags to riches. The principles in each: The hero becomes a success because he was a man of character, the villain was a failure because he deceived and embezzled. The poor boy could go from poverty to wealth, from failure to success, he always strove to do the right thing because it was right.

The teenager of today has personal problems. As a high school freshman, I did too. And because I had personal problems, I wanted to develop self discipline and will power to acquire good habits and eliminate those I felt were undesirable. I found no books in our library that would inform me how to do what I wanted to do. There were plenty that told me what to do, but not how to do it! However, when you know what you want, you are apt to recognize that which will help you get it.

Because I knew what I wanted, I recognized what might help me get it, a coupon advertisement in a Chicago newspaper for The Power of Will by Frank Channing Haddock; I bought it. This was my first inspirational self-help action book. The Power of Will gave me insight into the functioning of the human mind. More importantly, I began to see the principles that are so obvious they aren’t generally seen.

What a thrill it was to know that I possessed the greatest machine ever conceived, so awesome that it could only be created by God Himself, a brain, nervous system, and the un-definable human mind! And even more exciting to know how I could operate and use this machine effectively to deliberately direct my thoughts, control my emotions, and achieve a worthwhile goal that didn’t violate the laws of God or the rights of my fellow man. I learned how to motivate others and how to motivate myself at will through such simple techniques as the use of suggestion and self suggestion.

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 Cato: What is motivation?

Stone: Motivation is that which induces action or determines choice. It is that which provides a motive. A motive is an urge within the individual, such as an instinct, emotion, habit, impulse, desire, or idea that incites him to action. It is the hope or other force that moves the individual to attempt to produce specific results.

Cato: What are the principles of success?

Stone: It isn’t necessary to think as you read. But, it is imperative to think, study, and learn how to consciously use your bran power to motivate yourself and others to desirable action. If you do, you can achieve anything in life you may desire that doesn’t violate the laws of God or the rights of your fellow men.

To motivate yourself to desirable action in the future, prepare yourself now. Be ready to recognize and grasp each opportunity when it comes. To be ready, decide now whether it is worth it to you to pay the price to think, concentrate, understand, comprehend, and relate to yourself the principles applicable to you as you read self-help literature. Be it an inspiring poem, story, newspaper article, or magazine feature, book, or when you listen to a motivating cassette, lecture, sermon, the advice of an expert of proven experience who is trying to help you.

Cato: How does a life or health insurance professional motivate himself or herself?

Stone: By learning how to use the greatest machine ever conceived! The machine that is so awesome only God Himself could create it – your brain and nervous system!

Master the art of tapping into the power of your subconscious through your conscious mind regarding emotions, instincts, feelings, tendencies, moods, the formation of desirable habits, and the neutralizing, or elimination, of the undesirable.

Learn how to use your mind power to achieve high objectives through developing PMA and eliminating negative mental attitudes.

Cato: What do you think of men like Ben Feldman, Lew Nason, Mehdi Fakharzadeh, Norman G. Levine, and Fred R. Kissling?

Stone: I think they are the all-time most successful and greatest insurance sales agents and possibly our wisest role models.

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Forrest Wallace Cato