What Do The Top Life Producers Know That You Don’t… Agents Don’t Know, What They Don’t Know!

Does this sound familiar to you?

When you first entered sales, for the insurance industry, your main focus was just on finding prospects. If you didn’t have a prospect, you couldn’t set an appointment, or close a sale. Initially, you looked for anyone and everyone that breathed and was willing to sit down with you. You contacted your friends, family and everyone you knew. You asked everyone for referrals. You made cold calls. You bought leads and you sent out sales letters. Or, maybe you were lucky enough to be with a company that had a few orphan policyholders that you could call on. You were constantly told that, if you talked to enough people, you’d always find a few people who needed what you are offering, and they would buy your product or services. You learned your sales script and you closed a sale with almost everyone that sat down with you. You didn’t have a problem making a sale once you were in front of a prospect! You just needed more prospects!

A year or so later, you were working very hard and struggling to earn the living that you wanted and were promised. You had approached everyone you could think of! You were frustrated with cold calling. You were only getting a few referrals. The sales letters you were sending out every month were getting you a few good new prospects. The leads you were buying were generating a few appointments. You were selling everyone you met with. But, you still didn’t have enough sales. You knew that if you could be in front of just a few more prospects or better prospects, you could be making a much better living.

So, you decided that you needed to find a better source of leads, or a better lead system. You searched the Internet and industry publications. You asked your associates and managers, who they recommended. You found there were hundreds of companies that professed to have the best leads or the best lead generation system on the market. Some of these companies offered automatic phone dialers that would put you in contact with thousands of people every month. One company had a system for fax blasting to businesses. Another company offered you preset appointments. There were several direct mail companies that guaranteed they’d have 150 people per month attend your free dinner seminars. Another company told you, that if you offered people a free report you’d have hundreds of people calling you and begging for an appointment. So, you tried one, two or more of these companies. You now have a lot more prospects, but not enough actual appointments. You are still closing a sale with almost everyone you actually meet with. You don’t have a problem making sales. You just need better prospects!

So, now you decide to try some of the other lead companies and systems out there.

Does this story sound all too familiar to you?

It’s a very common story we’ve heard time and time again from thousands of agents, advisors and planners across the country. They all believe they have a prospecting problem. Unfortunately, the majority of these…

“Agents Don’t Know… What They Don’t Know!”

What you don’t know is… If you are contacting enough people you will always make a few sales, no matter how good or bad you are at closing sales.

To put it another way…

‘Even if you are the worst salesperson in the world,
you will close a few sales, if you talk to enough people!’

I’m sorry for being so blunt! But, we are here to really help you to succeed and not just tell you what you want to hear! The fact is that most agents, advisor and planners want to believe they are good at making sales, when the truth is that they are only making sales because they just happen to stumble on the ‘Ideal Insurance Prospects’ once in a while.

As the old saying goes…

“Even a blind hog will find an acorn now and then!”

Unfortunately, the majority of the companies who sell leads and lead systems, and most recruiters are willing to take full advantage of your situation. They know that they can make a ton of money, just by giving you what you want – more prospects. Even though they know that it’s not really what you really need! The majority of these companies aren’t concerned about your long-term success. They are not going to spend their money to train you on how to sell. They are only concerned about their success, and their profits.

If you want to really succeed in this business, then burn this into your memory…

‘It doesn’t matter how many leads you get, if they aren’t the ‘Ideal Insurance Prospects’, and you don’t have the skills needed to turn the majority of those leads into an appointment and then into a sale!’

Fortunately, there are a few good recruiters and trainers who are willing to spend the time to help you learn and master the questioning and sales skills needed to insure your long-term success in the financial services industry. However, they are hard to find, and because they offer very specialized, personal training, they tend to be expensive!

The best recruiters and trainers will show you how to quickly take your lead generation to a new level by specializing and then focusing your prospecting efforts on finding your ‘Ideal Insurance Prospects’ for that specialty. However, they don’t stop there!

You’ll also learn the critical questioning and sales skills needed to turn each of your ‘Ideal Insurance Prospects’ into a solid sales appointment. You’ll learn how to set sales appointments by focusing on asking question to identify and then solving the prospect’s immediate problems… not by focusing on your products, price, investment returns, a hot new sales idea or your credentials. You’ll learn how to ask the right questions to help your ‘Ideal Insurance Prospects’ to convince themselves why they should meet with you.

