How to Fix Your Prospecting Problem… The Answer Below May Surprise You!

If I were to ask 100 advisors what their biggest problem is that I could help them with, what do you think the vast majority of them would tell me? Would it be prospecting; getting enough appointments? Is prospecting; getting enough appointments your biggest problem?

Why is prospecting; getting enough appointments such a big problem for almost every advisor? Aren’t there literally thousands of people right in your local community who have all sorts of financial problems?

Consider, almost everyone you will ever meet has financial problems. And, it doesn’t matter if they are rich, poor, retired, married or single. Their problem may be the fear of not having enough money to pay for their children’s college education. It may be the fear of not having enough money to retire. Maybe it’s the fear of running out of money during their retirement? Losing money in the stock market! Or, maybe it’s protecting their family. Protecting their assets from predators, opportunists and lawsuits.  Paying too much in income taxes! Or, having too much debt! And the list goes on and on.

So, if there are literally thousands of people in your local community, with problems that you can help them with, then why are you and most advisors struggling with setting appointments?

Lead Conversion

Contrary to what you may want to believe, the biggest reason why you and most advisors are struggling with getting appointments… Is you don’t know what questions to ask and what to say to get the people in your local community to want to meet with you. Continue reading

Avoid This Common Mistake

This weeks tip is short and sweet.  A very common mistake that most agents, advisers and planners make is trying to appeal to everyone, with the result that you attract too mistakesmany people who don’t want to pay for your services, don’t have any money, or are people you’d rather not work with.

The more profitable and effective marketing strategy is to position yourself and your firm to attract just those people that want to work with you, and with whom you’d enjoy sharing your expertise.

Imagine if every lead you pursued turned into a client, one who you could be honest and direct with, a person who you looked forward to working with. You’d make more money and have more fun.

While you can’t completely control who contacts you, you can use your marketing to position yourself to attract promising prospects and people who would make good clients. Here’s how…

A Simple Idea
Take a long hard look at your existing clients.

What do your best clients have in common… age, gender, marital status, occupation, income, family status, education, etc?

Now what’s the biggest concerns, needs or problems that they all have. Now can you offer a free report, booklet, article, educational workshop, etc. tailored to attract those people to you?

And, Avoid This Mistake

Don’t run ads in newspapers or on the internet! You never know who is going to see the ad, so you will generally get a lot of the wrong people to respond.

Find you target and market to it!

Get our Free Adviser’s Guide…  In this guide you will get a detailed explanation of ’14’ of the latest and very best insurance and annuity lead generation techniques being used by today’s Top Producing Financial Advisers, along with the precise methods and critical strategies to making them work!

What’s The Easiest Way To Sell The ‘Infinite Banking’ and ‘Bank On Yourself’ Concepts…

We have agents, advisors and planners calling us almost everyday telling us how much they believe in  ‘Infinite Banking(Be Your Own Banker), by Nelson Nash, and/or ‘Bank On Yourself‘, by Pamela Yellen. And, they are asking us how they can attract prospects and set appointments for those dynamic concepts.

The great news is that in our Found Money Management™ Tool Kit you will find everything you need to attract the ideal prospects to you for ‘Infinite Banking (Be Your Own Banker) and  ‘Bank On Yourself‘, along with how to help your prospects to find the money to fund those strategies. In our exclusive tool kit we have specialized client booklets, free reports, PowerPoint presentations, and much more for those dynamic concepts. Plus, there is an explanation of how and why your clients will want to use those concepts to ‘Live Debt Free And Truly Wealthy!’


Here Is A Quick Review Of Those Dynamic Concepts

Imagine if instead of borrowing money from a bank, you have your own private bank (of your money) that you could get a loan from, for whatever you need. Then, whenever you take a loan, you pay yourself the principal and interest the bank would have received. Instead of the bank making money on your money and the interest you’re paying you’re making all the money.

How much better off would you be?

That’s the basic premise behind ‘Infinite Banking(Be Your Own Banker), by Nelson Nash, and ‘Bank On Yourself‘, by Pamela Yellen.

infinite-banking Continue reading

How To Attract 50-150 Of The ‘Right’ Prospects Every Month!

The most common question we get from agents, advisers and planners is…

“How do I consistently find enough good prospects for our firm?”attractionmarketing

Almost every agent, advisor and planner we talk to is unhappy with the amount of good prospects they see in a month. And, it’s no wonder they are struggling with prospecting, when you look at how they prospect! Most of them are looking for anyone and everyone who fogs a mirror. They want to believe that the more products and services they offer, the more people they will attract. They don’t have a specialty to attract people to them. Even the few agents, advisors and planners that do have a specialty, have no idea who their best prospects are! They have never considered with whom they have the best chance of setting an appointment! And, with whom they have the best chance of closing a sale.

