Why Do So Many Advisors Struggle with Prospecting?


The primary reason agents struggle with prospecting is they don’t have a niche market. They aren’t specializing in solving a specific problem for a specific group of people. They are focusing on finding high quantities of prospects instead of finding high-quality prospects. So they end up chasing prospects who have no real interest in what they are offering. Chasing the WRONG PROSPECTS!

When I first started in this business, my specialty was helping families to pay-off their home 5 to 10 years early. That was my niche and how I attracted people to me. Continue reading

Help Middle Income Families… And Watch Your Life Insurance Sales Soar!

During the past three decades, many of the major companies have been moving to the more affluent markets. They appear to have forgotten whom they served and what made them the company they are today. According to LIMRA this leaves the Middle Income marketplace wide open. And, in our opinion provides an exceptional opportunity for the financial advisors who learn how to help Middle Income families to ‘find the money’ to Live Debt Free and Truly Wealthy.

Understanding The Problem
We believe that most Middle Income families have been at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to managing money and accumulating wealth. Most of the financial information being passed on by the major publications and financial experts is really geared towards people who are already wealthy. These are the people who have their basic necessities covered. They have built a strong ‘safe money’ financial foundation, so they can afford to take risks with much of their other money.

Consider, wealthy people live in a different world. They are not concerned about qualifying for college financial aid, so their children can afford to go to college. They are not concerned about eliminating debt to improve their cash flow, so they can afford health insurance or put braces on Mary’s teeth. They don’t have to worry about whether there will be food on the table or a roof over their family’s head, if something happens to them.

Solving The Problem
You can help Middle Income families by providing them with the little known, unconventional strategies that the wealthy have used for decades to accumulate and hold onto their money. The wealthy were able to accumulate wealth not by taking risks, but by taking a portion of everything they earned and putting it to work for them. They understand that the road to wealth starts when you truly understand that “part of what you earn is yours to keep.”

The reason most Middle Income families continue to struggle today is because the conventional financial wisdom that has been passed on from generation to generation isn’t designed to accumulate wealth. The conventional wisdom our great grandparents and grandparents learned was designed to protect their assets during the tough economic times of the great depression. Continue reading

What’s Stopping You From Earning $100,000, $200,000 or More Per Year?


In our roles as trainers, coaches, and mentors, every day we get calls from Insurance Agents, Financial Advisors and Planners who are frustrated with their current marketing and leads. They are working long hours and struggling to make a decent living. It’s the same story on every call. Every one of these people tells us that their biggest problem is that they just don’t have enough good leads and they can’t set enough good appointments! They are all looking for an inexpensive, great marketing system, a great lead company, a great direct mail program, fax system, phone dialer, newspaper ad or something that is going to provide them with a consistent flow prospects that want and need their products and/or services. They all want a consistent flow of prospects… Who have money and are ready to buy right now!

Is that your problem? Is that what you are looking for? Continue reading

Use The Most Powerful Closing Technique Ever Devised!

A while back in an issue of Life Insurance Selling, Harold (Doc) Lindsey, Jr. a sales trainer from Dearborn, MI said: “I have found that fact-finding is the most powerful closing technique I have ever encountered. All others are supplemental to the facts being obtained.”

He is absolutely Right!!!

You must know the facts. And, not just the hard facts of what they have. You also need to know the soft facts of how ‘They Feel’ about what they have.

What you may perceive as being the ideal solution to your prospect’s problem may not be perceived by them to be the best solution. If you misunderstand the situation, as perceived by them, you will not connect. And, you will not make a sale.

On the other hand, if you do a thorough fact-find, you’ll see the situation the way the Prospect sees it and you won’t have to waste time trying to explain issues that they don’t care about. Instead, you can focus on the exact set of circumstances that need to be addressed. Their values become clear to you. You will be viewed as a Trusted Advisor and not just another salesman.


Note: In every one of our specialized systems and in the ‘sales skills’ section of the Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center you’ll find detailed information on asking questions, and the fact-finding interview.

And, if you really want to become a master of asking questions and the fact-finding interview, then you’ll want to invest in our videos – How To Close ‘9 Out Of 10’ Sales, By Asking The Right Questions, with 3 months of One-on-One training, coaching and support!

Jeremy Nason
Trainer, Coach & Mentor
‘The 9 Out Of 10 Guys’


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Getting You In Front Of The Right Prospects… Isn’t Something Someone Else Can Do For You!

prospecting1Many of the agents and advisors that call us don’t seem to understand, or want to hear, that for the most part getting you in front of the right prospects isn’t something someone else can do for you!

Yes, you can and should outsource parts of your prospecting/marketing campaign, like direct mail. You can’t make a $100 per hour doing a $10 per hour clerical job. But, you and your immediate organization must do the basics and coordination of an effective prospecting/marketing campaign, if you want to grow your business and position yourself for long-term success!

Let ‘s see if we can explain it in a different way, to help you to become the prospector/marketer you need to be, to “Have More Of The ‘IDEAL’ Prospects Than You Can Possibly Handle!”  Continue reading