Plus, you’ll learn how to conduct a thorough, emotionally based, fact-finding interview that will get your prospects to tell themselves what they really need and want. And, you’ll learn how to use that information to close ‘9 out of 10’ sales appointments.

Yes, it all starts with finding the ‘Ideal Insurance Prospects!’ But, just as important (or more important) for your success, you must learn and master the skills needed to set appointments and close sales.

Again Remember… It doesn’t matter how many leads you get, if they aren’t the right leads and you don’t have the skills needed to turn the majority of those leads into an appointment and then into a sale!

To Have The Success You Have Been Dreaming About…

You Must Take The Time To Learn How To Set Appointments With ‘9 Out 10’ People You Talk To! If you want to set an appointment, you must learn what Top Producers know. It’s all about asking the right questions to help people recognize and understand the problems they are facing now and in the future! If your prospect does not see they have a problem, then why should they waste their time meeting with you?

And, You Must Take The Time To Learn How To Close ‘9 Out 10’ People You Meet With! If you want to close a higher percentage of your sales appointments and increase the size of each case, then gathering the ‘Facts’ alone is not enough. You also need to ask the emotionally based questions to uncover the prospect’s attitudes, opinions and unspoken feelings. You need to uncover their emotions and motivations to help your prospects to want to take action today! People don’t buy based on their needs! They buy based on their wants! Asking questions is how you establish trust and confidence with your prospects to build strong and lasting relationships!

One of the main reasons the top producing agents, advisors and planners are consistently earning $20,000, $50,000 and much more per month… Is they’ve learned how to make the transition from being viewed as just a salesperson, to becoming the respected and trusted advisor people want to see!

And, it’s because…

  • They’ve learned how to attract their ‘Ideal Insurance Prospects!’

  • Plus, they’ve learned how to set appointments with almost everyone they talk to!

  • And, they’ve learned to ask the ‘Right Questions’ during the initial sales interview… to help the prospect to sell themselves!


Jeremy Nason, Trainer, Coach and Mentor to Financial Advisors

Get Employees and Clients to ACT!: Wishing Needs Words

A few days ago, an insurance company branch manager I’m coaching, Brian, was complaining that his agents were not doing what he told them to do.

“I wanted them to talk with their older clients about introducing them to their children,” he told me, “But most of them didn’t do it.”

“How did you ask them?  What exactly did you say?” I inquired.

His response was, “I hope you’ll remember to speak with your older clients about those introductions we discussed.”

Hmm, precatory language, I thought.  Precatory language is a wish or desire that doesn’t rise to the level of a command and doesn’t have to be granted.  I had learned about this when I was practicing law.  A client’s father had left him some property in his will, adding: “…It is my wish that he share the property with his nephews.”  My client didn’t want to share the property, and the judge ruled that he didn’t have to, because “It is my wish” is only precatory.

If you want your employees or your clients to do something, ask for it clearly and be very specific.  Then, ask them to agree and offer your help if they need it.

Brian’s problem also reminded me about my discussion with Jim awhile back.  Jim’s managers did not use powerful words to get the attendance of their advisors at an important meeting.  But Brian’s precatory language in addressing his agents here was weak in an elevated way.  “I hope you’ll remember…” did not even attempt to mandate anything.  It was just a wish or desire.

Brian could have said something like this:

“I want each of you to speak with at least three of your older clients about being introduced to their children and report the results back to me by Friday.  Will you all agree to that?  Pete?  Bill?  Joe?”

This would have been a clear request.  Even better, it would have created an agreement.  Managers who complain to me that their teams aren’t meeting their expectations, are usually not getting agreements from their teams.


Similarly, many sales professionals complain that their expectations with respect to the actions of their clients aren’t being met.  But as long as they have only expectations between them and the people they want to take action, they will continue to be disappointed.  They need agreements.

Use clear, powerful language, and obtain agreements.  The result will be significantly less disappointment.  Whatever you do, keep wishing, keep asking, and keep REACHING…


What Do The Top Life Producers Know That You Don’t… They Know That Most Advisors Are Chasing The Wrong Life Insurance Prospects!