The agents, advisors and planners that are succeeding are marketing very targeted offerings – they are solving a unique problem for a very distinct group of people. That way, they attract the right people and they have their best chance of closing a sale, because they are focusing on what they know best, and what they do best.

To succeed in sales you must specialize. You must focus on a niche. You can’t just say, “We are a local insurance agency, offering a full line of insurance products.” Blah!  So what?

You must ask yourself some very hard questions about your business… “What is unique about my products or services? Or the way I sell them? What is it that makes me better than everyone else for a certain specific target segment?” Basically… What Set Me Apart From Every One Else?

When you can answer those questions, you’ll know how to market yourself. You’ll know what that market segment is looking for and you’ll know how to attract them with the right message. It’s not possible for you to be really good at everything! You need to know what you are uniquely better at, even if it is just a small segment that cares.

As an example, if you sell life insurance, what problems do you solve for Middle Income families? Or, what problems do you solve for Business Owners? Or, what problems do you solve for Retirees? What exactly do you do that is better than everyone else? If you tell me that you offer the same products and services people can get anywhere for the same low price they can find elsewhere, that is not a good answer. If you make vague promises about great customer service, that won’t cut it either!

You must specialize if you want to succeed in sales! What’s your specialty?

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Now Start Attracting 50-150 Prospects Every Month…

Once you have determined your specialty, then it’s easy to attract a consistent stream of the right prospects! Now you can attract 50-150 of the right people to you every month…

  1. Offer a free educational workshop on‘Helping Middle Income Families To Live Debt Free And Truly Wealthy!’ or ‘5 Financial Challenges During Your Retirement’.  You are solving a unique problem for a specific group of people! And, you can do it for under $100!
  2. Form a Joint Venture with a local business that caters to that specific market segment, such as Mortgage Brokers, P&C Agencies, Income Tax Preparers, Real Estate Brokers, Attorneys that specialize wills and trusts, etc. Get them to introduce you to their best customers. And, then invite their best customers to your free educational workshop!
  3. Send out a monthly newsletter to all your family, friends, customers, prospects and everyone you know to let them know about your specialty. And, let them know about your upcoming free workshop! (Not about products or investments)
  4. Write articles for your local newspapers, church bulletins, local associations and any organization that caters to your niche market. Help everyone in your local area to get to know you and the services you offer. (Not about products or investments)
  5. Offer a free information report (free booklet) in all your Ads, invitations, newsletters and correspondence! The people who ask for your free information are telling you that they have an interest and they want to know more!
  6. Join or create a Networking Group! Make sure the group has successful people who are really interested in growing their business. Exchange leads, and explain what you do to really help people!
  7. Ask all your family, friends, customers, prospects and everyone you know for their help!Once they know what you do and how you help people… Ask them who you should be sending your newsletter to, and inviting to your upcoming free educational workshop!

Note: Direct Mail Programs, Pre-set Appointments, Internet Leads, Newspaper Ads and Fax-Blasting are extremely expensive and should only be used as a last resort! There are several major problems with these types of leads. These people have never heard of you. You have no credibility with them. You have no control of whom you are seeing. You have no idea if the people who respond really have a need, or if they have a problem that you can solve for them.

Attracting 50-150 people to you each and every month doesn’t have to be hard or frustrating, if you specialize.  And, if you focus on getting your unique message out to the people with whom you have the best chance of setting an appointment and with whom have the best chance of closing a sale.

Each of our specialized marketing and sales systems is designed to help you to become an expert with a specific market segment. And, they will provide you with a detailed explanation of how to properly use the above proven marketing methods to attract 50-150 of the right people to you every month… review the system here or visit our website at and download some of our free ebooks.

If You Want To Explode Your Index Universal Life Sales, Here Is What You Do!


One of the hottest strategies being touted today is Tax-free Retirement, using Index Universal Life Insurance.

However, as great as this strategy is, most agents and advisors are struggling to make sales. The two main problems advisors have with making sales with the Tax-free Retirement strategy are:

  1. Attracting the ‘IDEAL’ prospects.
  2. Helping prospects to ‘find the money’ to take advantage of the strategy.

In our Found Money Management™ Tool Kit you will find everything you need to attract the ideal prospects to you for tax-free retirement, along with how to help your prospects to find the money to fund the strategy. In our exclusive tool kit we have specialized client booklets, free reports, PowerPoint presentations, and much more for Tax-free Retirement. Plus, an explanation of how and why your clients will want to use the Tax-free Retirement strategy and Index Universal Life Insurance to maximize their spendable income during retirement. Continue reading

To Sell More Life Insurance You Must Help People To Find the Money!