The Top Life Producers understand that there are 3 critical sales areas that every life insurance agent, financial advisor and financial planner must conquer, if they want to succeed short and long-term in this great life insurance sales and financial services profession?

  • Generating a Constant Stream of the ‘RIGHT’ High Quality Life Insurance Sales Leads…

  • Turning Those IDEAL Sales Leads Into High Quality Sales Appointments…

  • Consistently Turning Those Appointments Into Profitable Sales…

Your success starts with you generating constant stream of the ‘Right’ high quality sales leads!
And, unfortunately that’s where the problems start for 90% of all the life insurance agents, financial advisors and financial planners out there!

The problem is that the typical, ‘Get Rich Quick’ life insurance marketing and sales training that 95% of the agents, planners and advisors receive today tells them that selling life insurance, annuities and their financial services is just a numbers game. They are constantly being told that the more people they see, the more insurance, annuity and investment sales they’ll make. Technically that may be correct.

However, because most insurance agents, advisors and planners are being told that selling life insurance, annuities and their services is just a numbers game, they are focusing on finding high ‘quantities’ of life insurance, annuity and investment sales leads, instead of finding the RIGHT, ‘high quality’ sales leads! Which, ultimately means they end up wasting most of their time and money chasing the wrong prospects. And, then they wonder why they are have trouble setting appointments and closing sales!

Stop Chasing The Wrong Prospects!
If you want to succeed in this business and take your sales to the highest levels… then first stop chasing the wrong prospects! Chasing the wrong prospects is the main reason why 86% of the people who enter insurance sales struggle, and are out of the business within 5 years! And, it’s a major reason why the average net income for insurance agents, financial advisors and planners (as reported by LIMRA) is less than $45,000 per year!

Contrary to what the companies who sell sales leads or sales lead systems, and the majority of insurance sales trainers, recruiters and managers will tell you…

Sales is NOT a numbers game!
There Are NO Shortcuts and NO Magic Cures!

Consider, does it matter how many leads you have… If they aren’t the ‘RIGHT’ Sales Leads and you aren’t able to consistently turn those leads into high quality sales appointments and then into a sale?

It’s Up To You! You can continue to believe all of the hype. You can keep looking for a magic cure, struggle and become one of the 90%… Who Don’t Make It!

Or, you can learn what the Top Producers know!

To Consistently Earn a Six-figure Income, You Must Learn How to:

  • Generate A Steady Stream Of The ‘RIGHT’ High Quality Sales Leads… for ‘YOUR’ Specialty, Expertise and Niche Market!

Then once you have a consistent stream of the ‘RIGHT’ prospects for ‘your specialty’… with the right sales tools, sales training and coaching you can learn the questions, scripts and specialized sales techniques needed to:

  • Consistently Turn 9 Out Of 10 of Your Ideal Sales Leads Into High Quality Sales Appointments!


  • Consistently Turn 9 Out Of 10 of Your High Quality Sales Appointments Into Profitable Sales!

Yes, you can set appointments and close ‘9 Out Of 10’ sales if you are attracting and working with the ‘Right’ prospects!

You can, if you specialize in solving a problem your prospects have! And, if you help your prospects to see you as a trusted financial advisor and the expert, instead of just another salesperson!

Contrary to what you are being told, setting sales appointments and closing sales is NOT about you, your knowledge, your credentials, your hot new products or investment returns.

Your ultimate success (or failure) in this business is all about your prospects and how they’ll uniquely benefit by meeting with you! You must learn to ask the “Right” questions to help them see they have a problem, and then help them to solve their problem… by providing them with real solutions!

It is this simple…

If your prospect doesn’t see they have a problem…
Then why should they meet with you or do business with you?


Coaching for Continued Success

Coaching for Continued Success

For anyone to be and stay successful they need support and ongoing development.  Now this can come in many different forms, via your significant other, business partner or boss, your coach, additional training programs or even something simple as reading an hour a day.  The important part is that you are receiving support and are improving yourself and your business as you go. 

When we become successful it is easy to get comfortable in our ways,  and become stagnant.  This is possibly one of the most dangerous things we can do.  Does society stay the same? Of course not, it is constantly evolving; shouldn’t we evolve with it?  How do we do that?  Ongoing training and coaching. 

Let’s take one of my favorite football players for example, Matt Ryan.  We can agree that he is successful professional in his career right?  Do you think he was born that way or did he receive training to get him there?  Do you think he would stay successful without his coaches, his agent, and his teammates uplifting him?  NO WAY! How are you any different? What does this mean for you?  You need ongoing support from someone you can trust that will continually help you improve.  I recommend three different important people in your life, MINIMUM. 

The first is your motivational or life coach.  Your coach will help you to stay motivated, positive and in the right mindset.  Your coach will also teach you some general things, and some philosophies that will help you.  As well as helping you become more appealing or the most appealing to your market. Sticking to the example above, this would be the head coach of the team.  He gives philosophies, pep-talks, helps with all major decisions and helps build the image of the team as a whole.

The Second is your business coach.  They are the direct trainers.  They are going to help you with the core of your business; they will push you and guide you along the path on the technical side of things.  They will teach you things that directly influence how you conduct yourself.  They will help with your technique, approach, and making sure you stay on track.  Furthermore, they will help you to build cases, answer all of your and your client’s questions, as well as being a direct resource for anything you might need.  Lastly, they make sure you are continually learning and improving.  Continuing with our example above would be the Quarterback Coach and offensive coordinator.  They talk to Matt about his technique, game situations, how to improve in this area, a mistake he made here etc…

The final person I recommend is an emotional support system.  This should not be one of your other coaches or someone inside of your business. This could be a significant other, a trusted friend in your church, your best friend from high school or even a sibling or parent.  Bottom line, is you need someone you can vent to and let your mind escape from your business world.  This will help you be a well-rounded individual, and will keep you refreshed and motivated. They will make you a warm, sane person, and just help you to be genuinely happy.  This will help with your relations to clients, your attitude, some unbiased insight into your business and also you being able to sympathize with them. Lastly, it gives some separation from your work and home life and relieves stress.

In order to be successful in this business or any business you need a support system.  You need coaches to help you stay motivated, help you market better, improve your image, and make sure you are continually improving.  On top of this you need an emotional support individual as well.  This person will help keep you sane, happy and someone to help you deal with the day to day struggles.  All three of these are vital so you can have the successful, happiness filled, well rounded career and live you want and deserve.


The Very Top Producers Know That To Be Successful… You Must Set Yourself Apart From Your Competition!

No matter what we do, or where we do business, we all have to deal with an abundance of competition. Consider, there are approximately 1.5 million insurance agents in the United States. How many of them are in your local community? How many of them are offering the exact same companies and products you offer? Are they telling people that they have the best products and/or the lowest price products just like you do? Do they all promise to provide great service? Do some of them have more credentials and experience than you? Then, why should the people in your local community do business with you, verses your competition?

If you want to be successful… What can you do to make yourself stand out from the crowd?

How can you differentiate yourself from all of your competition?

What the leading producers know, that you don’t, is most people today are looking for real help with their finances! They are drowning in debt. They are unable to put any money aside for their future. And many of them are one or two paychecks away from disaster.

People want to take back the control of their money. They want a secure financial future for their family. The problem is they don’t know who to turn to and who they can trust. Everyone they talk to is trying to get them to spend money they just don’t have.

So, if you want to beat out your competition and start attracting great prospects to you, then you must consistently deliver a ‘special message’ in everything you do, about how you are helping people to identify and solve their financial problems! You must believe with all your heart and soul that it is your mission to help people to get what they want and need. It’s what you talk about and write about. It’s what’s in your sales letters, articles, newsletters and invitations. You must clearly communicate your passion for helping people. It’s what will set you apart from almost everyone else in this industry.

“People Don’t Care How Much You Know, Until They Know How Much You Care!

Remember, people just aren’t even remotely interested in the great new product you have; or, how good or fast your service is; or, that you have the #1 product in the industry; or, if you have great credentials.

However, they are turned on when you can show them how they can pay off their home in 10 years; and how much tax free income they’ll have during their retirement years to do the things they want. Or, if they can cut their income taxes, and use that money to be debt free in two years.

What your prospects want to know is… ‘What’s In It For Me?’, ‘How Can You Help Me To Provide A Better Life For My Family?’


Want more secrets like these… download my free ebook here

The Very Top Producers Know That To Be Successful… You Must Have A Sincere Belief in What You Do!