“If I could show you how to get all the life insurance you need to protect your family without taking any additional money out of your pocket and sacrificing your current life style, would it be worth sitting down and talking about?”

Are you interested? Would you like to know more?

How much easier would it be to set an appointment with prospects, if you could show them how to get what they needed without them spending additional money and changing their lifestyle?

Think about it. What’s the biggest obstacle to you selling life insurance? Isn’t it: “I just can’t afford the premiums right now?

When prospects give you the “I can’t afford it” objection, do you now apply pressure to try and persuade them it’s worth the sacrifice? Do you try three or four of the 100s of closing techniques you’ve learned, until you get three or more No’s?

Does applying pressure or using those closing techniques generally result in you making the sale?

As sales people, isn’t our job to help people to recognize they have a problem and then get them to agree they want to solve the problem? And, that’s where most agents stop.

If you want to close more life insurance sales, then you must go a step further and help your prospects to ‘FIND THE MONEY.


In most cases, you can help them ‘find the money‘ by reviewing their current situation (doing a thorough fact-find) and then helping them to make some smart money management decisions. Continue reading

5 Simple Tips To Make Your Sales Soar


Everyday I get phone calls from agents asking me about our coaching. They want to know if our coaching can really help them. Can we really show them how they can make more sales? Can we help them to do it easier, with less work and frustration?

My experience tells me the answer is “yes.” In the 16 years I have been coaching agents (and the 21 years of study and work experience to get here), I have found some incredibly simple and yet powerful techniques to help people achieve the success they desire in insurance sales. However, when I say incredibly simple, I’m not saying it’s easy or it doesn’t require study, work and commitment.

Consider, many times we already know the changes we must make, we are just too busy or too overwhelmed by day-to-day business matters to implement them.  Most of us know everything we need to do, to succeed. The only thing we are lacking is – follow-up. That’s why we need a coach.

Here are five incredibly simple things your can do to make your sales soar:

1. Decide on a Primary (Niche) Market. For some of you this may sound basic. You might say: “I want to work the senior market” or “I want to sell annuities.” However, the key here is to be very specific about your market. For example, what is the product you want to sell to the senior market – annuities, LTCI, Final Expense Policies, Medicare Supplements, etc.? Each of these products has a specific market segment that is easier to sell to. You are going to find it very difficult to sell LTCI to the very affluent or the people who are living just on social security. Even when selling annuities, there are several distinct market segments – conservative investors (CD owners), stock market investors, current annuity owners, IRA owners and retirees who are looking for more income. Then, many of these annuity marketing segments can be broken down into even more focused segments – such as people who are concerned about wealth transfer, estate conservation, asset preservation, etc.

To achieve the sales success you desire
you must decide on a primary market!!!”

2. Become an Expert. Once you have clearly defined your niche market, then you need to learn everything you can about your primary market and the people in that market. Don’t people generally prefer to work with an expert? Think about it, isn’t it much easier to become an expert about one sales concept and the products involved with that one concept? And, isn’t it much easier to keep up with the new tax law changes and product changes etc.?

“You can be an expert any field of study with consistent
effort and consistent learning.” Lailah Gifty Akita

3. Develop a Marketing Plan. Once you become an expert in your primary market, then everything you do should be focused on attracting the people in that primary market to you. You’ll need to get the message out to these people. How will they benefit by meeting with you? You need to convincingly express the value of what you do, in everything you do. Isn’t it much easier and more cost effective to identify, stay in contact with and attract a smaller group of people who are interested in what you’re offering?

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Alan Lakei

4. Develop a Sales Presentation. You’ll need to clearly articulate how your service, product and experience will benefit your prospects. I call this “Knowing your story.” Until you really know your story, it is difficult to get your prospects to buy in. Isn’t it much easy to learn one sales presentation for one sales concept?

“Every individual has his own style, his own way
of presenting himself on and off the field.” Sachin Tendulkar

5. Establish Commitment. This is the action of binding yourself to a course of action.  Dedication is part of this. You must truly believe in what you do and be committed to being successful! Commitment is one of the most underrated aspects of sales success. Is your mind concentrated, firmly resolved on a purpose?

“There’s always a way – if you’re committed.” Tony Robbins

 It really doesn’t matter what you want to sell. There is no market segment that is better that another. If you want to be successful in sales, you just need to commit yourself to following the above steps…

 Is there is something missing? Are you finding yourself going around in circles? A coach may be able to get you back on your road to success. The trained eyes and ears of a good coach help you see where you are on your journey. They’ll assist you to clarify your direction, layout the route, encourage intentional action, and get over obstacles.

 “Success Doesn’t Come To You… You Go To It.”  Marva Collins

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The Hot New Life Insurance Sales Ideas Aren’t New!