When I first got into the Life Insurance business my father told me: “You are not in the life insurance business, until the life insurance business is inside of you.” When I asked what he meant, he said: “You are not really in the life insurance business, until you deliver your first death claim on one of your clients. Then you’ll really understand and appreciate the value of life insurance.”

“This business has to be in you.” Unfortunately, in this industry, that is not always the case. Too many people get into the business for the wrong reason, in an attempt to earn a big paycheck, because they know someone, that knows someone, that makes “big bucks.” But, after you pay that first death claim, you will begin to understand how important this industry is to the survival of families.

One of the biggest internal struggles agents and advisors have is feeling like they are “taking advantage” of their personal relationships to earn a commission. And that is because they have the wrong perspective about what they are doing. They are focused on their products and making a sale. So, they see themselves as a salesperson selling a product, instead of an advisor helping families to ‘find the money’ to spend, save, invest, insure and plan wisely for the future, to achieve financial independence!

The top producers in this business understand that…

“If you help enough people to get what they want, then you’ll get what you want.”

How many people do you know that have enough life insurance or disability insurance? If your brother, sister or best friend were to become disabled or die tomorrow, what would happen to their family? How do you feel about that?

How many people do you know who are struggling with debt? If someone in your family were to lose their car or home, and you could have helped them, how would you feel?

How many people do you know who are saving enough for retirement, including your parents?

People are looking for real help with their finances. They are looking for someone who understands their problems and concerns and will work in their best interests. They don’t need another salesperson who wants them to spend money they don’t have.

Focus your education and all your attention on how you can help people get what they want and need, instead of on your companies products.

Believe in what you do. Believe that you can help. Focus on doing what’s right for your clients, instead of making a quick sale.

 “Your belief determines your action and your action determines your results, but first you have to believe.”
Mark Victor Hansen


Jeremy Nason, Trainer, Coach and Mentor to Financial Advisors

The Very Top Producers Know That To Be Successful… You Must Develop And Maintain A Positive Attitude

If you want to be successful in financial services or any business, then you have to stop following the masses.

If you want to be more than just an average producer, then you will have to do things the average producer doesn’t do. 

The first thing you must do is to work on developing and maintaining a ‘positive attitude’.

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude
from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the
man with the wrong mental attitude.”
Thomas Jefferson

Nothing in your life will pay you more rewards than your ability to have and maintain a great attitude. People will remember you not for how much money you made or for your success, but for how you handled life and made others feel. Your attitude and your ability to have a positive influence on the attitudes of others will affect not only your sales, but every area of your life: your marriage, kids, health, wealth and luck. You name it, and a great attitude will affect it.

If you focus on developing and maintaining a positive attitude you will see that people’s attitude has changed towards you. People around you will start looking up to you. They will trust you and want to do business with you.

One difficulty you may face in developing a positive attitude is that you may have to do certain things and say things that are contrary to the way you actually feel at that moment. However, it has been scientifically proven that action and feeling are mutually inter-dependent. One can change the other. Our mind is conditioned for us to respond to our feelings. So, when we feel negative, we act and talk negative. But, if we consciously act and talk positive, we will start feeling positive.

“Watch your manner of speech if you wish to develop a peaceful state of mind. Start each day by affirming peaceful, contented and happy attitudes and your days will tend to be pleasant and successful.” 
Norman Vincent Peale

Here are some simple things you can do to develop winning and positive attitude.

Greet Each Day With Enthusiasm
Frank Bettger in his book ‘How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling’ observed that …

“Enthusiasm is by far the highest paid quality on earth, probably
because it is one of the rarest; yet it is one of the most contagious.”

The way you get up in the morning, will largely determine how you will feel for the rest of the day. Most, people when they hear the alarm in the morning, curse at it. Then they reluctantly get out of the bed, go to the bathroom, look at the mirror, and say to themselves, “I look terrible!”

If this is the way you begin your day, how will you feel the rest of the day?

Instead, tomorrow when the alarm rings, jump out of the bed and throw open the curtains, and greet the day. Say; “Hello world, I am so happy to be here, and it is going to be great day.”

When you look at yourself in the mirror, smile and say “You may look funny, but this is your day, and I’m going to make it a great day.”

By changing the way you get out of the bed you are taking a big step towards changing your attitude.

Start Each Day With A Song
Did you know that singing is one of the most effective ways known to mankind to express emotions? So when you take your morning shower… sing. It’s good for you. So start off each day with a song. Pick a song, grab the showerhead and put on your own private concert.

Greet Everyone With Enthusiasm
If someone is excited, enthusiastic and passionate about something, they ‘infect’ those around them with the virus! But, more importantly, when you act enthusiastic, you will become enthusiastic. So, no matter who you are meeting with, whether it’s in person, or on the phone greet them with enthusiasm. And leave them with with and enthusiastic parting comment. You’ll create a positive environment for yourself, and in turn it ensures that you remain positive. And as you A wonderful day in

“If we want to make friends, let’s greet people with animation and enthusiasm. When somebody calls you on the telephone use the same psychology. Say “Hello” in tones that bespeak how pleased YOU are to have the person call. -Dale Carnegie  ’How to Win Friends and Influence People’

Work With Enthusiasm
“If it falls your lot to be a street sweeper, go out and sweep streets like Michelangelo painted pictures. Sweep streets like Handel and Beethoven composed music. Sweep streets like Shakespeare wrote poetry. Sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will have to pause and say, here lived a great street sweeper who swept his job well.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Success is a matter of attitude. So, whatever the work is easy or difficult, small or big, do it with enthusiasm. What matters is your attitude towards the job you are doing. This anecdote explains it…

On a construction site, three manual labors were asked what they were doing. One said that he was earning the days wage; other said that he is mixing cement and sand. The third however, said happily that he is building a home for people to live in. He did not stop at that, as he enthusiastically proceeded to show where will be the sitting room, the bedrooms, kitchen etc.

Even though all the three were doing the same work, who was happier and more successful?

Listen To Motivational Videos and Audios
There are a multitude of people offering free motivational videos and audios all you have to do is Google “Motivation Videos”.  You can also go to YouTube and search for “Motivation Videos” or search by the speakers name. My favorite speakers are
Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones, Norman Vincent Peale and Dale Carnegie.

Here’s my final thought…

“Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it’s at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored.”
Earl Nightingale


Jeremy Nason, Trainer, Coach and Mentor to Financial Advisors

What Do The Very Top Life Producers Know… That You Don’t!

Let’s start with this quote from Albert Gray…

“The common denominator of success — the secret of success of every man who has ever been successful — lies in the fact that he formed the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do.”

The reason most sales people aren’t successful is they won’t take the time or money to learn, practice and master the fundamentals of their profession. Instead, they want to jump right in, and will learn and do just enough to make quick sales, so they can start making money immediately. The problem with that… is they are missing some very important keys to their short-term, and more importantly their long-term success. So, they end up struggling and working long hours to make a mediocre income. Or, they try it for a while and eventually just give up.

If you want to make more than a mediocre income in life insurance sales, then you need to form the habit of consistently learning, practicing and mastering the fundamentals, and not just doing the things that will immediately make you money. For example, if you like football, wouldn’t you like to be on the field playing the game as much as possible? However, how do you feel about football when it comes to drills and conditioning? Most people will say that’s not the part of football they look forward to, and they will avoid it at all costs. But, won’t drills and conditioning make you a much better player, and give you a better chance of being a first string player? Who is going to be playing the game more? Who is going to make the most money?

Gray said, “Men form habits, and habits form futures.” What habits do you have? Where are they leading you?

You have the choice to be successful, or not to be successful. It’s entirely up to you! You can sit back, do nothing and hope that things will change. Or, you can take action right now to make things change! What have you done in the last sixty days to increase your sales? Why not learn and start applying the fundamental marketing, prospecting, appointment setting and sales strategies that most of the leading agents, advisors and planners on the planet use?

Over the next few months we are going to discuss, in detail, what the top life insurance producers know that you don’t. These are also the critical fundamentals that are missing in almost every sales system, and the fundamentals that are not being taught today by your companies.