Before we get into today’s Featured Tip, we’ve got a few questions for you.

You’ve been receiving our weekly newsletter… What have you learned? Have you been applying what you learned? How much of a difference has it made?

If you are not taking the time to think about and apply what you have learned, why not? Would you agree, that nothing is going to change until you do?

We have agents calling us everyday to thank us for the information we provide. Here is one comment…

“Hi Lew… You have already been of great help to me. I am a member of the Insurance Pro Shop and the materials have already helped my business go to the next level. Thank You!” Corin Parris, Certified Financial Advisor, (6 years)

If you have any questions please give us a call. We want to help you. 877-297-4608

Here’s this weeks featured tip…

The Hot New Life Insurance Sales Ideas Aren’t New!

Many agents and advisors have asked us:

“What is Found Money Management™?”

“And, what’s so different about Found Money Management™, verses Money for Life, Tax-Free Retirement, Circle of Wealth, Missed fortune, Infinite Banking or LEAP?”search.forex_.strategy

Before we get into that, you should know the ‘supposed’ revolutionary new life insurance sales ideas found in Money for Life, Circle of Wealth, Missed Fortune, Infinite Banking, Tax-Free Retirement and LEAP are not revolutionary or even new. They are actually the proven, sound financial strategies that the top producers in the life insurance industry have been using for decades to help people to properly position and use their money, with safety and guarantees, to achieve financial security. And, we’ve been using and training agents to use the concepts found in Money for Life, Circle of Wealth, Missed Fortune, Infinite Banking, Tax-Free Retirement and LEAP for over 30 years.

The First Major Difference is that Missed Fortune, Infinite Banking, LEAP, etc. are focused on primarily working with the more affluent prospects. For example: The underlying premise behind each of these sales concepts is that you get your prospects to put as much of their money as they possibly can, as quickly as they can, into a cash value life insurance policy! In many cases they just expect prospects to magically come up with the money from their current income. Would you agree that very few people, except the wealthy, have any extra money? Using the Found Money Management™ strategies we’ll show you how to help your middle income prospects to… Find The Money to take advantage of these ideas!

Continue reading

Most Agents Are Floundering Because They Don’t Really Understand This Business!


If you are not as successful as you want to be selling life insurance and annuities, then you may want to read the following and really think about what you do.

Question 1: What is it that you do for a living?

Think about this very carefully, because it’s very important. Are you an insurance agent, financial planner, financial advisor, Registered Representative, Registered Investment Advisor, financial consultant, stockbroker, a CPA, CFP, attorney, or maybe you use some other title?

Unfortunately, if you said any of the above, then maybe that’s why you are not as successful in the financial services business as you would like to be. Why? Because all of the above answers are just industry licenses you hold, industry designations you may have earned or a career title that you have decided to use. In most cases your title may denote the training you have received, how you perceive yourself, or maybe how you want your clients to perceive you.

But whatever you have decided to call yourself, it is not what you do for a living! And yes, this is what you must tell your prospects and clients that you do for a living, because, if you were to tell people who you really are and what you really do for a living, they would probably run the other way.


Continue reading

Most organizations promoting the sale of mortgage insurance have a poor record of success!

One of the most common life insurance marketing/prospecting strategies insurance companies and IMOs use to help insurance agents get off to a quick start making money is offering mortgage life insurance. In theory, mortgage life insurance should be an easy sale for any insurance agent. Today, there are very few people who don’t have a large mortgage on their home. It’s generally the largest monthly expense families have and typically consumes 30 percent to 50 percent of a family’s net monthly income. The ability to pay off the home mortgage, in the event of the death or disability of a breadwinner, is a need that most people recognize and would like to cover.

The problem is that most recruiters, managers and sales trainers who are promoting the sale of mortgage insurance do not have a great record of success with the mortgage life insurance marketing strategy. In fact, 90 percent of the agents who are taught to sell mortgage life insurance do not survive their first year. And most of the agents, lucky enough to make it past their first-year, struggle to earn a measly net income of $30,000 per year.

If most homeowners recognize the need and would like to have mortgage life insurance, then why are so many agents struggling to survive using this marketing/prospecting strategy?

The biggest complaint we hear from agents is they don’t have enough qualified prospects. They are either purchasing their mortgage leads from a lead company, or they are using an expensive direct mail program, or they are taking a cut in commissions to get leads. And, because they are not making enough sales, they believe they need more leads.


The second complaint is that agents can’t set enough sales appointments from their leads. They’ll complain about the quality of the leads and say that most of their leads just want a quote over the phone.

The third complaint is that people tell the agent they just can’t afford the premiums for the mortgage life insurance. “We just don’t have the money right now.”

Continue reading