“Successful men are influenced by the desire for pleasing results. Failures are influenced by the desire for pleasing methods and are inclined to be satisfied with such results as can be obtained by doing things they like to do.”
Albert Gray


These inspiring messages by Mr. Gray are some of the most timeless pieces of life insurance literature. These messages first appeared in a major address at the 1940 NALU (National Association of Life Underwriters), annual convention in Philadelphia and have been available to association members in pamphlet form ever since. Although our author has passed away, his words of wisdom and moving philosophy — so manifested in “The Common Denominator of Success” — are part of the current life insurance scene and have real meaning for today’s professional life underwriter. Mr. Gray was an official of the Prudential Insurance Company of America and had 30 years of continuous experience both as an agent in the field and as a promoter and instructor in sales development. He was known throughout the country as a writer and speaker on life insurance subjects.


Jeremy Nason, Trainer, Coach and Mentor to Financial Advisors

Important Prospecting Update…

If you want to make it easier to attract the ‘Right Prospects’, to set more appointments and close more sales, then spend a little time to get well known in your local community as someone who cares and is the expert in their field! It will pay big dividends!

Isn’t it true that most people prefer to do business with a company they have at least heard of? Wouldn’t you prefer to work with company that has a good solid reputation? Wouldn’t you prefer to work with someone who is an expert in the area you need help with?

It’s not hard to get well known in your local community… You just need to communicate your story. You need to develop a “hook” or a compelling reason why someone should listen to your story. People must feel strongly that your knowledge, product and/or service would be of value to them. Take the time to build a cohesive “pitch” that really conveys the unique qualities and benefits of your product or service. Then get the message out.

Here are some simple (low & no-cost) ideas:

  • Write an article and get it published in your local newspapers, with your by-line and contact information…

  • Let your local news reporters know that you are available for interviews, comments and advice on financial happenings in your specialty…

  • Be a guest on a local radio or television program…

  • Offer free educational workshops (adult education classes, etc.) for your church, synagogue, library and local organizations. (Lions Club, Jaycees, etc.)

  • Get the event published in your local news… before and after the event!

  • Join or form a lead group…

  • Join and attend functions for your local Chamber Of Commerce… (Be a speaker)

  • Be visible in your local community… Volunteer for local events!

  • Publish your own newsletter for people in your community… or get your article published in a newsletter put out by another business.

  • Get businesses to hand out your business brochure or some free gift with your contact information on it.

If you want to generate more sales leads and set more appointments, then you can’t hide your light under a bushel basket.


3 Killer Ways To Have A Consistent Flow Of Sales Appointments

Free Educational Workshops
Would you agree no one wants to meet one-on-one with a salesperson? The beauty of an educational workshop is that for the prospects there is safety in numbers. People feel much safer coming to a workshop than meeting one-on-one with a salesperson. It’s a non-threatening way for them to get to know you, see the type of work you do and the help you provide.

The beauty of the educational workshop for you is that you can offer them in large or very small groups. They will cost your very little to hold. ($100 to $200) And, because they are considered a public service you can hold them almost anywhere – in your local library, association rooms, conference rooms, etc.

Note: If you want to set appointments with 70-90% of the attendees, then your educational workshop must be about helping people to understand the problems they are facing now and in the future. The workshop can NOT be about you, your products, your services, your companies, or your great sales idea. The information must be all about them.

Ask Your Clients, Friends and Family For Their Help!
One of the ‘Quickest’ ways to get started in this business, to set appointments, or get people to your educational workshops, is to ask people for their help. You need to rehearse your approach, fact-finding and sales presentation in front of real people. And, the best place to do that is in front of your clients, family and friends! Ask them if they will allow you to practice with them! It’s a non-threatening way for them to hear your ideas, without them feeling obligated or put upon. And, if you do a good job, many of them will ask if you can help them to put a financial plan together for their situation and/or you can ask them for referrals.

Note: The more you practice your questioning, fact-finding and sales presentation, the higher your closing ratio will become, and the less leads you’ll need.

Be A Big Fish In A Small Pond!
Your primary marketing goal should be to get known as the most respected and trusted advisor in your local community. How much easier and more cost-efficient is it for you to get known in your local community, verses an entire city. Let everyone know how you are helping people to improve their financial situation.

Note: The legendary Ben Feldman, one of the most prolific life insurance salespeople in world history, did all of his business in the small town of East Liverpool, Ohio. (Population 15,000)


Jeremy Nason, Trainer, Coach and Mentor to Financial Advisors